This is the era of the impossible becoming possible (Matthew 19:26), the divided being united and the supernatural becoming natural.  The world is being made aware, if it was not already self evident, that God is sovereign, and when He speaks it comes to fruition in such a way that man could never have hypothesized.  We are witnesses of a time that has been spoken of since the beginning of time as we know it.  We shall see nations that are a lost cause in the eyes of man raise their heads as they come into the fulfillment of their destiny and purpose of the Almighty as His glory descends from the throne room of heaven and dwells within their borders.  If our natural minds cannot comprehend how, we must not be deterred or dismayed, because it is not for us to ask how, but to simply be available and obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit and allow for the righteous and perfect plans of our Father to unfold, and watch in awe as the carefully laid plans of the wicked unravel. Nations like Indonesia with the largest Muslim population in the world will become a great testament to the perfect and reckless love of Yeshua, the souls of which He paid for with His own blood. We must stop looking at statistics and figures, and instead seek the heart of the Ancient of days for our lives and the lives of others.  The prophetic clock of God is set, and will not be re-wound or set back any longer.  We watched yesterday the beginning of a great mercy and miracle for the people of North Korea who’s long suffering is incomprehensible to much of the rest of the world.  The cry of blood of the martyrs who have been torchered, starved and killed on a daily basis for much of the last 70 years is being answered by the Great I Am for such a time as this.  We Praise the Lord and thank Him for all that He has done, is doing and is about to do in the earth.

Like many intercessors around the world, we did not sleep the night before the Trump-Kim summit, knowing that it was a time to intercede in prayer, and as the sun rose on Singapore we made our way to the Capella hotel, a short way from our hotel on Sentosa Island.  We were unable to enter the hotel itself, not for lack of trying, and much to the chagrin of the security guards, and instead were led by the Holy Spirit to the grounds of a hotel directly next to it, to a quiet stretch on the border fence of the Capella property.   While we were praying we were also joined by a mother peacock and her little ones, because the hotel is also a sanctuary for wild peacocks, for us a sign of a new beginning and a new generation. From there we were able to cover a large portion of the border of the hotel without any distractions as we interceded using the twelve prayer points the Lord had given us the night before.  For the length of the summit, led by the Holy Spirit, we continuously made petitions to Adonai, declared and proclaimed the Word of God and worshipped the Lord in Spirit and in Truth.  The atmosphere was at first contentious as the battle in the heavenliness that had been raging throughout the night came to a crescendo, but with the help of the prayers of the saints around the world, a decisive victory was won, and paved the way for the perfect plan of the Most High God.  In the final days of the month of the biblical month of Sivan, the month of alignment and divine instructions, we saw the perfect timing of God in the 70th year since Korea’s violent split, the beginnings of the reunification of one Korea.  As President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un signed the new comprehensive treaty listing out the steps that will be taken towards the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the relationship thereafter, it was also sealed in the blood of Yeshua with the signet ring of the Father in the court room of heaven (Esther 8:8).   We watched as the motorcade of Kim Jong-Un pulled out of the entrance of Capella Hotel and in that precise moment a clap of thunder roared in the clouds above (2 Samuel 22:14).  There was no rain or any other thunder heard thereafter, and we felt in the Spirit that it was our Father saying to all the world, “It is done”.

An alignment of the nations has begun in this new era of the thought of impossibility being irrelevant.  An acceleration of the times was ushered in starting with the celebration of the 70 year anniversary of the independence of Israel, and in less than two months afterwards we witnessed the ushering in of a new generation of a nation also in its 70th year.  The prayers of the saints were heard from on high and the response was overwhelming.  All the glory and all the praise to the Lord God Almighty who was, who is, and who is to come.  The remnant shall not cease to do your will on earth until Yeshua comes back in all of His splendor and Glory, riding on a cloud, shining like the sun at the trumpet call (Revelation 1:7, Thessalonians 4:16).

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