Yesterday was very exciting for us, because with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and with the motivation of our incredible team, we made history in Korea. People were telling us that it was not possible to sing the national anthem of Israel (Hatikvah) in English, and it still retain its full character, but we did it by the grace of God for His glory. For the past eight days we have been recording a CD at Open Heavens Studio, which will be the first musical project of the Mighty Men of David (VdD7). Very soon, we will share all of the supernatural details of how “THE HOPE IN HIS PROMISE” came to fruition at such at accelerated pace. On Friday August 10th, at the start of Shabbat, we began this recording adventure, and without planning it, ended during the next Shabbat on August 18th. Through this process, we saw many miracles and supernatural blessings, but also saw the incredible drive and passion of the dozens of people that were mobilized to make this project happen with the utmost professionalism and highest quality. Hatikvah meaning “The Hope” is going to be the bonus track of this CD, having three beautiful versions sung in English, Korean and Chinese. This rendition of Hatikvah is totally original and has a unique and powerful fusion of a full orchestra, electric guitar, electric violin and a choir that makes for a truly stirring experience, enriching the already moving national anthem of Israel. We ask you to continue praying for this project for the Lord as now is in the hands of the experts in the final stage of mixing and mastering, and we will be letting you know very soon when “THE HOPE IN HIS PROMISE” is ready to be released to the nations!

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