Beginning at a gathering of the ecclesia in Singapore (November 13) made up of people from around the world, specifically from Korea, Japan and China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, Great Britain, France and Germany, as well as Israel and Egypt and a smattering of other nations, Adonai began to give us very specific visions about Korea, Singapore and Israel.  The implications of these visions for the Korean Peninsula especially, are staggering, and we share this in obedience to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  We are by no means the only people praying for and receiving things from the Spirit of El Elyon regarding these issues, and this is simply an addition to the collective Body of Messiah.


In a vision at the gathering that we have already shared ( specifically regarding SE Asia, Yeshua turned the page in the collective book of Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, and as the people of these nations worshipped together, the people of Northeast Asia, collectively Korea, Japan and China were watching and cheering from Korea in the vision, with the Koreans at the forefront of the cheering crowd.  This was the beginning of Yeshua highlighting Korea for this specific season.   At this same gathering in Singapore one of the elders of the gathering prophetically spoke about a major change coming to the Korean Peninsula, and we shared the same prompting in the spirit, specifically for March 26, 2020 being a day of a major shift in Korea which is the first day of the Biblical New Year 5780 on the first day of the biblical month of Nisan.  What was celebrated earlier in the year as the beginning of the new year 5780 during Rosh Hashanah, was rabbinical, not biblical.  As a reference to this fact, Deuteronomy 16:1 refers to the first month as Abib, later changed to Nisan after the Babylonian exile, in reference to the Passover feast which begins on the 14th day of the first month (Nisan 14).  The Holy Spirit has highlighted to us that this day (Nisan 1, March 26) is very crucial in the destiny of Korea, and it surprised us greatly that the same people planning for the next gathering of the Ecclesia in Korea have planned for it to take place starting on March 25th and continuing for some days after that.

The following is a series of three visions in chronological order that we had just before and during the 8 days of Hanukkah (December 22-30), coincidentally just before the switch of the civil new year from 2019 to 2020 while in Southeast Asia with other believers during times of prayer and worship.  These visions have very real and direct implications for Korea in the very near future:


On the first day of Hanukkah, while in Southeast Asia, during a time of fellowship before going to worship with other brothers and sisters in Yeshua, we received Acts 12:22-24 in regards to Korea and Kim Jong Un specifically, with the understanding that Yeshua was about to bring judgement to the fallen kingdom of darkness in Korea, and that Kim Jong Un in this case was playing the role of Herod, which will bring untold and significant consequences in both the natural and the spirit.  We then went directly into a time of prayer and worship together.  During the time of worship some of us had our spiritual eyes opened, and we saw that the angel of Singapore was present, then we heard an announcement in the spirit from above saying that the angel of Korea was coming, not of North or South Korea, but of One Korea.  The appearance of the angel of Korea was nothing like what I had imagined it would look like.  When he arrived, he was wearing very humble clothes made of brown sackcloth, a t-shirt and shorts, he was of short stature, and his body was full of scars.  When I saw the angel of Singapore he had an air respect for him.  I could not see as many specifics of the appearance of the angel of Singapore, but the angel of Korea asked the angel of Singapore to help them fight in Korea, an act of spiritual collaboration approved by Abba for the spiritual warfare in the region.  The two angels then shook hands and the angel of Singapore accepted.

The clothes the angel of Korea was wearing were very humble, and represented the true remnant in Korea that is fasting, praying and repenting.  The Koreans present at the time of worship were a representation of this mantle of humility as they had come to worship on behalf of Korea specifically to be the servant candle (Shammash) during Hanukkah. What I felt in the spirit was that a large part of the remnant in Korea was not operating with this mantle of humility, but instead with a sense of pride, and I felt the urge to repent as if I myself were Korean, like the Korean remnant present with us.  It was also very clear that the ecclesia in Singapore must be working now and will work together with Korea in both the spirit realm (prayer) and in the natural for the help of rebuilding a unified Korean peninsula.

