At the Gathering in Korea, there was a time of sharing following an anointed time of worship in Spirit and Truth where people could speak on what the Lord had shown them. Emmanuel was compelled to share a vision that Adonai had shown him regarding what Abba is doing in Korea for such a time as this. While arriving to Korea and asking the Lord what He was doing in Korea, the Holy Spirit kept responding in Hebrew and saying, «Ani Ta’Ase» meaning “I WILL DO IT”. To give context to the vision, Emmanuel spoke of just two days prior as he was recording a song in Paju, called “Deeper in Love” where he was visited by an angel who identified himself as an angel of love who was the commander of other angels and was the angel that led worship in the throne room of God when called upon. Ten years ago, Emmanuel was visited by this same angel while worshipping, and it was during this encounter that he received the revelation of the love of the Father. During the time of worship at the Korea gathering, there was a moment during the worship that a band of angels, angels of love, entered the room with the same angel that Emmanuel had previously seen as their leader.

Then Emmanuel had a vision of Yeshua in a field of wheat that was scattered in an un-orderly way all over the field. Yeshua bent down and began to gather all of the wheat together into piles. Emmanuel asked the Holy Spirit what this meant, and He said that Yeshua was not just gathering the remnant together in Korea, but also bringing the institution of the family back together in the nation. The reason that the angels of love entered the room was to bring the revelation of the perfect love of the Father, so that there will be a restoration of the Dads as the heads of the family in Korea to lead the families as it is meant to be, and to take their place as the priesthood in the the Body of Christ. Before North and South Korea become one again, the Lord is restoring the family. The most essential part of the body of Christ is the family, without which there is no understanding of how to be a true Kingdom family that functions as one, united in one Spirit rooted in the unconditional love of the Father.

Without the restoration of the family, and the revelation of Elohim’s perfect love, the reunification of a nation is doomed to fail, as the family unit is an essential building block of the Body of Christ and the foundation of a nation. A strong family in Christ is a house built upon the rock that can support a healthy and thriving nation in the Lord.

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