Psalm 23:2- “He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters”

Revelation 7:17- “For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; He will lead them to springs of living water, and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.”

As we arrived to Grass Valley, the Lord has been showing us in visions what His redemptive purpose is for this region of Nevada City. The Lord has been showing us a huge valley with no buildings or houses, only nature. There are not large lakes or huge rivers, but rather small fresh water springs popping up out of the ground throughout the valley. We saw many many flowers and trees in the valley that we understood represented people, the brethren. Even though in the natural there are many valleys here, the Lord sees this whole region as one huge valley. The Lord kept bringing us to Jeremiah 29:10 that speaks of the 70th year being Israel’s last year of exile, which was confirmation that the redemption of this land has arrived. In the initial vision of the valley we saw this land as a green valley full of flowers and trees, which we knew was God’s redemptive vision for the land. Right now however, much of this valley is very dry and in times of drought and summer, but the Lord calls this land to be in a constant season of spring. At this juncture, the land is full of broken hearted people with families that have been broken and fatherless children, as well as many strongholds of the enemy all over the region. Each valley is used for different things by the enemy like magic in one valley, sorcery and witchcraft, sexual immorality, drugs and destruction in general (values, laws, etc.) What is coming now is a fourfold movement to the land. There will be a movement of Ezras, Maries, John the Baptists and the fathers. These four elements are not single ministries, but parts of the body of Christ that will come together in unity to be one single movement that will make this valley what it is meant to be. The Marys are like the eagles of the valley that will sing a new song for the Lord and spread the perfume of the flower. The Ezras will roar the Word of the Lord for such a time as this, who when they roar will block the confusion of the enemy. The John the Baptists are also eagles of the valley that when they soar will convocate the brethren for the visitation of the Holy Spirit. The fathers (Elijahs) are the ones who will take the Land for the Lord as they spread the Father anointing and the love of the Father throughout the valley.

  1. EZRA MOVEMENT: The green valley represents the fresh word of the Lord with the kingdom perspective in the power of the Holy Spirit being taught by expert teachers of the Word. These teachers (Ezras) will be like Daniels eating the scrolls (Ezekiel.. They will be prophetic like Daniel who understood the times, but teachers as well. The Ezras will be the Lions that roar the Word of the Lord.

  2. MARYS MOVEMENT: The Marys are the flowers in the valley. It is a movement of worship in Spirit and In Truth that are mostly women of all ages releasing a new prophetic song that was like the perfume of flowers. The Mary movement is a movement of Eagles that have a strong anointing to convocate others.

  3. JOHN THE BAPTIST MOVEMENT: Young people that carry the fire, and what they will do is prepare the way for the King of Glory to enter to this region. They will start small meetings and gatherings of the Holy Spirit full of fire. They are also eagles that will speak words form the mouth of the Lord.

  4. THE FATHERS MOVEMENT: Carry the anointing of Elijah that uplift the children of God. They will be supervisors that guide the flow of meetings and will be the mentors of the youth. They are the lions of the valley that roar with authority, dominion and wisdom.

What the enemy has sought to destroy, dismantle and corrupt in this region of Nevada city, California and the nation as a whole is a petty attempt of the fallen kingdom of darkness at foiling the plans of the Almighty. What is broken will be fixed, what is sick shall be healed and the perfect love of Jesus will make its home an even the most hardened of hearts. The Lord has spoken victory over this region, He has created it to be a glory unto Him, and His promise will be fulfilled in this Moed (appointed time). Join with us in declaring the victory of the Lord over this land and giving thanks for that which is about to be done for the Glory of God! It is time to take back the promised land of Adonai, and pave the way for His return.