Descrição profética

Ancient Emblem of the House of David

Inspired by the ancient emblem of the House of King David, the royal six petal flower is the identical symbol found at the ruins of the true birthplace of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, son of David, Son of God, in Efrata (Bethlehem).

The letter Yod

The circle at the center of the flower is Zion, the center of the world, the apple of the Father’s eye, whilst the letter Yod sits at its heart, the first letter of YHWH, Yeshua, Israel, Jeshurun (Jerusalem).

6 Regions

Branching off from the place Adonai has chosen as His Holy Habitation, the six petals represent the nations aligning with Jerusalem through 6 regions: The Middle East, Africa, Greater Asia, Europe, The Americas, and Oceania.

Boundaries of the earth & Eternity

The circle encompassing the emblem represents the boundaries of the earth, as well as the eternity of YHWH Who has no beginning or end.

The twelve tribes

Around the circle sits twelve diamond-shaped dots, one for each of the twelve tribes of Israel returning home to the promised Land after 2,000 years of exile in the nations.

Ancient Hebrew

Below the Logo is an ancient Hebrew inscription originally written by a Jewish Scribe from Jerusalem that says “Align With Jerusalem”, inspired by and in the spirit of Psalm 132:13.

The entire logo is a blueprint of the natural and spiritual highways and by-ways activated and interconnected, bringing the Gospel of Peace from the ends of the earth back to Jerusalem as the remnant bride manifests the divine designs of heaven preparing the way for the King of glory.