The Almighty has given Kim Jong Un, who is worshipped as a god by his people many chances, especially in this past year to repent, but he has not taken the chances given.  Every effort of the United States to have peace negotiations has failed, and what was once a rosey relationship between Trump and Kim has gone sour once more as rocket tests and nuclear tests begin again in North Korea. South Korea for its part has also engaged in doublethink, worshipping idols as well as the God of Israel, but the King of glory is set to give an ultimatum, just as Elijah asked the people of Israel who it is they will worship (1 Kings 18:21). We know the winner in the current situation in Korea, and that is Yeshua.


While in Southeast Asia during a time of prayer on December 28th with the remnant, I had a vision where I saw a Malakh (the angel of Adonai) who was in the Valley of Jehoshaphat in Jerusalem next to the City of David where he mounted a horse.  He rode swiftly from there to the highest point on a mountain in Samaria.  He then took out a bow and shot an arrow that fell in Pyongyang, North Korea.  When the arrow hit the ground, I saw a huge explosion, then I heard, “It is dethroned”.  In the spirit, I knew the one being dethroned by God was the principality of Jezebel.

After the vision, we began to check and discern together and ask the Holy Spirit why the Angel of the Lord shot the arrow from Samaria.  The Holy Spirit reminded us that Samaria was the place from which King Ahab and Jezebel ruled Israel (1 Kings 16:29) and where she was thrown down and eaten by dogs in Jezreel as Elijah had prophesied (2 Kings 9:10, 1 Kings 21:23, 2 Kings 9:30-10:36).  This was a confirmation of what I saw in the spirit of the one being dethroned being Jezebel, as well as a confirmation of what we had received on the first day of Hanukkah through Acts 12:22-24.  After this time of discernment, three of us felt to join hands in a circle with the others round about us, one representing Israel, one Korea, and the other Singapore, and we all together hummed loudly the melody of “Hatikvah” the national anthem of Israel as an act of Singapore and Korea aligning with Israel and the heart of the Father.

We then realized that just in the past couple of months, the news coming from Israel has been chock full of the imminent annexation of Judea and Samaria by the Israeli government.  There is a direct correlation between Samaria and North Korea, a clear parallel of the time of drought and famine that was experienced in Samaria during the reign of Ahab and Jezebel and the current famine North Korea is experiencing.  Watch for the fulfillment of this annexation, as the restoration of this territory to Israel will be a sign that the arrow of YHWH in the spirit is being shot forth from Samaria, and the time of the dethroning is at hand.

We understood that this dethroning of the principality by Adonai is for the entire Peninsula, both North and South and that Jezebel has been manifesting in different ways in North and South Korea in every sphere of society, sewing death, division, and deception at every turn.  A shift is coming in leadership in the natural as Elohim judges the principalities and powers, not only in the North, but also the South, and the King of kings has sent and is sending His Elijahs to prophecy the end of the reign of darkness, to restore the altar of the Most High, and bring healing to the land (1 Kings 18).  The Father is set to install Jehu (2 Kings 9) like leaders that will hear the Word of God and execute His will with fear and trembling.


On the last day of Hanukkah during a time of deep worship together with the Body of Messiah at one particular moment, the presence of Yeshua entered the room.  When He entered, He identified Himself as King Emmanuel.  I saw Him in the spirit and He was wearing a cloak and outer garments that were light green, light blue, and gold that were flowing and floating and began to fill the entire room.  He went to different people as we were worshipping, and stood in front of them, and almost all of us were on our knees at that point.  When He stood in front of me I could feel the power of His majesty and began to weep at His feet as I worshipped Him with my tears.  I finally looked up after some time knowing He was about to leave, and Yeshua asked me if I wanted to see, then He took a key out of His cloak and said it was the key of Korea.  It was a large and old but simple key.  He then began to turn and leave, and I was able to follow Him in the spirit as he left the place, where he mounted a great white horse with wings, saying follow me.  I asked Him where He was going, and He said, to Korea to open the gate of the nation.  Then I saw many other horses around Him that were alike to His, and He said, you will no longer walk but ride.  The horses had saddlebags full of different things, and it was clear that each horse was for someone in the room.  At that, He left for Korea.

After this vision, we understood that the gate of Korea which Yeshua is about to open, is the gate of Korea’s destiny, an entering into the fulfillment of its redemptive purpose. He has heard the prayers of the remnant and the cry of the blood of the martyrs, and He is coming to swing wide the ancient doors that He established for Korea at the beginning.   The remnant from the nations has been coming and is coming to Korea to declare the victory of Yeshua over the peninsula, One Korea, and as He enters, the forces of darkness will be judged and be forced to flee.


