Prophetic Dream May 26th, 2018

Often times revelation comes to us in prophetic visions and dreams.  One of these such dreams happened recently.  In the dream we were arriving to the United States by plane to the west coast.  I could see clearly all of the west coast.  I was coming from the sky and saw an airplane below me preparing to land. From my vantage point I saw four girls ready to get married in white wedding gowns, and each one of them had a sash draped over their shoulders with a name of a city on each one. The  names I saw on the sashes were, Santa Monica, San Jose, San Francisco and Sacramento.  Then I understood the importance of why the Lord is sending us from East Asia to the West coast of the United States, and it is for the preparation, to see to the first arrangements of the wedding that is about to take place in the Spirit in California.  It is very key that we received this vision in Taiwan as it is the place where the two rings of Northeast and Southeast Asia converge, Taiwan being the representation of the mediator of the marriage of these two regions.  As we did the prophetic act of opening the North Gate in Taipei, Taiwan in the Spirit,  the Holy Spirit led us to  release the millennial treasures, represented by the 5,000 year old Chinese treasures held in the nation, that Taiwan also holds in the Spirit to the nations aligning with Israel.  These millennial treasures have a direct correlation with the west coast of the United States, in that the marriage of Northeast and Southeast Asia is releasing a wave of blessing in the Spirit to California and the greater west coast.  These treasures in the Spirit also represent the current trade row between China and the U.S. with China not wanting to release all that it owes to the U.S. in the form of trade deficits and currency manipulation, this will not continue and the United States will receive its treasure from the east.  As Northeast and Southeast Asia are married in the Spirit, this same wave of the Spirit coming from the east to the west will be what enables the marriage of the west of the United States to the east as well.  Taiwan has been the platform of this marriage, and as the marriage of East Asia comes to a head with the positive outcome of the Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore, this mantle will be passed on to the United States and the Americas.  The coming red wave to the west coast (republican majority) will be a sure fire sign of this impending revival coming soon to the Sunshine state. As we discussed the dream, we began to receive more revelation and understanding about the dream:

  1. Taiwan is the wedding territory as we received previously, read here:

  2. Treasures are being released in the physical and the Spirit to the West.

  3. The West coast usually politically speaking, is very liberal minded, but the Lord is now calling the West Coast as his bride to get prepared.  As this happens we will see major changes in this state in terms of political stance and many other areas as it receives alignment from the Father.  There is a calling from heaven to California to become a covenant state.

  4. It is also very interesting that the second gold rush in the United States took place very close to these cities in Nevada City, California.  The Gold found here represents the wedding ring that will first need to be prepared for the marriage of these four cities in California.  It also represents the wealth transfer to the Body of Christ that is about to happen.

  5. Nevada city is a mere half an hour drive from Sacramento, the Spanish word for Sacrament. (something regarded as possessing a sacred character or mysterious significance, a sign, token, or symbol. An oath; solemn pledge).  God is raising up the priesthood from Sacramento that will bring a healing to the family due to men growing in their identity and operating in the authority and power that has been given them by God.  With Sacramento as the Capital of California, it represents the priest that will marry the three gate cities to Yeshua.

  6. San Francisco, San Jose, and Santa Monica represent three gates to the West Coast of the United States.  These three gate cities represents completeness, and when we add Sacramento their is four, a number that in the bible represents a gate or door, the key to this door being Nevada city. (Psalm 24:7-10)

  7. We are being sent by the Holy Spirit to bring the Keys of Northeast and Southeast Asia to unlock the gates of the West Coast to make way for the blessings coming from the East.

  8. A new sound will be released as the gates of the west are opened in the Spirit.  It will be worship in Spirit and Truth that will be like pure refined gold paving the highways in the Spirit with gold just as the roads are in the New Jerusalem.  (Ezekiel 21:21), (John 4:23-24)

In a Second Dream on the same day May 26th, 2018:

An angel came into California in the Spirit from heaven with heavy military boots up to his knees.  When his feet touched the ground the earth shook.  I Knew it was I San Francisco.  The ground did not shake side to side, but rather up and down.  It was an earthquake in the natural.  We have also been having a recurring dream about a red wave covering the West Coast of the United States since being in Singapore one month ago.

These dreams are a warning for what is coming in the Spirit to the West Coast.  The move of the United States embassy to Jerusalem, and the United States officially recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was the beginning of a monumental shift in the Spirit that has begun the alignment of nations to Israel.  As the nations align to be either sheep or goat nations (Matthew 25:32), we are seeing a rapid acceleration of events during this year.  As the nations align, so too do the states of the United States begin to align, starting with the west coast.  Great change is coming to the west coast at an unprecedented pace.  We are seeing a great move of the Spirit coming from the East (Northeast and Southeast Asia) to the West (United States), starting in the west coast and moving rapidly to the east coast (Matthew 24:27).  Please join with us in intercession for the west coast of the United States as sweeping change is set to take place.  Lord turn the hearts of the children to the Father, and send your angels to soften their hearts for the planting of the Gospel of Peace in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

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