Shalom Kingdom family! This the season when family comes together, enjoys one another’s company, (sometimes:), when work and school generally cease, and in much of the world, snow is on the ground. It is a time to snuggle by the fire, come in from outside and slow down. During this month of Tevet, much of the same can be said of the season in which we are living. Winter has officially begun, and in the context of the Bible it is a transition from harvest time to rest, when the nights go from being the shortest to beginning to lengthen once more. It is the New Year on the Gregorian calendar when New Year’s resolutions are common, but not always stuck to, but nonetheless a season to look back on the previous year, make the good better, and change the bad for its good counterpart. It is a time of transition. As a general of an army, a dad, mom, pastor, business owner, student, and each of us as individuals, it is the time to decide on the strategy for the warring season to come, and begin to prepare all the necessary arrangements for a smooth transition. As warriors in the Body of Christ, this is a time to train, acquire wisdom, knowledge and understanding from the Lord, to sharpen one another, and become more lethal as the winter draws to a close. As a shepherd it is time to bring the flocks in from the fields that they might huddle together to keep warm and safe, and enjoy the harvest of wool winter coats from the previous season from the backs of the sheep. It is a time for families to gather and be with one another, and the Remnant to fellowship, drawing closer in bonds of friendship in Yeshua. As a farmer, it is time to enjoy the harvest, and to gain ones strength for the sowing season to come. It is a time of instruction from the elders and teachers, when everyone is gathered together in the tents and no one is out in the field. We pray that you enjoy this beautiful time with one another, of bonding, strengthening, cheer, warmth, and smiles, in the name of Yeshua!

God bless you mighty children of God!

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