Parashat Mishpatim (Laws): A Transformation Invitation

Shabbat Rosh Chodesh!

We have arrived to the door of Adar, and as we enter into this new month, we read a portion of Scripture that seems at first glance to be straight up boring, but when we go deeper, boring becomes fascinating and shows us the heart of Adonai. Exodus 21:1-24:18 comes right after Israel receives the Ten Commandments directly from the voice of YHWH at Mount Sinai. But now Moses and Adonai are speaking directly with one another and all of the laws besides the ten commandments are being laid out for Israel to follow, and for Moses to relay back to them.

As believers we are often taught that we don’t even need to read those laws, but that would be a travesty because Yeshua came not to destroy the law, but to fulfill it. Here’s why? As we see Scripture as one giant love letter from YHWH to us, the laws are no different. While it might seem like the the different laws covering a vast array of daily life, governance, banking, family affairs, etc. are random, they are in fact detailed answers to every single situation covering the entire history of Scripture up until that point from Adam and Eve to Abraham to Moses and everything in between. It is the perfect answer from Adonai saying I have seen your every step and will bring shalom where there was once discontent and disorder if you follow these commands. Of course we know how that went 40 days after Moses went to the top of Mount Sinai. Knowing the laws of Adonai without knowing the heart behind them automatically assumes they are constraints keeping one from freedom while it is actually the opposite altogether.

How does that apply to us today and prepare us for the week and the month ahead? Before receiving the law, the Israelites had a slave mentality and lived under completely different rules of enslavement, and they were being given the blueprint for what it looks like not only to be free, but also the opportunity to reverse the bad habits and slave paradigms of the past. They were being given the invitation of transformation straight from the Almighty Himself. The same thing happened to the 120 in the upper room in the book of Acts but on a level that no one could have anticipated, God level. With the Holy Spirit now as our teacher and comforter, the law is written upon our hearts, however, just like the Israelites after receiving the ten commandments and the law, we still have bad habits and worldly paradigms.

This is the week and the month where we must get intentional about getting into the habits and paradigm of heaven. With Holy Spirit as our teacher and helper there is nothing that we can ask that He doesn’t have the answer to, with Yeshua as our healer, there is nothing from the past that cannot be healed, and with the Word of God their is no worldly paradigm that cannot be broken. The world bombards us with how we are supposed to live and think according to the flesh, but Adonai is telling us and showing us how to live by the Spirit and bring the heavenly paradigm to the earth, like seeds of light and life into a dead and dying world. How will you respond to the love letter of Adonai this week and this month? Will you stay comfortable and boring, or will you accept the invitation to the greatest adventure into the heart of perfect Love? Consider yourself formally invited to join the ride. Adonai te abençoe e te guarde!

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