The fire of the Holy Spirit will fall once more in California in such a way as to redefine the word “revival”. Without even realizing it, a unique event once regularly took place in the Golden state which prophesied that very thing, welcoming the King of Glory. The “Fire Fall” at it was known, was once one the most anticipated and watched yearly attractions in the world. For almost a 100 years, from 1871-1968, tens of thousands of people used to gather from around the world in the Yosemite National Park Valley each year during 7 days to behold the stirring “Fire Fall”. From the bottom of the valley at what was then Camp Curry, a man would call out in a loud voice to another man 3,200 feet above him at “Glacier Point” saying, “Let the Fire Fall!” The man at Glacier Point would then yell back down into the valley, “The Fire is Falling!” At that moment he would begin to push over the ledge hot coals from a fire of red fur bark that had been burning for many hours, and for minutes on end the tens of thousands of spectators packed into the valley below would witness in hushed silence a cascading waterfall of fire falling continuously for thousands of feet. Shortly thereafter, with the nations gathered together in the valley, and the Merced River (River of Mercy) running through the crowd, a loud cacophony of clapping would fill the valley as tens of thousands of hands erupted into a roar of applause. From Camp Curry an old Native American song would then be sung telling a tale of a a lover calling out to their beloved echoing the Song of Solomon 2:16 that says, “My beloved is mine and I am his.”

Even though this display was not overtly religious, the parallels it has to the Bible is stunning. The nations gather together in the valley (Joel 3:2) where the river of Mercy flows (Revelation 22:1), and the they cry out to the top of the mountain (Isaiah 2:2) where the fire is burning (Exodus 24:17) saying “Let the Fire Fall” and the fire falls from the mountain (1 Kings 18:38), followed by a round of applause and the bride crying out for her beloved (Revelation 15:2, Song of Solomon 2:16). Although this event no longer takes place, a natural prophetic fire fall takes place every year in the last two weeks of February at “Horse Tail Falls”. When the sunlight hits the waterfall, the water glows like fire and liquid gold falling from the mountain. If you feel from the Lord, come in 2019 to Yosemite Valley at this beautiful moment and declare along with God’s creation, the Fire of the Holy Spirit will fall again in California!

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