Border Alert, Nuclear Time Bomb, and the Booster

Lebanon On The Brink

After a 24 hour blackout and months of only receiving power for one or two hours a day, things have just drastically escalated with the recent clashes over the postponed investigations into the port explosion that killed more than 200. The clashes involved Hezbollah, the Lebanese army, and other armed factions having shootouts in the streets of Beirut which led to 7 killed and others wounded. The tensions have been quieted somewhat over fears of an all out civil war. Lebanon is being called a failed state already by many nations around the world and is barely hanging on now that there is finally a new government formed.

Hyperinflation, fuel shortages, and extreme food prices have caused great suffering thus far, and it does not look like things are likely to get better any time soon. Hezbollah, although they say they do not want to get dragged into a civil war is more than ready to do so as evidenced by the swift mobilization of some of its forces in the demonstration against the decision to postpone the investigation. A Hezbollah controlled Lebanon on Israel’s northern border is the last thing Israel needs in this moment. Please pray for the remnant in Lebanon for great faith, the walking out of miracles, and for the multiplication anointing to make just a few fish and some bread into a feast for many.

Iraq Becoming Iran

In the recent parliamentary elections in Iraq, Shi’ite Muslim cleric Moqtada al-Sadr’s party was the biggest winner, increasing the number of seats he holds in parliament, to more than 70 adding some 20 plus seats to the previous number giving him a very strong position in all future decisions Iraq makes in the future. Al-Sadr is a well know ally of Iran, with direct support from the Iranian regime, as well as many Iranian militias who are now considered part of the Iraqi army. He spends much of his time in Iran to deliberate with the leadership of Iran on how to proceed in Iraq according to Iran’s goals in the region, especially the destruction of Israel. With another foothold on Israel’s borders, Israel is on high alert like never before to be ready for anything. Please pray for the protection of Israel’s borders and for hyper vigilance on behalf of the IDF and intelligence services.

Nuclear Time Bomb

After meeting with Israel, U.S. Defense Secretary Anthony Blinken warned that the time is nearly out for any possible deal resembling the 2015 Nuclear deal with Iran due to Iran’s continued enrichment of higher and higher grades of nuclear material that are dangerously close to being high enough quality to make a nuclear warhead. Israel is closer than ever to striking Iran without any foreign help as the situation is at a precipice moment. Iran’s proxies have already surrounded Israel on many sides and within Israel through Hamas in the Gaza Strip. A nuclear capable Iran would be a major game changer, something that cannot be allowed to happen at all costs. Please pray for a strong and unified front with Israel and major foreign nations like the U.S., Germany, and France against any further nuclear enrichment, and for creative ideas to stop Iran’s enriching of Uranium once and for all.

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On A More Positive Note

Israel just formally opened its embassy in Bahrain, something deemed impossible just a few years ago. On top of that the Moroccan government, led by Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch, has announced it will review and approve two new cooperation agreements with Israel on Saturday, Moroccan official news agency Maghreb Arabe Press (MAP) reported. Morocco is set to open its embassy in Tel Aviv in the coming months. Other nations, once considered enemies of Israel are in talks both publicly and behind the scenes to normalize ties with Israel as the division deepens between the Arabian Gulf countries and Turkey, Iran, and their proxies. Please pray for an acceleration of more countries signing agreements and becoming allies with Israel in this crucial time as we see Middle East nations clearly picking sides in the regional fight for dominance.

Booster Shots Or Not?

Booster shots are now required to maintain green pass status for those who have already received two shots of the Pfizer vaccine six months prior. This means 2 billion people will loose it, and the privileges that come with it if they do not get the booster shot which experts are divided on even being needed in the first place. Cases of COVID are at a three week low, and many are questioning why the government is telling everyone to get the booster shot, and punishing those who have already been vaccinated on top of the people who already have a natural immunity after getting COVID and others who haven’t gotten the shot. Please pray for the end of COVID-19 altogether knowing that as we do so in one accord, the means of control and manipulation world-wide will no longer have any validity or power over the people through COVID. Please decree that the Spirits of Fear and Death must leave as we take our proper position in the authority we have been given through the blood of Yeshua to tread on serpents and scorpions, and [the ability to exercise authority] over all the power of the enemy (Satan); and nothing will [in any way] harm you. (Luke 10:19).


Let’s continue to pray always for the peace of Jerusalem, the salvation of Israel, the protection of the borders of Israel, and the unity in the Body of Yeshua in Eretz Israel, especially as we are set to enter into a harsh winter soon. Jerusalem is the apple of Adonai’s eye, and we must be sure to love that which the Father loves, and to pray accordingly to be aligned with His heart in all things. Adonai bless you and keep you!

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