There is an army rising up in the body of Christ, an army of every generation coming together under one banner and in one Spirit. Those who have paved the way and paid the price for so many decades are now coming together with the youth of the body of Yeshua like never before to work together toward the completion of the promises of Adonai for every family, county, city, region and nation. We were a small part of this very move of the Spirit in Nevada County when we had the great privilege to walk the land with those that have been stalwart gate keepers of the greater region of Nevada County, California. They, along with thousands and thousands of other believers have been praying for, declaring and prophesying the Word of God over California, preparing the way for the return of the King of glory for decades.

Early in the morning, we went with Dan Prout, a man who’s calling from the Lord has been to convocate the Remnant of the land, to do prophetic mapping throughout Northern California, to praying and declaring the Word of God in strategic places as the Holy Spirit led. With the Holy Spirit as our guide and Dan’s formidable knowledge and understanding of the land, we started the day. We began at a local farm called, Early Bird Farm, where we met with Drew, the owner of the farm, using his land as a platform to pray not only for the Lord to make His land plentiful, but also the same for Nevada County and greater California. His main business is to turn wheat into flour using a traditional stone mill, producing organic flour and other products. We prayed from there for his family and for his farm along the lines of Deuteronomy 28:4 that says, “Blessed shall be the offspring of your body and the produce of your ground and the offspring of your beasts, the increase of your herd and the young of your flock.” As we prayed, we interceded for the families and businesses of the region and California as a whole for the state to continue to be a blessing to the nation and the world. Our next stop was the old miners foundry in Nevada City where the tools and instruments for the many gold mines in the area were produced, and a great many new inventions like the Pelton wheel were first put into use, and was also the place where the very first telephone line on the west coast was installed. From here we prayed for continued innovation in the state that would be for the benefit of the Body of Christ (Exodus 35:31-32), and the connection like the first phone line between the west coast and east coast of the United States. After the Miner’s Foundry we went to a historic part of Grass Valley that was once home to all of the brothels of the city, where we repented for the iniquity of our forefathers and declared that the renewal of the priesthood (the fathers) was at hand, and that the destiny of men in the region and nation would no longer be disrupted by the wiles of Jezebel and sexual immorality (Ezekiel 44:15-16).

Our next stop was the head office of the Irrigation District of Nevada county, the second largest in the state of California to pray for the waters and its management. When we arrived, there just so happened to be an open session board meeting where all of the head officials of the district were holding a public meeting. We entered into the board meeting quietly, and began to pray, blessing those in authority, and for the way to be made clear for the proper infrastructure to be put into place to ease this now 6 year drought in California. We left just as quietly as we came, knowing that our prayers had been heard by the true authority in heaven (1 Timothy 2:2). Our last stop was the Empire Mine, one of the largest and highest yielding mines in all of the California Gold Rush, where the Holy Spirit had led us to do a prophetic act this past June. The air had been full of smoke the entire day due to the record braking fire that was raging in the north, making it so that we were three of very few people who were visiting the park that day. When we entered, a park ranger asked if we would like to enter to the main mine entrance, saying that she would be more than happy to let us in as she was the one with the keys to the entrance. Previously, this past June, part of our prayer had been that the golden gate be opened in California, and in this case, the gate to the entrance of the actual gold was being opened to us without even having to ask. While we were in the mine shaft, the park ranger had lost her keys, and Emmanuel quickly went and found them, bringing them back. We hold in our hands the key of David (Isaiah 22:22), and it is time that we open the gates of the appointed time of the Lord for California, that the destiny of CA written in the books of heaven be opened wide, and the doors of the schemes of the fallen kingdom of darkness be shut forever more.

