Shalom Dear friends and family! We want to wish you a happy civil new year! We have been praying and asking the Lord about 2019, and He continues to put on our hearts that we are entering a time when He is giving us a key of new access. As the books are being unsealed (Daniel 12:4) during these end times, and the 70th year has passed since the re-founding of Israel, the Lord is aligning the nations with His prophetic clock (Jerusalem). As we gain new access and greater understanding however, the enemy is also moving forward with a plan of destruction and deception.

We are at a juncture in history when the days are looking more and more like the days of Noah (Matthew 24:37) before God sent the flood to destroy all except Noah and his sons and wives. “God looked on the earth and saw how debased and degenerate it was, for all humanity had corrupted their way on the earth and lost their true direction” (Genesis 6:12). During this year we will see the agenda of satan being rolled out in plane sight to prepare the way for the anti-christ and the false witness. So far there have been probes and prods to test the reactions of society, but now will be a time of blatant disregard to God’s Truth and design for mankind. We have seen many things in the news this past year regarding gender issues, but nothing put into legislation or legalized. Do not be surprised in 2019 at the enactment into law things like gender fluidity, and children being able to decide if they want to be a boy, girl or both. Many things that have been done in the dark during the past years are soon to come to light. Things like trans-humanism, the combining of man and machine, and genetic manipulation in humans will be done openly. This trend will be a blatant mockery of the Lord, like Goliath cursing David and the army of God (1 Samuel 17:41-44). Artificial Intelligence which has already made it into our everyday lives will become far more robust, and the lines between ethical and unethical will disappear. For many months the Lord has been speaking to us about the so called “Ring of Fire “ in the Pacific being activated, and now we are seeing more frequent and volatile activity with more earthquakes, volcanoes erupting violently and tsunamis. These volcanoes are like doors to the underworld that are releasing the fallen kingdom of darkness onto the earth to a greater degree. These doors will continue to open across the globe in strategic areas. Science fiction will begin to look normal, and deceptions will increase as the lie of relativism and we as our own gods will run rampant. Finally, the scientific theory of relativity and finiteness will be put aside and replaced by Quantum Physics where everything is alterable, giving the perception that we can be like gods.

The good news is, as evil increases on the earth, so does the manifest power of God. As Yeshua awaits the culmination of what has been written for these end times leading up to His return, He is also giving His children the tools and weapons to face the growing corruption, alterations and deceptions throughout the world. Christ has taken the keys of death and hell (Revelation 1:18), and has had the key of David placed upon his shoulder (Isaiah 22:22). As Christ lives in us and us in Him, we also have use of these keys. In these times of acceleration, He is opening new access to doors and books previously left sealed. Realms of new understanding are giving us access into the library of heaven where we can read the books of the earth, wind, fire, and water. As we read the unsealed books of heaven and enter through these newly opened doors we will operate on a another level as Children of God. With so much coming to a head in the natural and in the Spirit, it is paramount, that we as the Body of Christ read the Word of God with the Holy Spirit, and use the key of David to take our prayer, worship and intercession to another level. Now is the time to manifest the full power of God in His perfect love, so that the world knows Yeshua is coming soon. We as His sons and daughters have been given full access to the armories of heaven. Put on the full armor of God and take full advantage of the purpose of each piece so that it is not cumbersome, but light (Ephesians 6). Stand on the walls with weapons ready to destroy the enemy that would dare encroach. This is the year to present a solid front like no other time before, rooted in the Word, in the power of the Holy Spirit with the revelation of the heart of the Father. This is the year to restore and renew your armor, and take the keys of the Kingdom that give access to the mountains of society. Use the sword of the spirit which is the Word of God, and declare it boldly and courageously with tongues like fire, taking back territory for Yeshua. Unite with local, regional, national and international intercessors, and put into action the strategies of the Lord for such time as this. This year, the generation of giant slayers, mighty men and women of David are raising up in the earth, fearless and furious at the enemy that dares mock the Ancient of Days.

God bless you warriors of Christ, and happy giant hunting in 2019.

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