When: Friday Sunset 11/16 to Monday 11/19.

This is a time to fast and pray for the state of California and for Israel.  This past week there has been a huge loss of life and property in both Northern and Southern California due to the Wildfires that still rage on.  The numbers of reported missing persons have jumped to over 1,200 in one day with the death toll rising to a confirmed 76 people.  The fire is 60% contained, but has now destroyed 149,500 acres,  and 12,000 structures including homes thus far.   The “Woolsey Fire” is also still burning in Southern California in Los Angeles.  It has been the cause of 69,949 acres burned, including 1000 structures, and 3 deaths so far.  It is currently 91% contained.

While the fires continue to burn in California, Israel has had a very tumultuous week with over 460 rockets being fired from Gaza into Israel, and the resignation of Avigdor Liberman the Defense Minister,  saying that his resignation was due to the weak response and ceasefire with Hamas.  Prime Minister Netanyahu is now set to hand over the position to the current education  minister Naftali Bennet.  This switch comes at a crucial time that is setting the stage for possible early elections.  On top of that the U.N. is set to vote on 9 different resolutions against Israel.  What’s more, there are zero other nations out of the 193 with resolutions drafted against them in a blatant attack against Israel.  These resolutions are non-binding as per usual, but it still goes to show the ridiculous and obvious one-sided hate and hypocrisy that much of the world has towards Israel.

The Holy Spirit has prompted us to fast and pray for both California and Israel these next three days.  We will continue interceding for the people of California, that these fires will be a catalyst for the hearts of the children to turn to the Father, for the remnant in the state to shake off the dust and unite in one Spirit, the Holy Spirit, and for hardened hearts to be softened to the Gospel of Peace that is salvation through Jesus Christ resurrected (Ezekiel 36:26).  We will be praying for the peace of Jerusalem and for Israel as Psalm 122:6 tells us, for the leaders and authorities of Israel, and to stand resolutely with Israel even as so many of the world’s nations gather against her.  As record braking fires burn and Israel is seemingly surrounded on all sides, we must be the watchmen on the walls (Isaiah 62:6), digging our feet in against the fallen kingdom of darkness that is simply reacting to the impending defeat that is assured in the not so distant future (Revelation 20:1-3). Lay hold of the Promise of the Lord and declare from victory that which has already been spoken over our lives and the saints. There is only freedom, power and victory in the Word of the Most High God, amen!

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