Ok Folks, it’s time to strap on your armor and sharpen your sword if you have not already done so! I mean of course the armor of God and the sword of the Spirit, because this midterm election is turning out to be perhaps one of the most pivotal turning points in our nation’s history. There has been a historic and unprecedented interest in these upcoming national midterm elections. More money is being spent on ad campaigns during this midterm election than in any other in history. The battle is now for Congress and the Senate, each battle being fought on a county to county, city to city and state to state basis. If Democrats take the house or senate, we can expect little or nothing to advance in terms of policy, and there will be never ending probes that stall the political process. Historically speaking, midterm elections are relatively predictable and tend to swing in favor of the opposition of the president’s party, however, the election of Donald Trump has been anything but predictable with the outright failure of pollsters and political scientists being able to predict his victory.

A battle is being waged across the nation in the media and in the Spirit for the future of our nation. For all of the prayer warriors that have been diligently and faithfully interceding for the nation, everything comes to a head in these next ten days, and for all of those who have yet to be praying for this great nation, it is time to start. For nearly five months now we have been awaked by dreams of a red wave coming go the west coast, and of Yeshua coming to marry and make a covenant state of California. Now there is a republican candidate, John Cox, running for the governorship of California ready to upset the status quo and make California a red state, defying history and scoffers alike, ushering in a new era of politics in the state and on the west coast. Prophetic dreams and visions mean little however, unless we act on them in obedience to what God has promised. We must be like Abraham who walked the land that the Lord had promised to his children, then raised an altar to Lord (Genesis 13:17-18).

We as a nation have been given a golden opportunity to fan the flames of the fire that has been sparked across the nation. We can either fan these flames to greater heights or watch as they are put out due to inactivity and disregard to the promises of God for this nation. We for one we be roaring a with a war cry of victory, declaring from victory that which has already been promised, and watch as the sovereign Lord does as He wills in this great nation we call home. God bless America, and may justice and righteousness be the foundations of the United States of America as they are the foundations of the throne of the King of Glory. (Psalm 89:14).

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