On the California, Oregon border the mist blankets the green trees that cover and cling to the mountains and slowly seeps into the foliage and draws back into the clouds as the day goes by and the sun climbs higher into the sky. From Highway 1 we began skirting the wondrous coast of the sunshine state, taking our time with no agenda, but to be led by the Spirit of the Lord, worshipping and praying where he said to stop or go. Elohim’s creation is incomprehensible in its detail and impossibly vast, but He has given us the wherewithal to appreciate it and His Holy Spirit to better understand it, all the while being part of it. We have not been made mere bystanders in all of this however, but rather stewards of it, co-heirs with Christ (Romans 8:17), a great responsibility, but also the highest honor to be called ambassadors of the King of kings. Let us go out each day surpassing the boundaries that the world has set for us, and step into the throne room where He has invited us to boldly approach (Hebrews 4:16).

In this light, we made our first stop on this prophetic expedition on the Pacific Coast at White Rock Beach. Standing where the waves meet the sand we marveled at the seemingly boundless ocean stretching to the horizon and beyond, and welcomed He who set a boundary for the sea (Proverbs 8:29) into California. Though we stood as two grains of sand on the shore facing the limitless waters of the Pacific, we welcomed the great wave of the Holy Spirit from East Asia with the authority of He who has made a home in us, He whom the waves and winds obey (Matthew 8:27).

Some miles down the road, we came to a very prophetic point, where the mouth of the Smith River meets the ocean, where the salty waters press in and the sweet water surges forth. For some time we have been feeling from the Lord that a new prophetic generation, the Joel 2 generation is rising up in the earth, and standing in that spot, the Spirit of the Lord confirmed it beyond a shadow of a doubt. The river is named after one of the most pioneering and God fearing men of his time, Jedediah Strong Smith. He was neither a man of mediocrity nor one who conformed the norms of the world. He was a frontiersman, hunter, trapper, author, cartographer, and explorer of the Rocky Mountains, the North American West, and the Southwest. Born in 1799, Smith was known to his fellow trappers and hunters as the greatest mountain man of all mountain men, a high title for one who did not fit the mold of your everyday rough around the edges mountain man. He was in fact an avid Believer and was known to always being reading his bible, praying and meditating on the Word of God. At the age of 23 he led an expedition of 300 men across the Sierra mountains, the first American to do so and make it to the Pacific Ocean. During that expedition Smith survived three Native American Massacres, and a bear mauling that led to him having his scalp and ear sowed back on, but was back to leading the expedition two weeks later. Standing at the mouth of the Smith River where Jedediah Strong had once made history, we heard the Spirit of the Lord say that He was raising up a new generation of Jedediah’s, prophetic mappers, forerunners, pioneers, mighty men and women of God of unusual resolve and courage in the face of overwhelming odds. The alarm has been sounded in the earth, the call has been sent, and this new prophetic generation is being raised up to break the mold, shake off the chains of religiosity, and put on full display the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit, setting this world ablaze in the fire and freedom of the Spirit of the Lord. A generation of lions that walk the land, and tear down the strongholds of the enemy is rising.

Our last stop of the day was Lake Earl, a fresh water lake just a stones throw from the ocean, where we prayed that the fresh sweet water of Yeshua be the nourishment of the land that takes the place of the toxic waters that now riddle the state in the Spirit. From the vast waters of the Pacific, to the mouth of the great Smith River and the still quiet shores of Lake Earl, the Father put on full display before us the ways of His waters. The day quickly faded into night, and our day came to a close. Let mediocre make way for extraordinary, and the natural for the supernatural as we embrace the calling and purpose of the Almighty for our lives, and usher in the age of the return of the King of Glory. Amen.

Stay tuned for the next leg of the California Coast anointing mission.

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