The month of the Father is now. Since Nissan, the first month of the Biblical calendar, Yeshua has been doing His work in the heavenly places silently, but this month, the gavel of the Father is coming down and we will all hear the Lion of Judah roar. We will see unlike we have this whole year, all of the preparation come into immediate and frightening action. It is the moment when the word of warning is going forth from the prophets to go to the preverbal altars of Bethel where the golden calves are worshipped and to Gilgal where idols are worshipped (Amos 4:4) to the root of transgression with repentant hearts and worship in spirit and truth for redemption by the blood of Yeshua. This is truly a month of decision for ourselves, families, cities, and nations to strike idolatry at its heart. A huge spiritual cycle change is upon us, a metamorphosis that can be both positive or negative, that will bring either empowerment or delay, but that is up to us and how serious we take the gravity of the month of Av. This is the Month of hearing the truth, and as such the enemy is coming with a deafening spirit to clog the airways with noise and lies to try and keep the remnant from hearing what the Father is saying. Ears open to the Holy Spirit and attention to the Word is needed more than ever. Our greatest weapon of warfare is to bring the sound of heaven to the earth, to be living Tabernacles of David declaring the perfect love of Adonai that breaks the shackles of sin and death, and exposes every lie of the fallen kingdom of darkness. Be wary of a high level of deception this month as the false prophets are speaking loudly, and the false lion, satan is prowling around with a microphone to try and drown out the true prophets of YHWH. Get ready for the TRUE Lion to roar, the Father is not capable of being upstaged. Now, before getting into detail about the characteristics and prophetic insights into the month of Av, we will highlight the countries that the Holy Spirit highlighted to us as major flashpoints in the battle between the light and the dark during this month.


Pay close attention to Israel, and be praying for the remnant in the Promised Land knowing it is very crucial that the Body of Messiah in the Land be standing in the gap without giving an inch, and striking the strongholds at the gates.  Expect Judea and Samaria the eastern gates of Israel through which the Gospel of Peace spread to the ends of the earth, and through which it will return, to be back in the spotlight.  A major shaking in the PLA (Palestinian Authority) and Hamas in Gaza is coming this month.  There will also be a renewed struggle over the Temple Mount.  Please be praying for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem wherever you are, and especially for the leadership of Israel to make decisions aligned with the will of the Father and the Word of God.  It is a critical time.  Also pay close attention to Turkey and the powers at the Northern gates of Israel, as the Holy Spirit has been warning us through Amos 3:11 of impending danger from Assyria, which includes Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon during this month of Av.  This is a major reason for the Body of Messiah in the Land to be in repentance going to the root of idolatry in the nation.  Oneness in the global Body of Messiah is the key, and all of these things are birthing pains that will see to the salvation of Israel.


Hong Kong is the gateway of China in both the natural and the spirit, and the enemy continues in earnest to cause upheaval and division that has reached a fever pitch moment, and that is only the beginning of the current woes facing China.

Abba’s hand of judgment is upon the nation because of the acts and policies of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), not because of the lack of voices from the remnant there, but because He has heard them.

27 out of 31 provinces in China are currently flooded with 38 million people being evacuated so far along with the very real possibility of the collapse of the Three Gorges Dam, the largest in the world, which would cause untold destruction over and beyond the current state. In China as well as the nations of the world, all that has been nefariously done in the darkness is coming to the light, and though it is painful, we are seeing people’s and the leadership of nation’s true intentions come to the surface. Please pray for the brave and steadfast brothers and sisters in Yeshua in China, and that all that is happening right now in China will be the catalyst for a great move of the Holy Spirit across the country.


The changing of the Hagia Sophia into a mosque is no small thing in the spirit.  On top of the already Islamist rule of the Erdogan Regime in Turkey, the activation of false worship in the Hagia Sophia is both strategic, but also a stepping stone to try and achieve a larger goal.  Firstly the position of the Hagia Sophia on the shores of the Bosphorus Straight places it at the gateway, the very door connecting North Africa, Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East.   It is an attempt by the fallen kingdom of darkness to establish a stronghold in a place where revival is about to break out and spread rapidly to the places it connects.  Click here to read the prophetic word given in 2017 on the Bosphorus bridge that connects Europe and the Middle East.  After making the decision to make the Hagia Sophia a mosque, President Erdogan vowed to also “liberate” the Al Aqsa Mosque, located on the Temple Mount, from Israel.  Considering Turkey has for years been both covertly and overtly running a campaign in Eastern Jerusalem to take control over the Temple Mount this should be no surprise, however, this month, it’s about to reach a fever pitch.  Once again please continue praying for the Peace of Jerusalem, as well as for the Fire of the Holy Spirit to fall in the 7 hills of Istanbul!.

