We have entered into perhaps one of the most polarizing and crucial months of the year, the month of Av. Av lasts from August 2nd to August 31st. Av literally translates to mean “Father”. In this month of the Father are you ready to feel His weighty and glorious presence? Are you aligned with His heart for your life? Are you expectant that you will hear His voice of many waters (Ezekiel 43:2) or a gentle whisper on the wind (1 Kings 19:12)? As this month begins, it is during a period of mourning for the Jewish people, ending on the 9th of Av, the date when both the first and second temples were destroyed. Av is therefore seen as the most calamitous month of the year by most practicing Jews. As Believers, although we are aware of these divinely timed disasters, we must look to why Adonai let this happen in the first place. As temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19) we must look inwardly to recognize whether or not we ourselves are repeating the mistakes of the past which led to the destruction of the temples, and be certain we are running according to the heart and times of Elohim. In this Biblical year of 5779, a year of giving birth, the month of Av is just two months away from the New Year (Rosh Hashanah), the beginning of the year 5780. There is an acceleration of the fulfillment of the promises of God during this month and the month to come, and we must be sure to take it one day at a time, listening intently to the voice of the Holy Spirit so that He can arrange our schedule, and bring His plans to fulfillment.

As we begin the month of Av, you might be experiencing a lot of pushback from the fulfillment of these promises, but not to worry, repentance, forgiveness and blessing are the keys. This might sound counterintuitive, but not according to the Bible. Nineveh the ancient capital of the Assyrian empire, famous for the worship of Ishtar, not even part of Israel, repented at the first warning of the destruction of the city from the prophet Jonah, every person in sack cloth and ashes (Jonah 3:6-10). The city was spared from destruction as the people turned from their wicked ways. Jerusalem however, the place God has chosen for His habitation (Psalm 132:13), the capital of Israel and the place of His chosen people, though given many warnings through many prophets, never repented, and was destroyed on account of its idolatry and pride (2 Chronicles 26:15-19). The only thing we have to do is drop our pride, the root of all evil. Easy enough right? Maybe not easy, but certainly worth skipping the self induced hard learned lessons. Our pride says “an eye for an eye, but the Great I Am says,  love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Matthew 5:43-44). Remember who the real enemy is (Ephesian 6:12), and who really fights your battles (Exodus 14:14). Don’t give the enemy an open door of un-forgiveness or let him prod and poke at the self destruct button in your life. Are you ready for a Holy Spirit roller coaster ride of trust and faith in the Most High? If you have yet to jump on, now is the time. Take that leap of faith that your heart keeps begging you to take, and let Yeshua show you that He is who He says He is. Welcome aboard the King Jesus Express that takes you farther, faster, deeper and wider than your mind can comprehend for the low low price of, free.


Simeon was the second son of Jacob from Leah. “She conceived again, and when she gave birth to a son she said, “Because the Lord HEARD that I am not loved, He gave me this one too.” So she named him Simeon” (Genesis 29:33). The root of the name Simeon in Hebrew means “to hear” and the full meaning of the name, meaning a man of hearing or man who hears. What voice are you hearing? What still small voice or loud booming voice are you hearing? Is it the voice of fear, anger, confusion, anxiety, worry, hate, etc.? If it is, this is not the voice of the Father, but rather the accuser of the brethren who comes to kill, steal and destroy, convincing you that these things are a normal part of your life that you should make all of your decisions based off of. Think hard for a moment or two. Have you done this today or the day before? Let us learn from Simeon who made one awful decision based on some of these characteristics that made not only himself suffer, but his descendants as well. Simeon was the smallest of all the tribes of Israel (Numbers 26:14), was omitted from the blessing of Moses (Deuteronomy 33:8), and the tribe of Simeon only had land inside of the territories of the other tribes (Joshua 19:1-9). The portion of Simeon’s descendants no longer has to be ours as through the blood of Yeshua the iniquity of our forefathers can be washed clean, and Praise God for the blood of the Lamb that purifies us from all sin (John 1:7)!

Hearing the voice of the Father does not necessarily mean that you hear His audible voice, or that Yeshua is standing before your very eyes, though that is not out of reach. He speaks in many ways that He knows we will each individually understand, but one thing we can be sure is from the Father are the 9 fruits of the Spirit which are “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control” (Galatians 5:22-23). If this is what you feel when you make a decision, even if the world thinks you are crazy, go for it. Even though there is wisdom in the multitude of advice, remember to always ask the Father first, and spend time with Him to receive the revelation from Him before seeking out the advice of others. Go first to the source of all things, Yeshua! Then seek wise council.

We pray that deaf ears will be opened to hear the voice of the Almighty, and that such precious and piercing words would supercharge the calling and purpose within you! May the thundering of the voice of the Lord like the roar of a lion wake you from your slumber and refresh your zeal for more of Him, for the pace of the race quickens, and He is gathering His remnant for battle. Don’t be late to formation warriors of the Lord mighty in battles, our marching orders have arrived, and we move out soon.


