The sun, moon, and stars are signs for us as believers to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years (Genesis 1:14). Today, Adar 13 (March 9) the signs in the sky during this Moed are very telling.  The full moon in the night sky is considered not just any full moon, but is actually considered a Supermoon as it is one of the closest orbits to the earth, and is therefor one of the brightest.  This particular Supermoon is extra special however for all Jews throughout the world.  Adar 13 marks the exact day that the King’s command and edict to have all Jews in the Persian Empire killed was reversed at the behest of Queen Esther,  and released to all of the provinces of the Empire for the Jews to defend themselves against everyone that hated them (Esther 9:1). This resulted in absolute victory for the Jews instead of mourning.  This Supermoon, or Purim Moon, will be in the sky for three days with the celebration of Purim lasting from the 13th-15th of Adar finishing when the Supermoon begins to wane.  It is the beginning of a new cycle and a new beginning of both the natural and prophetic season that we are moving into.  In the heavens, a Supermoon waxes and simultaneously Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars align, and in nature the Spring time is upon us. In both our natural lives and in this new prophetic season, it is a time of alignments and  the reversal of tragedy and misfortune to that of victory for the glory of God.  Today is the day of open heavens to declare your victory over your enemies in the name of Yeshua!  Let this Purim Supermoon be a sure sign not only of a new season, but a new cycle of victory and conquest as it was and is for the Jewish people.  The time of fasting is over, and the time of feasting has begun.  Hag Sameah Purim!

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