United States

California has officially banned singing in church using COVID-19 as the excuse to do so.  For a pandemic that is far less deadly than the normal seasonal flu by far, it seems this is a little extreme, but the strategic blueprint of the enemy is beginning to take shape.  Have you noticed a trend thus far regarding major gateways of regions and nations?  California is the largest gateway in both the natural and the Spirit into the United States.  It is the most populous state in the United States, the most directly connected with China in both trade and culture, is the largest exporter in the U.S., is the world leader in Technology, but most importantly leads both the United States and the world in exporting the Gospel. It is the place of the Azusa Street Revival that birthed a move of the Holy Spirit that spanned the globe and led to countless millions of salvations which is the root of every spirit-filled congregation today.  However, what most of the world is completely oblivious to is the fact that California is responsible for launching and headquartering more international ministries than any place on earth.  Now do you see why California seems to be under constant attack by and under the manipulation of the fallen kingdom of darkness?  God is not done with California, and the enemy knows it. It is the Golden State that has the Golden Gate, and it is linked directly to the Golden Gate of Jerusalem where Yeshua will one day soon enter again.  California and Israel are inextricably linked in both the natural and the Spirit, so if you pray for Israel, please also pray for California to erupt with worship, and for the leadership of the United  States to continue to be Israel’s greatest ally.

All of these countries are huge battlegrounds during this month of Av.  There are certainly more, but these have been highlighted to us.  The good news is the enemy is never proactive, but always reacting to the plans of Abba Father, and it is our job as ambassadors of Yeshua to be in ardent prayer, worship, and spreading the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit according to the will of the Father to see His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Best job ever!!!   Now for the prophetic blueprint of the month of Av.

Rebuilt not Destroyed

The 9th of Av is infamous as the day that both the first and second temples in Jerusalem were destroyed along with many other terrible tragedies that befell the Jewish people throughout history.  However, this is not our lot as born again believers of a New Covenant in Yeshua that says the time of mourning has become a time of celebration, a time of joy, and cheerful feasts.  This is not a time for our minds to focus on a destruction long past, but instead the rebuilding of the Tabernacle of David (Amos 9:11), a construction project in which we are the living stones, living temples of the Holy Spirit who worship the Father in Spirit and Truth.   The old man is dead and gone, that temple of the flesh, and the new man, born of the Spirit stands unshaken and unfazed by the current sifting and shifting of the world as our new foundation is in the True Cornerstone. “Indeed their rock is not like our Rock, even our enemies themselves judge this“ (Deuteronomy 32:31).  If you are feeling shaky, if you feel like you are wavering, or even in free fall, remember that even though we might be moved, our King is not.  He is with you and for you, He will never leave you nor forsake you.  Here is an example in Scripture that is speaking directly to you.  After driving out the tax collectors and merchants from within the gates of the Temple with a whip of chords, the disciples remembered the Scripture that says, “Zeal (love, concern) for Your house [and its honor] will consume Me.”(John 2:16). He is equally as zealous for you, and all you need to do is ask and He will clean out everything in you not of YHWH for the glory of the Father.

“They asked Yeshua what sign he could show them that He had the authority to do these things. He replied, “Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days.” They replied, “It has taken forty-six years to build this temple, and you are going to raise it in three days?” But the temple he had spoken of was His body” (John 2:18-21). Yeshua! He is our foundation that not even death can shake, and we too have died and rose again with Him. We are rebuilt, not destroyed. We live and breathe resurrection while the world preaches destruction. Yeshua is alive, and yet the devil lies and still tries to bring about destruction and demise because he knows his time is almost up. This month we can expect attacks on the priesthood, the leadership in Kehillah’s (congregations) around the world, and it is vital that we stand strong in support and prayers for our leadership, but just as vital is to have open communication with one another, and to be in oneness as the Body of Messiah. Now we crank up the volume remembering that we are not only rebuilding the tabernacle, but we ourselves are each a tabernacle that is in full operation whether we are in a church building, at home, in the car, at work, in the store, always bringing the atmosphere of heaven, paving the way for YHWH to move mightily.

Stand up at the Temple Gates

The tribe of the month of Av is Simeon, and his name gives us both a warning and a key of what we should pay close attention to during this month.  Simeon means “to hear”, a clue of the gates that need to be fortified, your ears.  In Acts 3 we hear about a man who had not been able to walk since birth being dropped off at the gate of the temple which had been his routine for most of his life. When he asked Peter and John for coins as they walked by, he was expecting to hear a drop in the cup.  Is it not written that faith comes by hearing (Matthew 10:17)?  What do you think the lame man had been hearing about himself all his life?  He had heard it all by that point, pity, scorn, scoffing, and laughter, but he was not expecting to hear what came next. He heard for the first time a voice of hope and power and perfect love.

