We were invited to a time of worship in the town of Rough and Ready, yes that’s the name, and were not sure what to expect other than that it would be a Holy Spirit filled occasion. We pulled into a long gravel driveway about 15 minutes outside of Grass Valley and parked in front of a barn that had been converted into a house. We walked in the front door, and even though we were strangers to many of the over 20 people in attendance, we were welcomed with big hugs and friendly smiles. Lynn and Chris, the two women of God who gathered everyone together that night, are full of the love of the Father, and every week welcome all to come and worship the Lord of lords. We were quickly introduced to everyone there and immediately felt like part of the family. After enjoying some food together and having more time to fellowship with everyone, we went directly into a beautiful time of worship. There was not one religious spirit in the house with everyone worshipping the King of kings as they pleased. For about an hour we just worshipped the Lord with no agenda, just praising His name and giving Him all glory. When the Holy Spirit gave us an interlude, we were asked to share and speak as the Spirit of the Lord led. The next hour was full of testimony and prayers of activation as the Lord led us step by step as He poured out His rain, His fire and anointing oil from on high, equipping many of those in attendance with new tools in the Spirit and revelation for the next stage of their lives as well as for the ministry of Lynn and Chris to move forward boldly in the calling of the Almighty for what is yet to come. It was a euphoric atmosphere full of the perfect and unconditional love of the Father that broke away every fear and insecurity, leaving our hearts devoid of hardness and fully able to receive every drop of the goodness being poured out from the throne of our Sovereign Lord. Thank you all from Rough and Ready!

Sometimes it is the small gatherings at a house over a meal that turn out to be the most fruitful meetings with Jesus as His body. For many people, worship is something that only happens within the confines of the church walls, and repentance is something that only happens at the podium on a Sunday, but those things are just as easily done at home, and can also be done in private before the Lord (Matthew 6:6). When did we as the light of the world begin to dictate to people when was a good and proper setting to seek the Lord? The answer doesn’t matter, but what does matter is how we react to realizing that the way some things have been done, need to change. It is one thing to admit that I’m wrong, but another to implement a solution. One does not change a habit without renewing the mind (Romans 12:2), and it is always best to do it with the help of another brother or sister (Proverbs 27:17). Just try and worship Yeshua in the confines of your home from the depths of your heart and see how He responds. He longs to be in fellowship with us, but we so often only give Him the least of ourselves. Be free of worldly traditions and seek the Lord Himself about the words of Galatians 5:1 that says, “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” Now go and be free in Yeshua in you and you in Him!

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