The Biblical and Chinese Calendar

As we know, the Biblical Calendar is a lunar calendar, but so is the Chinese Calendar. While the first day of the first month on the Biblical Calendar (Nisan) is not celebrated, the Chinese New Year most definitely is. For fifteen days the New Year is celebrated, and just so happens to end when the Biblical holiday of Purim begins (February 26th) when the Jewish people celebrate being saved from genocide and destruction.

Despite this coincidence, and the fact that each calendar is a lunar calendar, they could not be more opposite in nature, nor could the religious aspects of the year be more different. In fact, during these 15 days of celebrations, starting February 12th, the dragon dance is one of the greatest highlights. In Chinese mythology and culture the dragon is highly respected and even worshipped as it is said to symbolise supernatural power, goodness, fertility, vigilance and dignity, and it is believed that the dragon dance scares away evil spirits and the bad luck they bring with them.

Biblically speaking however, to worship the dragon means to worship satan. Even today with the atheist regime of the Chinese Communist Party, the dragon, which was once the imperial symbol of the Chinese Emperor is still the symbol of the nation with Xi Jinping, the president and party leader assuming the role of the dragon incarnate. The Lion Dance is also popular during the Chinese New Year celebrations and has a similar meaning to the dragon, but you can be sure they are not portraying the Lion of Judah. While we have no problem at all with celebrating Chinese New Year we must be aware of the spiritual significance and effect of the worshipping of the false lion and dragon regardless, both during these 15 days and other times throughout the year. Finally, the lantern festival, celebrated on the last day of the Chinese New Year celebration, the same day as Purim, is a form of ancestor worship honouring deceased family members.

As these fifteen days of celebration kick off, we understand that most people are not even aware there is anything wrong with doing these things, but there is still a very real spiritual effect, especially as the Chinese New Year is celebrated all around the world. Seeing as the Chinese Communist Party represents the dragon nation, and operates with the spirit of Anti-Messiah much like Hamman who tried to have all Jews murdered, we felt strongly to pray during these 15 days starting on February 12th leading up to Purim, for all of our brothers and sisters who have and are being persecuted, jailed, and killed for their faith in China, and to be praying specifically for their freedom and the for the clutches of the dragon upon those individuals and families, as well as many nations around the world, to be released for good.

Join us in praying for them as well as for those the CCP have silenced both in China and around the globe to have a voice once more to worship the King of kings freely in Spirit and Truth without fear.

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