“But Peter, along with John, stared at him intently and said, “Look at us!”  And the man began to pay attention to them, eagerly expecting to receive something from them.  But Peter said, “Silver and gold I do not have; but what I do have I give to you: In the name (authority, power) of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach the Nazarene—[begin now to] walk and go on walking!”  Then he seized the man’s right hand with a firm grip and raised him up. And at once his feet and ankles became strong and steady, and with a leap, he stood up and began to walk; and he went into the temple with them, walking and leaping and praising God.”

Hallelujah! For the first time in his life, the once lame man had heard the Truth, and the Truth had set him free!  How many people do you know that need to hear that word either physically, spiritually or emotionally?  While the world says take out your beggar’s cup and fall in line with the times of the world, Yeshua is saying “Get up and Walk!”  Rejoice, and worship and dance as the healed man did into the gates of the temple which he had never entered before without being carried.  If we are hearing the message of the world more than the message of the living Word, where do you think our faith will be?  What message is going forth from the mouths of the beloved bride of Yeshua today?  Is it a message of empathy that sympathizes with the terrible things that are happening to people, or is it a voice of restoration, healing, and identity into those who have fallen, or never even gotten up before? Is it silence?  What do people hear you say?  Is it the message of hope and a new life, or does it echo and mimic the lies of the enemy who aims to fill our ears with doubt, fear, dismay, anxiety, and confusion?  These things are not from Adonai!  In fact, these things are so inferior to the fruits of the Spirit that satan is terrified of the bride of Yeshua raising up in the power and love of the Most High, so he does his best to instill his own fallen attributes into the world, and especially into believers.  We will not be silent, we are not afraid, and we sing praise, we rejoice in the King of glory, the Name above all names, from the ends of the earth back to Jerusalem we lift our hearts in worship declaring victory is already won in Yeshua!  Hallelujah!

The Lion VS. the kitten in the corner

The Constellation of Av is Arie (The Lion).  That’s right the Lion of Judah is roaring this month, but if you are not familiar with His roar, His voice, the enemy will try to fool you into thinking his roar is the real deal.  Satan is a copy cat, literally. 1 Peter 5:8 tells us, “That enemy of yours, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion [fiercely hungry], seeking someone to devour.”  The keyword here being, “LIKE” a roaring lion.  Not many men have given as beautiful an explanation of the real difference between the Lion of Judah and the copy cat than the late Reinhard Bonnke.  He said, “The devil is nothing but a kitty cat in a corner with a microphone”, and we couldn’t agree more!  The issue is, that when we aren’t hearing the Word of God magnified by the Holy Spirit, that kitty cat with a microphone is the loudest thing out there.  It tears up the furniture, makes a big mess, scratches hard, and brings chaos to a house that was once in order.  It sounds funny, and it is when we are joining with the mighty roar of the King of glory, but if we are not, prepare to get bit.  It has happened to all of us, but when all of a sudden the roar of Almighty God is activated within us, the Living Word, and we know our identity in Yeshua, standing fast and immovable in faith, it becomes our privilege and joy to destroy Hell for a living.

The fallen kingdom of darkness is working overtime to multiply its structures of deceit through communications, entertainment, and education.  It is the driest month of the year, and it is to the driest places that we cast out demons, so while there will be stepped up attacks of the enemy, there will also be a huge increase in the Hosts of Adonai.  This is a word of encouragement to everyone who is feeling the pressure.  “But resist him, be firm in your faith [against his attack—rooted, established, immovable], knowing that the same experiences of suffering are being experienced by your brothers and sisters throughout the world.” (John 2:9).  You are not alone, far from it, and greatest of all is that the Lion of Judah is fighting your battles, knowing you cannot do so in your own strength, but only by His Spirit.  Don’t be fooled or disheartened by the kitten in the corner with a microphone no matter how persistent, and remember this promise, “Submit to [the authority of] God. Resist the devil [stand firm against him] and he will flee from you” (James 4:7).  Victory and freedom is our inheritance in Yeshua and we will not let an already defeated foe dictate our lives, but instead, we will bring that victory and freedom wherever we go watching as the roar of the Lion of Judah transforms lives and unstops the ears of those hypnotized to believe there is any, person, situation, or circumstance greater than YHWH.

