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March 23rd, 2021 is the day of the 4th election in 2 years in Israel that will decide who will lead the country. At this point it is very difficult to predict the outcome, but one thing is certain, it will be an election where the people of Israel will be heard loud and clear.

The Players

So who are the leaders that can possibly dethrone Benjamin Netanyahu, and how likely is that to actually happen? Running as a centrist, Yair Lapid, and his party are forecasted to win the second most votes after Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party, while Gideon Saar the former Education Minister under Netanyahu has broken away from the Likud party retaining its right wing policies while running on a purely anti-Netanyahu platform. Then there is Naftali Bennet who is being called the possible “King Maker” of this election.

Party leaders ahead of the 2021 elections (from left): Yair Lapid, Naftali Bennett, Benjamin Netanyahu, Gideon Sa’ar, Benny Gantz (Courtesy)

Although his party is also considered more conservative and right wing, he has decided to remain neutral in the pro and anti Netanyahu fight, and depending on which way he decides to lean could very well make the difference between Benjamin Netanyahu remaining as Prime Minister or not. Lastly, there are the smaller parties that need to garner at least 3.5% of the vote in order to gain seats in parliament, but due to the extremely tight margin of possible victory the parties who pass the threshold of 3.5% could very well be what tilts the balance in favor or against Netanyahu remaining as Prime Minister.

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Voter Fatigue?

The most uncertain part of this election is how people will actually vote. This being the 4th election in 2 years is unprecedented in Israel’s history. Last election saw 70% of Israel’s population turn up to vote, a new record, but the question is, will this election be the same? To add to the uncertainty, more Israelis than ever before are simply not sure which party they will vote for. People are disillusioned to say the least, and because of this, the percentage of voters who will not vote for who they voted for in the previous election is significant enough to make a huge difference in the outcome.

Prophetic Timing

The timing of this important election could not have come on a more prophetic day, the 10th of Nissan on the Biblical calendar. It is know as Shabbat HaGadol, or the great Shabbat, as it was the day of the first Shabbat of the year when Moses gave each household of Israel the instructions for Pesaj (Passover) (Exodus 12:3). It is also the birthday of Miriam the prophetess, Moses’ sister, the day that Joshua and Israel crossed the Jordan (Joshua 4:19-20), when Ezekiel had a vision of the New Temple where He saw the glory of Adonai enter from the eastern gate (Ezekiel 40:1-2, 43:5), and the day Yeshua made His triumphal entry into Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives, entering on the first day of the week (Matthew 21:9).

How to Pray

After putting all the pieces together, it is going to be one special day to say the least, but as we await the outcome, we are not mere bystanders. As children of Adonai, our prayers are powerful and have real results not only in the Spirit, but especially in the natural. It is important that we pray for a fair election, and for every person to have the chance to vote. There is a large portion of the population who are not able to leave their houses due to quarantine, so we pray that they will have the ability to vote. We also pray for any voter fatigue to be erased, and for even more Israelis to vote than the previous election, as this one looks to be even more important than the last. As this is the month when Adonai judged the gods of Egypt, we also pray that every plan and scheme of the fallen kingdom of darkness in this election will be null and void by the blood of Yeshua, and for the just and righteous blueprint of Adonai to prevail.

Knowing the make up of the Knesset and the prevalence of the occult in the government, there is certainly foul play amiss, and we pray that it will not only be stopped, but also exposed and uprooted. As people’s freedoms have been greatly restricted due to COVID and those who do not want to be vaccinated are being treated as second class citizens and punished, we pray that the outcome of the election will lead to equal treatment of all Israelis despite being vaccinated or not. Lastly, we pray for the doors of Israel to be open once again, and for the gospel of Peace to return from whence it came, for the Holy Spirit to enter triumphantly just as Yeshua did on this day in history, and for the glory of Adonai to fill Israel even more than in the book of Acts. Let’s join in prayer together kingdom family! Adonai bless you and keep you!

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  • Claudia Acevedo says:

    Mi s queridos Valientes de David, gracias por alertar al pueblo de Adonai, Yeshua regresa muy muy pronto, debemos estar preparados clamando y orando para permanecer firmes en estos tiempos de tanta confusión, represión pecado y caos.

    Estaremos orando por la salvación y restauración de la casa de Israel y del Reino Glorioso de nuestro Adon Yeshua.

    En el amor de Yeshua


    • VdD7 says:

      Amen y gracias Claudia! Siempre es bueno saber de nuestros hermanos hispanohablantes. Cierto que el panorama se está volviendo oscuro pero gracias al Padre, nosotros somos hijos de la luz (Ef.5:8) y la Luz en las tinieblas resplandece. Así que, estos son los tiempos en los que nos tenemos que levantar como hijos del Altísimo, hijos de Sión e hijas de Jerusalén, preparados para la batalla.

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