Shabbat Shalom California! What an epic time of transition and transformation in this great state. The Lord has sent us from the East (Asia) to the West Coast of the United States, and a battle is raging for the future of the nation! As we were flying from Korea through China and into San Francisco, California, we began to pray for the state. The Lord began to show us the battle that was taking place between Leviathan and the remnant in the Spirit. The book of Job gives us a clear picture of Leviathan, an image of what we would think of in terms of a dragon. A dragon that has its home in the depths of the ocean and is called the King of the sons of pride that fears no creature (Job 41:31-34). As we entered San Francisco Bay, The Holy Sprit gave us Psalm 104:26 that says, “There the ships [of the sea] sail, and Leviathan [the sea monster], which You have formed to play there”. San Francisco is by and large one of the major gateways in the Spirit and the natural as a major trade hub, and the San Francisco Bay is where over 40% of California’s fresh water pours into. Leviathan is trying to claim the waters as His own, and is fighting against the wave that is coming from the East (Asia) to the West Coast of the United States. This wave is unstoppable and inevitable if the Remnant, the sons of Light, stand up and welcome the King of Glory. Leviathan may fear no creature, but God is his creator, and has no choice but to submit to the will of the Almighty. A symptom of pride is continuing to say that everything is OK even when it is obvious that things are terribly askew. This is in many cases the state of mind in California that threatens to overlook the problems that are easily fixable, yet catastrophic when overlooked, such as the current water crisis. The physical water problem is a symptom of the Spiritual battle happening in the state. Leviathan seeks to contaminate and control the flow of the waters in the Spirit and in the physical, the life giving force of the state.

The time has come when the proud are being found out, the mask of beautiful lies us falling away, and the ugly truth is coming to the light. The highway in the Spirit has been renewed from the East (Asia) back to the west. In 1906 Azusa street changed the face of the nation and brought revival to many parts of the world. Largely unknown to the western world however was the unprecedented revival that dwarfed those in the west, and happened one year later in 1907 in what is now the capitol city of the most oppressive regime in the world. Pyongyang, now the capitol of North Korea, experienced such a move of the Holy Spirit, that the entire nation of Korea, tens of millions of people, received Jesus as His Spirit was poured out. So great was the move of God in Pyongyang that it was dubbed unanimously the Jerusalem of the East. Now, that highway has been rebuilt in the Spirit from the east back to the west. The tide has been going out for a century and is coming back in at speed and with great transformation headed by a red wave ridden by the King of Glory Himself who commands the likes of Leviathan to step aside. The political battle of the midterm election is parallel with the Spiritual battle, but it is time to take our stand, dig in, declare the promises of God over California and the United States, and speak to the principalities and powers that wrestle against us, and say to the devil, “The Lord rebuke you” (Zechariah 3:2). The time of breakthrough is at hand, and now is the time to stand firm upon the immovable cornerstone that is Jesus Christ. Join us in prayer and intercession, ( let the rivers of living water flow in the great state of California as we prophesy the victory of the Lord of Hosts, from the place of victory that has already been won for us on the cross. It is done and finished, but it is up to us to walk it out, and thank the Lord for fulfilling that which He has written in the books of heaven for California. Amen!

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