False flags and Restoration 

The letter of this month is Tet, the least used letter in the Hebrew alphabet, and has a dual meaning of both a man in rebellion to the will of God and a man surrendered to Him.  In Scripture, during the fifth Biblical month, there are two pertinent examples of this.  These examples are most likely not what you think.  We’ll start with the negative one. In the fifth month of the Biblical calendar, An infamous (false) prophet named Hananiah came into the Temple in Jerusalem where he spoke to Jeremiah, the priests, and all of those in attendance and prophesied saying, “Thus says Adonai of Hosts, the God of Israel” and in summary said that the yoke of Babylon was broken, the treasures stolen from the temple would be returned, as would the son of the late King of Judah and all of the exiles of Judah in two years (Jeremiah 28:2-4).  He even took the yoke from Jeremiah’s neck and broke it on the ground as a symbol of what he said Adonai was doing and about to do.  Clearly Jeremiah smelled something fishy because as soon as Hananiah finished, he followed it up by saying, with such things we will only know once it happens if what he says is from God or not.  It was an awesome prophetic word, one full of hope and encouragement for a recently defeated Judah, and there was no doubt great excitement in the Land.  Sometime later, however, Jeremiah hears clearly from Elohim that what Hananiah had prophesied was in fact the opposite, and as a consequence, Jeremiah relayed the message from YHWH that Hananiah would die in two months, and he did.  Not only did Hananiah fool the nation, but also condemned himself.    It was a false flag operation from the fallen kingdom of darkness.  At this moment when there are prophetic voices from around the world saying vastly different things, we must ensure that the fear of the Most High is first and foremost within us, along with the spirit of humility, and the rest of the 7 Spirits of YHWH (Isaiah 11:2).  It is a time not to neglect 1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 that says, “Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise prophecies, but test everything; hold fast what is good.”

Now for the positive example.  Remember how I said that the false prophecy seemed fishy to Jeremiah, well that’s because in Jeremiah 25 he had prophesied the exile would last a full 70 years, and by the time of Hanania’s prophecy that was still a long way off.  However, after the period of exile had finally come to an end, what Hanania had prophesied would happen in two years, finally came to pass when on the first day of the fifth month, Av, Ezra arrived by order, and with the seal of the new king with all of the stolen treasures from the Temple, any Israelite who wanted to return to Jerusalem and Israel, and any money needed from the royal treasury for the purchasing of sacrifices and the beautifying of the Temple.  Oh, and Ezra brought back the Law of God, the Torah.  Abba’s timing is perfect, and He always fulfills His promises to the letter, but He will not be rushed.  We are all in a process of being molded, sharpened, and purified, but we must never take our eyes off of the promise of Adonai lest we lose sight of it and decide God owes it to us now.  Abba will bring it to pass, and if you think we have been waiting a long time for the New Millennium and the New Jerusalem, just imagine how long Yeshua has been waiting and compare.  Our time here is short, even if we think things are not happening fast enough or in the way we thought they would, so beware of the Hanania’s, and remember that no matter what, Abba is always looking after His Word to fulfill it.  Hear Him, and test and confirm everything you hear from someone else no matter how much you love and trust them.


The letter of this month is Tet, the least used letter in the Hebrew alphabet, and has a dual meaning of both a man in rebellion to the will of God and a manWith this prophetic blueprint and a small list of nations to be praying for, it means nothing unless we actually implement it.  Do not hesitate to pray for any person, family, city, or nation the Holy Spirit has put on your heart and to exercise boldness in declaring, decreeing, and prophesying the redemptive purpose over that person, people, and/or places.  The enemy wants us to shut up, but we will oblige him by turning up the volume in every aspect of our worship, prayer, repentance, fasting, fellowship, feasting, and exercising like never before in one accord the perfect love and power of the Great I Am for the glory of the Most High.  Remember, satan is a kitten in a corner with a microphone, but the Lion of Judah lives in us, and as we roar as one Body, the Way, the Truth, and the Life will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.  Don’t be shy, literally release a roar wherever you are!  Roar with your life wherever you go.  Make the love of the Most High so loud and pronounced that people forget the chaos of the world and dive straight into the ocean that is the heart of the Father.  We rejoice in the victory of the cross, we rebuild the tabernacle of David through worship while others mourn destruction, we stand up at the gates when the enemy says sit down, we see through the lies straight into Yeshua’s eyes, and we roar with the Lion of Judah cutting through and rising above the propaganda of the defeated foe.  God bless you Kingdom Family and don’t forget to tell your brothers and sisters to roar this month, Av, the month of the Father.

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