The Month of Death and Rebirth

This month begins with the three weeks of sorrow, commemorating the death of Aaron, the first high priest of Israel (Numbers 33:38), the decree that the original generation rescued from Egypt would die in the desert (Numbers 13-14), and the destruction of the first and second temples on the 9th of Av. It paints a somber picture of this new month. Throughout biblical history, the month of Av has been a season of endings and new beginnings—a time of destruction and new birth, signifying the end of one cycle and the start of another.

In this month, we are called to hear the voice of the Father and receive revelation about our purpose and destiny, gaining clarity that may have eluded us before. The word “Av” is connected to “Abba,” meaning father, emphasizing that this is the season of the Father. While we remember these events, as we enter this new month, God calls us to transition from death to rebirth and to experience, in a matter of days, what Israel went through over the course of millennia. Now is the time for rebirth and acceleration, to recognize the urgency of the moment and align ourselves with God’s calling for this generation.

The Accuser is Hard at Work

Amidst the global political and cultural struggles to undermine and dismiss God’s laws, there exists an intriguing pattern established by God, particularly during this appointed time. It is the month when the constellation of the Lion hovers over Israel, a time of judgment where one’s alignment with God determines both positive and negative outcomes. It is a month that heralds the roar of the Lion of Judah, signifying significant shifts. Scripture reveals instances of God’s prophets being deceived during this month (1 Kings 13:10-26), but also demonstrates how tragic attacks can transform into blessings (Judges 14:8-9).

In this fifth month, similar to when a fetus begins kicking in the womb, the Holy Spirit delivers a clear warning of the upcoming season. It is a warning that brings both excitement for those who are prepared and dread for those who are not. This is the preparatory month, signaling the inevitable arrival of a global cycle that will awaken the John 17 generation to the reality that we have entered an irreversible and non-negotiable phase of the end times. Your present circumstances are not accidental; they present an opportunity to overcome and serve as a catalyst to propel you towards your prophetic destiny, as inscribed individually in the heavenly books and potentially affecting your family, city, nation, and beyond.

It is time to confront challenging times head-on and remind the devil of God’s promises over your life so that he immediately retreats in fear.

Wisdom Knocks at Your Door

A recent dream and angelic visitation shared by a trusted friend resonated deeply with us, highlighting the significance of this month. In the dream, a direct message from the Lord was received, urging us: “Tell them not to be impatient! Tell them not to be casual! Tell them to be wise!” Wisdom resides between impatience and laziness, and it is only achievable by following the guidance of the Holy Spirit while avoiding the distractions of our own minds and fleshly desires.

Take a moment to reflect: Where is your mind and flesh currently? Are you impatient, eager to act right away? Or are you being lax, procrastinating and failing to fulfill your responsibilities in a timely manner? This month’s Scripture, Proverbs 4:6-7, sheds light on the value of godly wisdom and the benefits of seeking it above all else.

Despite the obstacles and the pride of humankind, wisdom, which lies between impatience and laziness, ultimately triumphs. It leads us to victory in our personal lives, families, and nations, despite the enemy’s deceptions. Therefore, let us choose wisdom this month. Ensure that your relationship with Yeshua is founded on a solid footing, that the Living Word is a tangible reality in your life, and that you are walking on the highway of holiness.

A Mighty Multitude

The current discussions among believers around the world tend to revolve around the downfall of this younger generation. In churches, there is worry and fear that Christianity as a whole is bound to become extinct at this rate, bringing a foreboding to believers at large that has never been heard of before. The LGBTQ agenda, a powerless church body, and a religiously hypocritical and smothering global church have painted a depressing picture for society and the church as a whole. This bag of lies and deception fits perfectly into the narrative of Satan and is time and again repeated throughout Scripture with the same outcome: God is victorious through His chosen ones!

Let us be sure to repeat history once more this month of Av by proclaiming the victory of Yeshua over our enemies and declaring the salvation of the lost over the multitudes that are currently blind. A mighty multitude of lost sheep is about to be found and become the army that confounds the enemy and silences the false lion attempting to roar the world into submission. The King of kings is no fool, and He has not endowed us with foolishness. Therefore, let us seek first His Kingdom and righteousness so that we may inherit what He has willingly given us by grace, and in turn, extend that grace to others.

The godly warrior army is rising, but not in the way we expected. It is time to put on the mind of Christ so that we may strategize and work together with Him and His angel armies. May the Holy Spirit teach you instead of relying solely on your pastor (John 14:26). May the Kingdom of God go before you, not just through words, but with power (1 Cor. 4:20). May the fear of Adonai lead to wisdom, which will ultimately bring about a mighty multitude of His mature sons and daughters at the end of this age (Proverbs 9:10).

Look not to Mighty Men

Much like Israel before they had kings, we, as the global body of Yeshua, are arguing with God to be like the rest of the nations and give us kings like King Saul, David, Solomon, and others to be our saviors on the world stage (Deut. 17:14-15). Yes, we pray for our leaders so that we may have peace and the freedom to worship God Most High in peace (1 Timothy 2:1-2). However, as the elections in many nations begin to kick into high gear, let us not allow this to distract us from what God is calling us to pray for and act upon. He deposes and sets up kings, regardless of what we may think of them (Dan. 2:21). But our job is to band together as an Ekklesia, to declare, decree, and obey the commands of God, in order to see the destiny of our nations come to pass.

If you can vote, vote as the Holy Spirit leads, but do not be deceived while the enemy works behind the scenes, taking advantage of a distracted body of Christ that forgets its duty to be led by the Holy Spirit and not by man. The Father is calling us to listen to His voice and none other in this month of Av, to hear His voice as the sole authority without any other influence prying its way into our life decisions. The Father Himself is seeking our utmost attention and relationship, and as we oblige Him, the deceptions of the fallen kingdom of darkness become clear as day, the false roar of Satan becomes like a kitten’s meow, and the strategy ahead becomes like a plow through soft soil.

Let not the enemy lay his hands on your power, but let your power through Christ, the hope of glory, pierce through and push back the plans and schemes of the fallen kingdom of darkness. Adonai bless you and keep you this month of Av!

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