From Manado we made our way to Flores Island in the Southeast of Indonesia. Before arriving we had to transit through both Bali known for its thousands of gods, and Komodo (Dragon) island before arriving to the Island of Flores. We were able to step foot in Bali, as well as Komodo Island even though the flight plan had not called for us to leave the plane while in transit there. When we landed there was a slight delay, which forced us off the plane and enabled us to put boots on the ground (Ephesians 6:15) and to pray asking Adonai to align this two islands to His heart and to manifest His will, before boarding the plane again. We left immediately from the tiny airport on Flores Island when we arrived with our plans in the most capable hands of the Holy Spirit. From the airport we drove for more than three hours, using that time to worship the King of Glory. During those hours, Elohai began revealing His heart for Ende and the island as a whole, giving us a roadmap of how to pray. Our destination was Mount Inierie, a stratovolcano located towards the center of the Island close to the main town of the island called Ende. We arrived at a restaurant called Heaven’s Door at the base of Mt. Iniere, and the Spirit of Yahweh said to stop and pray there. As before, we felt led to first repent as if we ourselves were the people of Flores and as we began to pray, Adonai highlighted certain things for each of us to repent of including: idolatry, religiosity, for operating with the snake of deception, false unity, sun worship, alcoholism and witchcraft. In order for ourselves and even cities (Jonah 3:6) and nations to be aligned with the heart of the Father, we must first repent of our sins and deal with our transgressions and iniquities. When we do not give these things to Yeshua so that we may be washed and made clean by His blood (Ephesians 1:7-8), the accuser of the brethren will use it against us (Revelation 12:10). As that is the case, repentance is key before praying for or declaring anything else. We were then led to pray for the foundation or root of Ende according to Psalm 89:14 that says, “Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Yaweh’s throne.” As we prayed, two sisters had their spiritual eyes opened. The first sister who was the person repenting at that moment, saw snakes coming out of the ground mocking and accusing her, but as we all united behind her as one they all fell to the ground. Then while praying for the foundations of the land, the other sister saw Yeshua walking the land and scattering seeds. Each vision was a confirmation from the Lord that He was hearing our prayers.

As we finished praying for the foundation, we felt we needed to go elsewhere to finish praying, so we began to drive up the mountain until we came to a small house by the road and heard the Holy Spirit say, “Pray here.” There was a mother and her 4 small boys outside getting water to bring to the house. We asked them if they would let us pray at there, and they kindly accepted and welcomed us. We all began to worship together and the presence of the Holy Spirit was greatly magnified as the shalom of God fell upon us. The two eldest boys, Paul and Ignacio, 13 and 10 respectively, sat next to one another on the porch of the house in the middle of all of us, and very naturally we began to pray for them. As we prayed, the Holy Spirit prompted us to do something we had not done before. While Lion prayed, Emmanuel poured anointing oil in the shofar, and with permission from their mother poured out the anointing oil on their heads and prophesied over their lives. Two boys covered in dirt and sweat living in very modest and poor conditions in a small house on the side of the road may not seem like ideal servants of God to the naked eye, but neither was David, the young shepherd boy who became the King of Israel (1 Samuel 16:1-13). What Adonai showed us of His plans for them was overwhelmingly beautiful, so much so that as the prophetic words of Yeshua flowed from our mouths, tears of joy flowed as well. We passed the mantle onto them as the new generation rising who will usher in a new era for Indonesia and the world as the manifestation of the sons of God comes to fruition in all the earth and back to Jerusalem. We prayed for and blessed the mother and the other two sons and blessed them as we left. We were awe struck by what Elohim had just done, and understood that if we had traveled all that way for nothing else, it was more than worth it. We were honored to be used by God in such a way.

We understood that we did not need to continue up the mountain, and instead returned to Heaven’s door to finish praying as there was still so much that Abba was revealing. When we began again, this time from the roof of Heaven’s Door the Lord spoke to us about the dryness of the land spiritually speaking, both on the island, but also for all of Indonesia, revealing how Ende and the Island of Flores were like a gate from which the winds of God blow, effecting the whole country positively or negatively. As it was a dry wind, we understood that the East Wind was blowing, as in the Word of God the East Wind is always associated with dryness and desolation in nearly twenty different instances. Jeremiah 10:13 says, “When He utters His voice, there is a tumult of waters in the heavens, and He causes the clouds and the mist to ascend from the end of the earth; He makes lightning for the rain, and brings out the wind from His treasuries and from His storehouses.” According to this, we asked the Lord of Hosts to bring a shift in the wind, to release the North Wind upon Indonesia. Proverbs 25:23 say that the North winds brings rain, Ezekiel 1:4 tells of of a windstorm coming from the north accompanied by brilliant flashes of lightning, and The Song of Solomon 4:16 says, “The north and south winds are welcome winds; when they blow on the garden, its fragrance is spread abroad”.

We then began praying for the government for the new generation of rulers to work with the seasoned rulers of the nation (Malachi 4:5-6) to usher in a time of transformation to the country, and for the youth to be given a voice to speak the Word of God with authority so that the forces of darkness would not hold the reins of power (Psalm 8:2). We also prayed that the reverential fear of God would come upon the government and people with authority so that Indonesia would be blessed (Psalm 115:13). During this prayer point, one brother had a vision of a large library in heaven with books of the law, representing the laws of Indonesia, strewn around and disorderly, and heard the the voice of Abba say he was bringing order to the laws of Indonesia according to His perfect will.

In that moment the name of the chief town of the island, Ende, was highlighted to us, which simply means the end, but the Spirit of Elohim said no, look again, and showed us instead “Eden”. Not the end, but Eden. We were floored, and it was so perfectly fitting as we were on the island of Flores (Flowers). So from the ends of the earth, now Eden, we declared Zechariah 8:7, “Thus says the Lord of hosts, ‘Behold, I am going to save My people from the east country and from the west”, and Psalm 113:3, “From the rising of the sun to its setting the name of the Lord is to be praised [with awe-inspired reverence].” From Eden, as it was the place that the serpent deceived man, we declared the serpent’s “Ende” from Revelation 20:10, “And the devil who had deceived them was hurled into the lake of fire and burning brimstone (sulfur), where the beast (Antichrist) and false prophet are also; and they will be tormented day and night, forever and ever.” Lastly, before beginning Shabbat, we felt to released a call in the Spirit from the far east, saying, “We call the Jews to return to our homeland, Israel, and for the Indonesians to support Israel in these end times from the end of the earth to Judea and Samaria and back to Jerusalem from where it all began. Abba is calling the chosen people from every town, city, tribe and nation to support Jerusalem.” With that, we gave all glory, honor and praise to the Ancient of Days, and entered into shabbat with a delicious meal and fellowship.

Important Note:

It is essential to understand that we are only a small part of the global body of Messiah and felt led by the Holy Spirit to go to these places in this time and season specifically. For the Believers in Ende, “the Wind Gate”, in Indonesia and the world, it is important to continue to pray for the redemptive purpose of God to be fulfilled here as the fallen kingdom of darkness is constantly trying to sabotage and destroy the plans of God. As such, just as with our own lives, it is important to pray everyday and further our relationship with Yeshua lest we backslide and fall away. The same goes with Flores Island, “Not the End but Eden”, and any other person or place that God puts on your heart to pray for. If you feel led to continue praying for this city and Island, or even go there to pray, please be obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit as those of us who went here in this particular season are only a small piece of a much larger puzzle. God bless you and keep you!

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