1 million percent inflation, toilet paper nearly impossible to get since 2016, and over 3 million people have fled the country. No, we are not talking about the Middle East, welcome to Venezuela, a socialist paradise. Store owners are now weighing money instead of counting it like the days of the Weimar Republic have come to Venezuela. All serious opposition party leaders have been jailed, and the President Nicolas Maduro has changed the constitution giving himself all power and stripping any remaining authority from the elected National Assembly. VdD7 (The Mighty Men of David) and millions of people around the world have been praying for Venezuela for righteousness and justice to be returned to what was once one of the most respected and prosperous nations in South America. Just ten years ago when VdD7 was there, Venezuela was facing much of the same situation as it is today when a team of young Believers climbed the two highest mountains in the nation to worship the King of glory, interceding fervently for the restoration of the nation in the perfect will of the Most High.

Today, it looks like the prayers of the saints are unfolding in an unprecedented and unusual way that is captivating the world. Nearly every country in central and South America, as well as most of the rest of the world has sided with the people of Venezuela, and the interim President Juan Guiadó. There are hold outs of course that are not surprising like Turkey, Russia and China the country that actually begat Venezuela astronomical hyper inflation. The United States has already begun sanctioning Venezuela’s oil exports, offered 20 million dollars in humanitarian assistance to Guaidó, and has said that every option is on the table. With U.S. Diplomats given a timetable to leave the country, that means the military option is also on the table in case they are threatened. The situation is even more precarious due to the fact that the military has seemingly sided with Maduro, and private gun ownership was made illegal to all citizens except for the military, police and certain security firms. Many lives hang in the balance as the situation ebbs and flows by the hour.

Emmanuel was reminded of this which he wrote just over 9 months ago regarding Veneuela: On April 29, 2018 the Holy Spirit put Venezuela in my heart, and since that day I haven’t stopped praying and interceding for Venezuela and its people. On march 3rd, 2018 the Holy Spirit reminded me that in 2009 he allowed me and a team of young people to hike Pico Bolivar and Pico Espejo, the two highest mountains in the nation where we raised an altar of worship to the Kings of kings to pray for the new prophetic generation that God was going to raise up in Venezuela. That mission was called “Check Mate”. In 2018 it had been nine years since that mission, nine pertaining to a new birth. I saw Venezuela as a woman that was pregnant and in her belly was Ephraim, and the time to give birth was soon, so that the baby would be a blessing for South America and the world. So lets pray, Venezuela raise up be strong, be courageous. You will not die because of these birthing pains because you will give birth to a new nation and everything the Father has said about you will be made manifest. Your calling, your lineage and your redemptive purpose in Yeshua Hamashiah will be completed.

This was written 9 months ago. After praying and discerning, the Holy Spirit has shown us that Venezuela is ready to give birth to the new nation. The Father is moving all of the global chess pieces and is about to declare Check Mate on the enemy for the unveiling of a new Venezuela. Please join with the remnant in declaring victory over the fallen kingdom of darkness and the birth of a new Venezuela.

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