Please, we implore you to take these visions seriously, and to pray, asking the Father to reveal His heart to you for Korea and to test what has been written here.  We do not know how the Lord of lords will unite the Korean peninsula, and it is not for us to know how, lest we steal His glory, but He is letting His remnant know that it is going to happen soon, and that is our queue to pray.  Pray not according to what you think is best for Korea, but instead ask the Father and pray according to what has already been bound and loosed in heaven for this season (Matthew 16:19 Amplified Version).  An army is gathering in heaven to destroy the armies of the false kingdom of darkness in Korea.  The prayers of the saints have filled the throne room of YHWH with sweet incense, and the quota of the blood of the martyrs for Korea has filled the cup. The oracle of God is going forth as He shares with His sons and daughters what He is about to do.  The ones who have travailed for Korea are being heard by Him, and He will come with the Holy Spirit and fire to baptize the nation and heal the land for His glory as a sign to the world that “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it ” (1 Corinthians 10:26).  The arrow, His verdicts, edicts, and decrees, is being released from the throne room of heaven over Korea, Jezebel is being judged, and the altar of YHWH mighty in battles is being restored.  If you are not aligned to the heart of Abba, now, not later is the time to do so.  Yeshua Himself is entering to the Korean peninsula to unlock the great destiny that was barely tasted during the revival of 1907 when Pyongyang was dubbed the Jerusalem of the East.  The enemy has tried so desperately to cover up and destroy the wells of the previous glory, but the latter is greater than the former, and the plans of God will not be thwarted.  Yeshua is telling Korea, it is time to run like horses and charge headlong into your destiny!  The swords and shields of the heavenly host are rattling, the hoofbeats and the racing of the chariots can be heard, and the call has gone forth into all the earth for the remnant to intercede and declare the victory of Adonai over Korea!  Your time is up oh fallen ones in Korea, for King Emmanuel is about to arrive.  Join the millions and millions of our brothers and sisters in the Body of Messiah who are interceding for the victory of Yeshua in Korea in this crucial season leading up to the Biblical New Year of 5780!  Now is the time!  The Lion of the Tribe of Judah is roaring, He will erase the dividing line (DMZ), and unlock His plan for Korea. All glory, honor, and praise be to the God of Israel!


Just before the Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore that took place on June 12, 2018 I had a very disturbing dream regarding Kim Jong Un’s future.  We understood this dream was a warning of what was to come if he do not choose peace.


In the dream I was flying through a tunnel in the Spirit, like a narrow train tunnel made of brown bricks. I was flying at the top of the tunnel and the tunnel was very dark with just enough light to see. I felt a sense of fear, because even though I saw a small light at the end of the tunnel, I knew I wasn’t going to a very pleasant place. As I continued down the tunnel I saw a hospital bed below me floating just off of the floor. There was a man in the bed with a sheet completely covering him also going toward the light. I arrived to a room from where the small light was coming from before the man in the bed arrived. In the room there was one old wooden chandelier hanging from the ceiling with candles lit. The room was a large room with high ceilings made of the same bricks. I could not see the walls because of how dim the light was so i began to go around the outside of the room to get close to the walls, and as I got close enough to see the walls clearly, faces came out of the walls.The faces were clearly that of principalities such as Greece, Rome, Egypt, Persia, etc. I had a clear understanding that all of the principalities of the fallen kingdom of darkness were present. After seeing these faces, I turned back to the center of the room and the man with the sheet covering him was in the middle of the room on the hospital bed. The atmosphere in the room was as if there was no air to breathe and a very strong presence of all manner of very dark occultism. In that moment I started to ask the Lord why I was there and to take me out of the room, because I didn’t understand why I was there or what my mission was. Then in reply to my question the face of the dead man under the sheet was uncovered, and it was very clearly Kim Jong Un´s face. I was extremely surprised when I saw who it was. Then I was taken out of the room into another dream where I immediately understood that these principalities were trying everything they could to resurrect him from the dead.

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