Just a couple weeks ago, we spent two days praying at the California / Mexico border as part of a mission from the Lord to anoint the West Coast.  During those two days, the Holy Spirit kept emphasizing Nehemiah, that this was a crucial time for the United States for the intercessors and the Remnant of the Body of Christ in the nation to take in one hand the Sword of the Spirit and use the other to rebuild the walls.  The fulfillment of God’s redemptive purpose for this country is at its crescendo, and there are enemies plotting from both within and without its borders.  Being as this is the case, it is high time we do the logical step which will allow us to focus more on those plotting from within.  This issue of building a wall on the southern border has been made out to be a largely political and even racial issue at times. This is just a smokescreen of the reality of the problem we face on a daily basis as a nation due to extremely permeable borders.  Because of the 1,954 mile border with Mexico, it makes it impossible for the limited man power of border patrol agents to have a huge impact on the number of people coming across the border illegally.  As a result, 90 percent of all heroin and Fentanyl, two of the most deadly drugs in existence, currently in the United States comes across the border with relative ease.  These drugs kill at least 300 Americans each week.  That’s just drugs though right? Wrong.  According to the U.S. Department of State, among the thousands of illegal immigrants crossing the border each year, at least 20,000 women and children are trafficked across the U.S.- Mexico border for the purpose of sexual exploitation, forced labor etc.  But it doesn’t effect you right? Wrong.  There are 56,000 illegal immigrants in our Federal Prison system, not including the state penitentiaries, which your hard earned tax dollars pay for.  Overall, an estimated 135 billion, with a B, dollars of our taxes are spent on illegal immigrants living in the United States.  This is not a new issue, but has gone unchecked long enough.

Natural causes aside, the consequences spiritually speaking are equally as troubling for our nation.  When we start the day we put on the armor of God emphasized in Ephesian 6, and when we put it on, we don’t leave any piece out.  Not having a wall on the Southern border is like having a sword but no shield.  We have capable men and women protecting our borders who are like swords, but without a shield facing multiple opponents, some blows are bound to get through.  What happens in the natural is parallel to what is happening in the spirit, and if large caravans have been blatantly camped at our borders, and forces in government are adamant not to put a barrier in place to stem the flow of “illegal” immigrants, something is certainly amiss, and the Body of Yeshua needs to be doing more than just taking notice.   “Out of the south comes the storm, And out of the north the cold” (Job 37:9).  Now is the moment to reduce the size of a storm of our own creating that seeks to embed itself in our nation.  This is the propitious time and we fell from the Spirit of the Lord to join with the intercessors of the nation to pray that this wall gets built as quickly as possible, and that the true reasons for its opposition would be brought to the light.  Let us stand strong, wearing the full armor of God atop the walls of this nation letting the fallen kingdom of darkness know that its unanswered forays into our nation are about to cease.  We are the living stones wielding the sword of the spirit, and we will not be moved from our post.  It is time to blow the shofars on the ramparts mighty men and women of the Most High.


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