On a smoke filled day in San Francisco, in the midst of three separate wildfires burning across the state, the Holy Spirit led us to the Golden Gate Bridge.   For many people it is a symbol of California and the West Coast of the United States, but in the Spirit it represents so much more.  Arriving to California from East Asia, we have been hearing for many months from the Holy Spirit that He is sending His wave from the East (Asia) to California and the West Coast of the United States, through the Golden Gate no less.  “The glory of the LORD entered the temple through the gate facing east” (Ezekiel 43:4).  Today the eastern gate of the city of Jerusalem is called the Golden Gate, and when we draw a line from the Golden Gate across a map to the east, it goes directly to East Asia.  When we intercede for the East Asian nations, we call them Golden Gate nations. Now, from the East (Golden Gate), a great wave in the Spirit is about to enter through the Golden Gate Bridge into the Golden State of California.  Not only is the bridge symbolic of California, but beneath the actual Golden Gate Bridge was where countless tons of gold was transported from the record breaking gold rush of California.  It has been a place of physical gold flooding to the nations, but also continues to be the world’s largest exporter of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In this Moed (appointed time) of the Lord, an alarm is being sounded in the heavenly places for the remnant of California to heed the call of the Almighty for what He is about to do in their midst.  So, as the Spirit led, we went to play our small part in welcoming the King of Glory to the state of California.

The Spirit of the Lord gave us clear instructions as to what He wanted us to do on the bridge itself, but had us make a small detour before walking across it.  As the bridge came into sight, we took a side road that led down to the base of the bridge directly on the water.  From the sea shore at the base of the bridge, we prayed as the salt of the earth (Matthew 5:13),  that the waters of California be healed and made sweet (2 Kings 2:19-21).  In the same place at the mouth of the river of the Golden Gate sits a historic Fort where we laid hands upon the stones as the living stones (1 Peter 2:4-5), repenting of the iniquity of the State, shutting any doors that had been opened for the fallen kingdom of darkness, and tearing down any strongholds in the Spirit while praying at this historic stronghold in the physical.  When we had finished there, we drove up to the main entrance of the bridge where we continued on foot.  We walked all the way to the halfway point of the Golden Gate Bridge in the dense smoke, and looked out at the Pacific Ocean in the distance as ships both large and small sailed to and froe beneath us.  We brought with us anointing oil from the east coast of the United States, a small cylinder of Gold from California and a shofar.

We first anointed the the golden Gate Bridge just as the Hebrews anointed their lintel and doorposts on the day of Passsover with the blood of the lamb (Exodus 12:17),  declaring that death shall not enter through these gates. We then poured the anointing oil from the east coast into the water hundreds of feet below,  anointing the waters in both the physical and the Spirit that are entering and exiting San Francisco, activating the highway from the East (Asia) and the highway to the East coast of the U.S.   After anointing the bridge and the waters, we took in our hands the California Gold that represents the root and heart of California.  It was because of Gold that California was so quickly populated and established, and it was from the gold mines that every good and bad thing in the natural and the Spirit, flowed into the rivers and spread into the now great cities of the state.  Beneath our feet, countless amounts of gold had flowed, but so did the accompanying toxic sludge that accompanied it for miles out to sea.  The gold represents the light that California is and is meant to be to the world, and the toxic waters are the sins that have been and are being exported to the nations.  So, lifting the gold above the waters, we declared that the redemptive purpose of California as a glory hub of the United States and the world be made manifest in Jesus name!  At that we dropped the gold into the waters below, then broke the chain on which it hung, declaring in the name of Yeshua every chain of San Francisco be broken over the people and the land!  With a final blast of the shofar from the Golden Gate, we welcomed the King of glory to enter from the east (Jerusalem and Asia) into the Golden Gate and pour out Himself upon the state unceasing.

Get ready California, do not be dismayed at the waiting, because the century and a half of the tears and prayers of the saints in this state, nation and the nations of the world for California are nearing the breaking point, and the great shift that will shock the world and be a glory to the Almighty is coming quickly upon us.  All of the world is being stirred up by the Holy Spirit, and they are about to start coming to this land to stand with California and join us in ushering in this momentous occasion, the likes of which has never been witnessed before.  So we call out to the Ancient of Days who sits enthroned in the throne room of heaven, Let the Fire Fall on California!  As we await the answer, “My Fire is Falling!”

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