In the beginning of August while we were in Coimbatore, India during a worship session, Emmanuel had a very vivid vision where the Holy Spirt led him to a beautiful and ancient entrance of a vineyard, and as soon as he looked up he saw a wooden sign on the lentil of the entrance that said “The Vineyard of the King”.  He was shocked to see how beautiful the sign which was hand made and hewn.  As soon as the Holy Spirit let him enter into the vineyard of the King he had different shoes on his feet, leather sandals.  The entrance was slightly raised on a small hill allowing him to see the entire vineyard which was on completely flat land.   He walked down a path that went through the center of the rows of grapes.  On his left and right there were 12 rows in total with each of the rows of grapes being no taller than a man, but very wide and plump.  The Spirit of the Lord led him to take a right at the seventh row of grapes.  He walked for a long time down this row and he began worshipping, and he was so full of joy as he saw that the grapes were ripe and ready to be harvested and they were a vivid color of purple.  The weather was a perfect Spring day and he was focused on Jesus as he worshipped Him.  In the midst of this, the Holy Spirit told him to pick the grapes, so he took a large bushel of grapes from the vine that was far too heavy to carry with one hand and instead had to cradle it in his arms .  He continued down the seventh row carrying the bushel of grapes and as he worshipped, the grapes were no longer heavy.  Knew as he was carrying the grass that he was not allowed to eat the grapes.  At the end of the row, he arrived to the place where the people tread on the grapes, he threw the grapes to the ground.  After throwing them down, he took off his sandals and went over to a fountain where he cleaned his feet very carefully, then entered into the treading place to step on the grapes.  As he was doing this he felt an overwhelming joyous sensation, because he knew that he was part of the preparation of something very important. While he was experiencing this joy, he was with closed eyes, and when he opened them he saw dozens of other people doing the same thing throughout the vineyard, and he noticed that they were people from many different nations and cultures that were speaking different languages.  He saw Lion close by stomping and jumping on the grapes.  Suddenly the sky above them open, and a waterfall of wine began to flow onto the center of the large stone basin that they were in, and they began to rejoice even more than before.  Before the wine flowed from the heavens, the level of the wine was only up to their ankles, but when the wine stopped, the wine was now at their knees and they all began to scoop the wine into their hands and drink.  They continued rejoicing in the Lord as they saw how the wine began to overflow from one side of the basin, creating a stream of wine.  Emmanuel began to follow the stream of wine, and as he followed the wine he was suddenly in the City of David seeing the wine flowing from the city into the Kidron Valley below.

After receiving this vision they continued their mission trip to Korea, and on August 15th during another time of corporate worship, the Lord gave Emmanuel the same vision to highlight certain details, with emphasis on the cleansing process as a preparation for the treading on the grapes.  After Korea, in the next four nations (Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Myanmar), the Holy Spirit continued showing this vision over and over.  When they returned to Jerusalem and went to the City of David to worship the Lord, on Friday Sep. 7th (27th of Elul), The Spirit of the Lord showed Emmanuel the vision once more, except this time going directly to the process of stepping on the grapes, saying that the process of cleansing was over and it was now to do the treading.

The Ancient of days will have his inheritance, Zion, upon which His vineyard is planted, and now as the grapes are ripe and ready for the harvest, Abba is calling us to take up our inheritance in Him from the City of the King, Jerusalem. Do not just look upon the promise and give into fear at the slightest hint of resistance, but rather focus your gaze upon He who’s eyes are like flaming torches, and take your inheritance in Yeshua in the joy of the Lord! Stomp on the grapes that Adonai has given you and watch as He multiplies the harvest in abundance. The days of watching from afar are over for your life, family, city and nation, and the time has come to enter into the arena, and let the Lord mighty in battles fight for you (Exodus 14:4), anoint you and bless you. Elohim is sending His new wine flowing from Jerusalem to the nations for such a time as this, being filled to overflow as the wine is poured out, one last wave in the Spirit, the latter rain, that is aligning the nations with Jerusalem, the prophetic clock of God, calling them home to the dwelling place of the King of Glory. From the ends of the earth the Remnant is coming in the power and glory of the Almighty, to be close to the Lord of Lords. “At that time they will call Jerusalem The Throne of the LORD, and all nations will gather in Jerusalem to honor the name of the LORD” (Jeremiah 3:17). The beginning of this verse starts with, “ At that time”, but that time is now, and Yeshua is coming soon for His inheritance!

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