Let us first say that we have witnessed first hand how Nigeria is made up of multitudes of very talented, motivated and educated people, and a younger generation that is rapidly raising itself up to be the new driving force of the nation. Unfortunately, at this very moment, that momentum has yet to reach the ranks of the government. So what can we expect and how can we best pray?

Ladies and Gentleman, in two days time the new president of Nigeria will be elected on February the 16th. Africa’s biggest Democracy and one of its most oil rich nations faces a sobering choice that may very well lead to further division in the country of almost 200 million people. Both ethnic and religious divisions are at a simmering point, with a nearly 50/50 split between Muslims and Christians. It doesn’t help that both candidates are Muslim in this religiously divided nation. All the while, there is a resurgence of Boko Haram, the Islamist Extremist militant group that has plagued parts of the north. So what are the people’s choices? Most of the country agrees that they have been put between a rock and a hard place, with corruption allegations plaguing both sides, as well as serious health worries for the current president Muhammadu Buhari. It has become a decision of choosing between the lesser of the two evils in many people’s eyes, but the plans of the Almighty for Nigeria are not tragedy, but victory. It is time to pray that Justice and Righteousness would be the foundations of the government of Nigeria, that the things done in the darkness would come to the light, and for the true Remnant in Nigeria and the nations of the world to come together in the unity of the Holy Spirit to declare the will of the Most High be done in a nation brimming with hope and opportunity!

Are we as the Children of the Most High so faithless that we would believe the lies of the enemy for any nation? Where is the David like faith that the Believers in Malaysia showed this last election cycle as they fasted and prayed as one corporate body to see a miracle become reality? Our God is with us, speaks to us, listens to us, teaches us, heals us, fills us with His strength, wisdom and most of all His perfect love. He is alive! He is the Almighty! It is time to declare the victorious destiny of Nigeria, not wallow in a defeatist attitude, but be expectant of the miracles Abba is about to do in that nation. Firstly, we must stand in the gap for the Remnant in Nigeria and pray protection over them as they pray for their nation. We must pray adamantly for the local and state elections that are crucial to making a strong tapestry of just leaders throughout the country, and pray for the new leader of Nigeria to be surrounded by those who are capable and worthy of their posts. King Yeshua can change a landscape at the wave of His finger, bring planets into and out of existence with a whisper, and He can certainly bring Nigeria into alignment with Him. We must take action like Daniel when he repented on behalf of all of Israel once the 70 years of exile was over. What would have happened had he not interceded? Lets not find out.

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