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When will the fighting stop?

According to the IDF spokesperson the fighting is set to continue for several more days in a statement made on May 17th. So far the number of Hamas terrorists killed stands at 150 plus not including civilian casualties, a major blow to the man power of Hamas where every person counts considering the size of the force.

Conflict Goes International

Israel Intelligence agencies have given the green light to eliminate top Hamas officials in Iran, Turkey, Qatar, Malaysia and any state actor or otherwise who host, finance, and train Hamas officials. This could potentially escalate the situation to a far more regional and even international conflict.

Lebanon Enters The Fray

Lebanon fires 6 rockets towards Israel garnering a response from Israel to fire back at Lebanon. Neither country’s attacks did any damage, but are a serious sign of Lebanon’s anger toward the Israeli response to Gaza rocket fire at Israeli citizens.

The incident took place near the site of protests staged along the Lebanese border Friday. In one incident, protesters breached the border fence and entered Israeli territory. Israeli troops fatally shot a man who was later identified by Hezbollah as one of its fighters. With the fighting to last “several” more days, and “episodes” like this happening we really need to pray for peace and an end to the fighting.

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Head Scratching Paradox

The question that has every analyst scratching their heads is why now, and why such an all out sustained assault by Hamas? If the theory is that this is for the families of East Jerusalem who are facing possible eviction from their homes, and the clearing of the crowds throwing rocks and launching fireworks at police on the Temple Mount, it doesn’t explain how heavy handed Hamas has been in these attacks compared to the past. Perhaps it is politics and Hamas not wanting to see the possibility of Arabs having a say in the Knesset which was set to happen before the attacks with a possible unity government. This would have gone directly against the Hamas ideology of Israel being an illegitimate state. Could it be to gain an upper hand in the upcoming elections against the PLA? All of these are pieces of the puzzle, but none of it can explain the cost. The current pace at which the IDF is destroying key military infrastructure, weapons, and hardware will easily set Hamas back a decade or more, so why after so much careful preparation on behalf of Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad since the last war in 2014 would they purposely continue to incur so much destruction on themselves?

The Puppet Masters of Hamas

Iran supplies all of Hamas’s weapons and Hamas is loud and proud of it even going so far as to say openly that they receive not only weapons and materials from Iran but special training as well. Now, at the same time, Turkey openly holds talks publicly with Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and Hezbollah who have official offices in Ankara, the capitol of Turkey. It is clear who the puppet masters are, but what do Iran, Turkey, and Hezbollah have to gain by what is happening in Gaza, and what is their goal in the first place? Just like the Nazis, they view Jews as a disease that needs to be eradicated and their goal is to destroy the state of Israel which are their words, with Turkey’s President Erdogan even saying multiple times that they on the road to “liberate” Jerusalem from the terrorist state of Israel. So we know their goal, and If you want to destroy Israel and “liberate” Jerusalem then you need to know how to defeat Israel militarily.

Test Subjects

If you want to know how a vaccine or a disease will effect humans you first test animals, except the puppet masters of Hamas decided to go straight to human trials. Hamas is the guinea pig and what they have learned through this firing of thousands of rockets is that the Iron Dome is not full proof and with enough sustained fire power is vulnerable. This is not good for Israel seeing as Hezbollah in Lebanon has caches of many more thousands of missiles than Hamas, missiles that are much more reliable, longer range, and have the ability to fire many more at a time. They have also realized that the IDF is vulnerable to a multi-front war and simply is not able to cover the entire country with the iron dome system. This is part of the reason that Israel will not enter Gaza on the ground, because they would risk leaving themselves open to attack by Hezbollah as well, not to mention other nations who would love to join in the fight like Jordan, and Syria to the north.

Secret Weapon

Another thing not being widely discussed at the moment is Hamas not using the full capability of their arsenal of suicide drones. This is a huge advantage that Hezbollah, Iran, and especially Turkey are able to use with devastating results. The latest example of this was Turkey using its drones in the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia which decimated Armenia’s tanks, artillery, and armoured vehicles in short order. Turkey did the same thing in Libya, driving back the winning opposition forces like it was nothing. Both Turkey and Iran produce their drones domestically and have even equipped another of its proxies with said drones in Yemen who are using them to harass Saudi Arabia’s Oil refineries and attack almost anywhere in the country as they please. A pretty clear pattern is emerging here. Combine drone swarms with rocket salvoes of thousands of rockets from multiple locations at the same time. Does Israel have an answer for that? That is what the puppet masters are testing, and now that things are heating up more and more daily things could literally bet Biblical.

Biblical Prophecy

If you haven’t read Ezekiel 38-39, now would be a good time to brush up on that specific Biblical prophecy because when you read it, it is like reading the current headlines we are seeing in the news, and Ezekiel 38 even goes so far as to describe the players who will be involved in a massive attack on Israel with devastating results for Israel, and the annihilation of the forces that reach the mountains of Israel. Besides Adonai raining down pestilence, confusion and fire upon Israel’s enemies, He also speaks of a huge earthquake that will take place simultaneously and even level mountains. The earthquake part is already taken care of with the rift valley running directly through Israel, starting in Syria and ending in Mozambique in East Africa that could cause an earthquake the whole world would feel. What still needs to happen is the formation of an army with many nations to come against Israel. But that has already happened multiple times right? Yes, but the list of nations in Ezekiel 38 is missing a few regional players that participated in the previous wars against Jerusalem, namely the Arabian Peninsula countries, most of whom are now openly partnering with Israel against the likes of Turkey and Iran even rebuking what Gaza is doing at the moment as foolish.

The stage is set, but is the time now? On top of it all, the global economy is set for a global reset, debt has reached its highest point in world history, the Shmita year will begin in September, and the powers that be already have the blueprint a new world order initiated. But, nothing to see here though right? What happens in Israel effects the world, and we all need to understand that what is happening right now is just a small tremor as a warning for what is coming. We must be more vigilant than ever. Please join us and millions of others around the world as we continue praying for the peace of Jerusalem and the salvation of Israel both Jews and Arabs, and for the safety of all who are being effected by this current war. As of May 19th there have been reports form top Hamas officials saying that a ceasefire is imminent as soon as Friday, May 21. Let’s pray this is indeed true, that things will not escalate further and for cool heads to prevail in the coming days. We cannot be sure of the day Ezekiel 38 will happen, but that does not mean we should be ignorant of the Biblical times we are living in either. Adonai bless you and keep you!

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