Arieh, Hebrew for lion, is the constellation during the month of Av. Lions are majestic and powerful and full of God given authority, rightfully known as the King of the jungle. Are you operating in your God given authority? How is your roar? Is it a wimpier or a battle cry? Throughout the word of God, lions are used by God as both harbingers of justice and bringers of salvation. As this is the month of hearing the voice of the Father, it is important to recognize the sound of His voice so that we will not miss it. The iconic roar of the Lion gives us a clue as to the power of the voice of the Father. In the natural, the roar of both the male and female lion can be heard up to 5 miles away, and they control territory of up to 100 square miles. To hear the voice of the Father means to know the fear (reverential awe) of the King of glory, and when the animals hear the lion’s roar, they also know to submit to their authority. During this month known for its tragic past, it is time that we not only remember what took place, but learn from the mistakes of those who have come before us. Division, pride and idolatry led to the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple twice. Today however, we will not let the sins of the past be our legacy. It is time for us as the Body of Christ to band together like a pride of lions. One lion alone is powerful, but ten, twenty or thirty together is why they are able to take dominion over the land against the enemy. The traditional adversary of lions is the Hyena, who also live and hunt in packs, and when a pride of lions is weak and divided, they always strike the hardest, killing the young and leaving their bodies for the other lions to see. Are the Hyenas encroaching on your life, your family, friends, church, business, city or nation? Are you standing as a lone Lion or banded together with other Believers? Will we let the enemy kill a generation, or are we ready, able and available to be used mightily by the Lion of the tribe of Judah (Revelation 5:5), Yeshua, and to follow Him to victory? Let us seize the opportunity and the promise of Jesus in us, and strike up a mighty roar with one voice and see the once imposing enemy silenced and fleeing.

King David speaking of Saul and Jonathan, said that they were as swift as eagles and as strong as lions, and that even in death they were not parted (2 Samuel 1:23). When once there was defeat and tragedy, now is the time for victory and rejoicing with Yeshua our King leading the way into the fray. Bless the Name of the Lord and watch the Way Maker flatten the mountains before you, part the waters in the way and stop the sun in its path. He is speaking to the storm, roaring like a lion, and calming the wind and the waves in your life, family and nation. Let us give a shout of victory together as one body giving glory honor and praise to the Lord mighty in Battles, for He is the one who fights for us.


The letter Tet is the ninth letter in the Hebrew Alphabet representing this month. It is a letter with a dual meaning of both life and destruction. It is the least used letter in the Bible, and is first used in Genesis 1:4 that says, “And God saw the light that it was “GOOD”: And God divided the light from the darkness.” The word “GOOD”is the first word we see it used in. The image of the letter Tet pictures both a man in rebellion to the will of God or a man that is surrendered to Him. This month we have the great gift from God to choose whether or not we will live in the darkness or the light, in surrender or rebellion. When the Father spoke you into life, it was GOOD, but now it is up to us to choose if we will follow His design for our life or choose otherwise. This month, tune your ears to be like the donkey, that hears only the voice of its master, not moving an inch at the voice of another. Keep your eyes focused on the promises of Elohim over your life, not looking here and there for another way. Lastly, use your voice, but remember and be wise knowing “the tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit” (Proverbs 18:21). Speak life this month, not negativity, lift up, don’t put down, and see Yeshua the light penetrate the darkness.


Every Hebrew letter has a numerical value. In the case of Tet, the number is 9, as it is the 9th number in the Hebrew alphabet. According to the Bible, the number 9 is very significant. It is signifies the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next. There are many examples of this throughout the Word of God. When Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross, He dies at the ninth hour (Mark 15:34). Also, Yeshua appears a total of nine times to his apostles and disciplines after his resurrection. There are 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:4-7) and 9 fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). There were 9 generations from Adam to Noah (ninth from Adam) and Noah to Abraham (ninth from Noah), and Abram was 99 years old when he received the covenant from God, and his new name Abraham. These examples from the Bible give us a clear picture of an end and beginning, one cycle to the next. If you are facing something that seems impossible this season, if defeat and death seem inevitable, remember the woman of Revelation 12, remember Moses and remember Yeshua. The child the woman was soon to give birth to was sure to be devoured by the dragon, but Adonai had plans for life not death, and gave the woman the wings of an eagle to escape the dragon, and hid her in the wilderness all the while giving her sustenance. Moses was doomed to be killed by the Egyptians, but his mother hid him for three months, put in a basket in the reeds of the nile and rescued by Pharaoh’s daughter, later becoming the savior of Israel out of Egypt (Exodus 2:1-10). Impossible? Not for the God of Israel. Yeshua was meant to be killed along with all other firstborns his age, but the angel of the Lord visited Joseph in a dream to warn him to flee to Egypt immediately (Matthew 2:13-15), a fulfillment of prophecy. Impossible? Adonai had spoken, He speaketh, and what He speaks He fulfills. You will live and not die! We simply obey and He makes the way. Declare His promises over yourself and those He puts in your heart to do so for. Speak to the situation in the name of Yeshua and declare the victory of the Most High. It is a new beginning not the end.


We do not run according to the times of the fallen kingdom of darkness, and what the enemy intends for evil, God uses for good (Genesis 50:20). This month of Av, though we remember the calamity of the past, we live in the joy and victory of Christ in us. This month of the Father, it is time to open our ears (Simeon) to what He is saying now so that we can be like the sons of Issachar who knew the times and seasons and what was good for Israel (1 Chronicles 12:32). We refuse to make the mistakes of the past, but rather stand upon the shoulders of those who have come before us and paved the way that we could continue paving the way for the return of the King of glory. Our difficulties are simply an opportunity for the great I Am to be glorified through making the impossible look easy. The Lion of the tribe of Judah is roaring in your life, and the darkness is forced to flee as His light enters and transforms what looked like defeat into wondrous beauty. Let’s join together as Lions of the Kingdom of heaven and roar together, building one another up, encouraging and supporting each other in Yeshua. This is the month of new beginnings, and it is a fresh start when we prophecy over ourselves, to one another, and to the nations, declaring “VICTORY”! We speak life and not death. We come in faith like Abraham at 99, and remember how You made even your own death a Hallelujah of victory forever, defeating sin and death. We cry out in Your Name Yeshua! Thank you for all that you have done, are doing, and are about to do. Amen.

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