It seems there is more and more proof in the natural that this is indeed a time when Hashem is judging the principalities of the Egyptian system. It was during the last biblical month, Adar, and this biblical month, Nissan, formerly known as the month of Abib, that we know for certain the judgments of Adonai were in full swing against Pharaoh and the gods of Egypt (Exodus 12:1-13, Exodus 23:15, Deuteronomy 16:1).  One very clear example of this in the present is the recent 5.7 magnitude earthquake in Salt Lake City, Utah on March 18, 2020, followed by a swarm of tremors till March 28, 2020.  The home of Mormonism received very little physical damage, but it did cause the iconic and idolatrous angel of Moroni that stands at the top of the main Mormon Temple to drop the golden trumpet from its hands. This coupled with the 100 Billion USD scandal in recent months with the Mormon church is no coincidence, and the significance of it cannot be downplayed, nor can the timing.

For Mormons, Salt Lake City, Utah is Zion, the new Jerusalem from where the supposed “true gospel” of Mormon will go forth to all the world and the trumpet of the angel Moroni that is now fallen is supposed to be the symbol of the spread of this false gospel to the world.  Many people are unaware of just how completely different Mormonism is to mainstream Christianity, and it has led to some Believers to try to officially accept Mormonism as a viable part of the Christian faith.  The fact is, it could not be further from the Biblical Canon, and resembles Islam more than any other denomination of Christianity.  As a side note, we do not hate Mormons or Muslims, but are on the contrary praying for them and their salvation always, as we know the battle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers etc. (Ephesians 6:12).  We are not to be naive or blind however to those who would parade as Believers while having totally different Bible beliefs.

Here are a few examples of Mormon beliefs:

  • They deny the Trinity.

  • Believe God that created everything is also created.

  • Believe God had sex with a woman to have baby Jesus.

  • Believe God has a Grandfather who has a grandfather and so on.

  • Polygamy: It is OK to have multiple wives. This practice was corrected in the past years.

  • Believe the Bible is corrupt, filled with error, and the true correction comes from Joseph Smith.

  • Joseph Smith claims to have translated some texts from Egyptian to “fix” the Bible.

  • Like Islam (Mecca) Mormons believes their city is the New Jerusalem, from where their gospel will go forth to all the world.

These are just a few of the very glaring differences, and the fact that Joseph Smith is a false prophet, who supposedly met with a prophet-warrior turned angel who revealed to him these things, sounds eerily similar to the encounter Muhammed had with the Archangel.

The falling of the trumpet was confirmation for us for two reasons. Firstly, after the closing of all places of worship was announced in Israel on March 22, we were led by the Holy Spirit to Mount Zion, to pray.  We prayed specifically that all of the houses of worship, whether it be a Synagogue, Church, Mosque and any other place of worship in the world, that Adonai would send His angels and His presence to fill those places, so that when people are allowed to return that the idols once worshipped there would be turned down and the eyes of the people would see Yeshua, and their hearts would be align to Him and to the real Mount Zion in Jerusalem.

Secondly, because we were there, in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Mormon temple a little over one year ago.  Being led by the Spirit of Adonai, we walked through the whole temple complex of the main Mormon Temple starting at the cornerstone of the city itself, declaring that Yeshua was the True Cornerstone (Daniel 2:45, Ephesians 2:20) and doing a prophetic act of breaking the false cornerstone with a spiritual hammer and inviting the King of Glory to come and be the true Cornerstone of Salt Lake City, Utah.  We prayed for the salvation of the Mormons and declared scripture as the Spirit led, completely encircling and going throughout the temple complex.  We learned that even the foundation of the Main Mormon Temple had cracked when it was first laid, forcing them to have to replace it, another sure sign of Mormonism not being built on the true Rock of Salvation.  We are certainly not the only Believers who have been led to Salt Lake City to pray and intercede for the people there, and we believe that the time has come when the culmination of all of those prayers are coming to fruition.

As even Mecca, the most visited place in the world, has no worshippers circling the Kaaba, this is not only a time when we as the Body of Messiah are being forced to worship in the streets and from our homes, but also a time when the places of false worship are empty, even the most visited religious site in the world, Mecca.  As the principalities and powers in the spirit realm are forced to bow before the Great I Am, we are seeing it also play out in the natural.  We encourage you to keep the fire of the altar of worship in Spirit and truth burning bright from your homes, as a restoration of the Tabernacle of David with your families, praying for the peace Jerusalem, the salvation of Israel and for your nation as our worship is the greatest point of connection with the Father and our greatest weapon of warfare against the fallen kingdom of darkness. Adonai bless you and keep you!  Read more articles like this here on our prophetic blog, and stay tuned for many more coming soon.