8 Facts of the Biblical Month of Av

7 weeks of Comfort

The end of the 3 weeks of sorrow ends on the 9th of Av, but is also the beginning of the 7 weeks of comfort. May the Holy Spirit be your comforter this month.


Av means father in Hebrew, making this the month of Abba, a time to remember that YHWH is indeed your good good Father.


Simeon is the tribe representing this Biblical month. Simeon means “to hear”, and it is time to be deaf to the lies of the world and tune in to voice of Adonai.

The lion

The Lion is the constellation of Av, a reminder that the Lion of the tribe of Judah, Yeshua, lives in us and that He has given you His roar. Roar with the authority and dominion of the Most High this month!

5th Month

Av is the 5th month on the Biblical calendar, July and August on the Gregorian calendar. Stay prepared and expecting blessings.

9th of Av

Aaron the High Priest died on the first day of the month of Av, and both temples were destroyed on the 9th of Av, but Yeshua’s temple was torn down and raised back up in three days. Rejoice, because you are the Temple of the Holy Spirit!

The king’s Decree

On the first day of Av Ezra arrived from Babylon to Jerusalem bearing the decree of the King of Babylon and all of the gold, silver, food, livestock and treasures as he needed. You have been given the King of king’s decree through the blood of Yeshua. His grace and favor abounds with you this month.


This is the month when Hannaniah spoke his false prophecy in front of the priest and the people, and Jeremiah warned the people of false prophecy. Beware of false prophets and have much discernment from the Holy Spirit this month.

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