After an incredible of time spent with Dan, we spent lunch with Kayla Geary, a mighty young woman of God who will be heading to Jerusalem in the days to come. After sharing some things about the city of the great King and praying for her, we headed to our next divine encounter with two more mighty women of God. Linda Langley and Tryphena Placier are two women after God’s own heart, who like Dan Prout, have been putting in the miles and interceding for decades for Nevada County and California. We met with both of them and Lion’s brother, Jacob Cooke to continue the day with more prophetic mapping in the area. Our first stop was Nevada City, to a place where there is a concentration of century old churches. Nevada City itself is very small, but in the Spirit it is a very key location and has an incredibly important redemptive purpose in Jesus. Close to the center of the city where this cluster of church buildings stand, we prayed as the Holy Spirit led us, praying that the city with just over 3,000 people would have an acts 2 experience, everyone coming to know the Lord in a supernatural way (Acts 2:40-41). We prayed that the wolf in sheep’s clothing be revealed, and invited the Lord of Lords to come in His power and Glory, and that the unity of the body of Christ would be made manifest in this city of many denominations to be a true representation of the Kingdom of God. Nevada city is known to be a very new age and occult place, but the Lord is going to turn the hearts of those that are seeking truth in so many different places to Himself, the Way the Truth and the Life. As we prayed over the city, the Holy Spirit showed us a vision of Nevada City with its streets covered in layers of a thick black shell. The hand of God came down and broke this thick layer into pieces and beneath this black layer was revealed streets of Gold and at the center, a bright white gold star. The Lord was saying that no matter how thick the darkness, that He Himself would reveal the foundations of the city that were brought before the beginning of time, and it will be like the star of Bethlehem that led the wise men to Yeshua.

We moved down the street to the National Hotel, that has been in operation for over 150 years. It is currently in the midst of a remodel, so we went to the back of the Hotel where we blew the shofar, signifying a new beginning, a new era like just as Joel blew the shofar, warning of the coming of the Lord and announcing the rising up of the new army of the Most High. One of our last two stops was the Nevada city government complex and penitentiary. From this place of authority we prayed that those in Government would come to know Jesus Christ both through dreams and visions and through His saints, and for newly elected officials to raise a righteous standard. For those held in the penitentiary, we prayed that they be freed from the shackles and chains of the devil and go forth in the power of the Holy Spirit, and become witnesses of Yeshua wherever they go (2 Timothy 2:25-26), (Acts 1:8). Our final stop of the afternoon as the sun set was at the Gold Miner’s hotel in Grass Valley where just across the street there was once a town made up of mostly Chinese immigrants during the gold rush that was burned down by the citizens of GV. From here we asked for forgiveness of past transgressions, and prayed that the land would be healed (Micah 7:18-19).

It was a whirlwind of a day that brought us to so many important places in the natural and the Spirit throughout town. These prayer walks gave us such insight into the Lord’s redemptive purpose of Nevada City and Grass Valley as the clock hands of the county and the state. While Nevada City is meant to be a beacon of hope and light to the state, Grass Valley is the wellspring that either pours out the living waters or does not. In the Spirit there are some places of drought in Grass Valley, but as the springs of living water are reactivated everything will flourish… Read more here: . Although Nevada City may seem far from revival, do not expect anything less than miraculous from the Almighty. He is sovereign, and He alone will be glorified when Nevada City is full of the sounds of salvation. The bastions of darkness are shaken into dust at the roar of the Lion of Judah, and His light casts not a single shadow. Even as we did such an extensive prayer walk throughout Nevada County, it will take the unity that we saw in the upper room on the day of pentecost, where men and women came together praying in one accord, and after being clothed in power from on High, went at once into the streets and boldly spoke the Word of the Lord in the power of the Holy Spirit. Now is the time to arise as one body, in one Spirit, manifesting all nine fruits of the Spirit and all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, glorifying Elohim through all that He has so freely given. Nevada County and California will be clothed in the Majesty of the Great I Am, the joy of the Lord will be in every household and the mouths that once blasphemed the Lord will worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Let us cry out to the Ancient of Days for the salvation of the state and the nation as never before! The night is darkest before the dawn, but the Son of Man is now on the horizon for all to behold in awe and wonder.

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