It is safe to say that we re living in times that the Bible speaks of where people, “Say that what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right; that black is white and white is black; bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter” (Isaiah 5:20). This has become the case on a multitude of topics, but one in particular has become all the buzz in the government and the news lately.

Abortion is one of the hot button issues right now in the United States with other things like the economy, trade, war and international relations taking a back seat. Because there have been positive developments in all of these issues with the exception of abortion, it has now become the rallying cry around which every American is taking a side. Many people prefer to keep their mouths shut for fear of confrontation, not hurting people’s feelings and keeping the peace. It is certainly best to pick one’s battles, but this fight is one where we must stand strong and tall. While it is very clear to us as Believers, that killing a person is wrong, especially someone as innocent as an unborn child, it is also important to understand the point of view of those who support abortion in order to get to the root of the issue.

The adage that goes I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight for your right to say it is essential here, and is a tenant that freedom loving Americans have lived by since this country’s founding. This issue is one that gets us fired up to say the least, but it doesn’t mean we start throwing punches because we disagree. So here are some points that abortion supporters bring up, some of which may very well take issue with religion.

My Body, My Choice

Abortion supporters believe that women have the right to choose whether their baby lives or dies, saying that a baby isn’t actually considered alive until it comes out kicking and screaming, referring to it not as a baby, but rather a fetus to make it a less emotionally attached word. The reality is, when a woman goes to the hospital having pregnancy issues, the doctors diagnose two patients, the mother and the unborn child. In the case of an emergency, and the woman or child’s life is in danger, the woman will have a c-section. An abortion is not an emergency operation as abortion supporters like to say. It is a carefully planned procedure that one makes an appointment for days in advance. So, even if medical doctors consider the child living as another human being, does that child not have the same rights as the mother to life? Something is inherently wrong when children are educated on a woman right to choose, but aren’t educated on what an abortion really is. If high school students watched a video of a doctor pulling a baby’s tiny arms and legs out of the mothers womb and stacking the bloody appendages on the tray next to them, society would have an all around different view of abortion, one contrary to the clean and sanitary picture pro-abortionists paint.

In the United States, we know that other options like adoption are viable options that are preferable to abortion if a mother believes she is not able to care to the child properly or is deemed unfit. Why don’t more women opt for adoption over abortion? It seems crazy right? This brings us to the next issue that needs to be addressed, especially in the Body of Christ.

Abortion Will Happen Legal or Not

Another argument of abortion supporters is that abortion will take place whether it is legal or not, and this is historically correct. Abortion supporters say that if it is made illegal, then there will be far more women dying from botched, unsanitary backroom abortions as has happened in the past. To be clear, this still does not make abortion right, but it raises an important question. The big question is, why does it continue? What drives a woman to do something so drastic and unthinkable? Often times the negative stigma of having a child out of wedlock is crushing. Many times, it is people in the church that are the most brutal and judgmental of unmarried women. This is clearly not always the situation, but it is something that is not regularly talked about. How many women, instead of being cared for and given love by God’s children, have instead been ostracized and shunned for sex before marriage and having a child out of wedlock? We are not defending anyone for having an abortion because of social circumstance, but simply pointing out the fact that many women would rather have an abortion instead of have a baby bump and be socially destroyed by their family and friends. Are we meant to be the judge, jury and executioner of those who have made mistakes? If that were the case we should all just shoot each other now and get it over with. No, we must create an atmosphere of the Love of the Father that welcomes the prodigals with open arms.

It should also be yelled from the roof tops when the man is absent and the woman is in this process. It takes two to tango, and every man has a responsibility to take care of his child. This is another travesty that must be addressed in the Body of Christ and society as a whole, as it is far too often the case that the woman is forced to bear all responsibility.

There are millions of women in the Body of Christ today that have had abortions. We have had the opportunity to pray with many mighty women of God that have confessed to having abortions before, and it is the beautiful miracle of Yeshua that when it is bought before Him in repentance she is set free from that guilt, washed clean, with of all sins of the past forgiven and erased from the books of heaven. Instead of judging the women who have had abortions before, it is our job as Believers to lead every woman to healing through repentance. What kind of Remnant will we be?

Is infanticide not really infanticide?

Most recently a law was voted down that would have required a doctor in the case of a baby coming out alive during an abortion procedure to give him/her immediate medical attention in order to survive and continue living, and if the doctor failed to do so, he/she would be imprisoned. Eye witness testimonies of abortion clinic nurses have verified that babies are born alive during abortions daily, and are either immediately killed by the doctor or left to die without any medical attention. It is now no longer a question of whether or not abortion is wrong, but whether or not a crying new born baby has a right to live or not. All of the current presidential nominees excluding President Trump voted no on this bill! In a similar bill passed in 2002, it was made clear by federal law that a newborn child is in fact a person, but does not make it criminal for doctors to deny the baby in this situation the same care they would to any other baby at that same stage. Essentially, the universally agreed upon understanding of murder no longer stands in the eyes of a majority of the United States congress. This is unprecedented in the history of the United States.

How do we fight this evil?

Firstly, we cannot in good conscience be silent on this issue, but we also cannot afford to be ignorant or judgmental when discussing this with people who disagree. It is for us to be the light on a hill and show the love of the Father, to be sure to tell people who God has created them to be and let everyone know that they are made brand new in Christ. On the same token we must never falter on the very firm and immovable stance that abortion is wrong in the eyes of God. People should be treated with respect, but it doesn’t mean we have to be give up our values to gain their respect. We most definitely do not agree with anyone that touts infanticide as a form of birth control. That is not even something to be debated. It is up us as the Remnant to be in prayer against the fallen kingdom of darkness that wishes to corrupt and manipulate the minds of a generation into believing that right is wrong and wrong and wrong is right. We must pray for the innocent and helpless babies in their mother’s wombs and now the babies who miraculously survive abortion. We are praying that this new generation would have a mind to seek the facts for themselves instead of blindly agreeing with the agenda of the mass media and now the school system in general. Join us in speaking the sometimes ugly truth and exposing the things that are done in the darkness to the light.

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