West Coast Awakening

On the 26th of January as we were worshiping we received this word for California.

Yeshua’s mantle of salvation is about to fall in California and when that happens I heard Adonai say, “I will move the land causing a wave of salvation that will begin in San Diego and will go up the west coast.” They will call it the red wave because it is the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit through the blood of Yeshua.

I see in the spirit a dry and thirsty land but when the children of God are saved and raise up, the waters of this state will spring forth and they will flow towards the heart of the nation (Mississippi), bringing healing, restoration and restitution. This is what I hear the Father telling His remnant in California, “ It is time for you to open your mouths and let My waters of salvation flow.”

Follow Up Prayer

Please pray for the remnant of California in these trying times to raise up and speak up like never before in opposition to those who wish to silence them in the halls of power. Pray for boldness and great faith to operate in the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit making every place they go a mission field to live and speak to the Gospel of Peace.

Please pray that the heart of the Father would be made manifest here from the north to the south, and for the move of the Holy Spirit to come like a hurricane bringing with it wave after wave of the unstoppable presence of Adonai. Elohim is moving and shaking the state, and now is the time for the silent remnant to come out of the cave of Adullam into its prophetic destiny according to Yeshua.

New Leadership on the Way

On January 31st while praying on the Golden Gate Bridge worshipping Adonai and welcoming the Lion of Judah to California the Holy Spirit spoke to us regarding Sacramento, the Capitol of California. A shaking is coming to Sacramento, a shake up in leadership. In an open vision I saw a flash of lightning hit the Capitol building and a red carpet being rolled out for the new governor of the State. Who that is we do not know, but one thing is for sure, Adonai is not finished with California. It is still a land of milk and honey that has a destiny of great promise and when the Lion of Judah roars over this state, rivers of salvation will be released from San Diego to the North.

The King of kings is approaching and the trumpets are being sounded warning of His approach. Adonai is raising up His Joshua’s and David’s in the land to declare Dominion in the Name of Yeshua and to establish California as a Tabernacle of His presence. There are giants in the land, but Elohim is aware. They will fall and when they do all glory will be His, as California is His, and He will have what is due. Sound the Trumpets Californians and those who the Father has given a heart for this land, let dismay pass away, and let bravery and courage arise and rejoice that the King is about to arrive!