Gaza Strip Lock Down

Israel has locked down the Gaza strip, even going so far as to stop fuel shipments in the area due to the persistent use of incendiary balloons and IED balloons that have destroyed thousands of acres of land and even landed in residential areas. The IDF (Israeli Defense Force) has targeted strategic locations of the Hamas terrorist organization who runs the Gaza strip and is directly affiliated and funded by Hezbollah and Iran and its partners.

Pray for the people living in Gaza as they are the ones bearing the burden of the terrorist policies of Hamas who wants nothing less than the destruction of Israel, not peace. Also, pray for the salvation of the members of Hamas and for the full restoration of the land of Israel, which Hamas stands in direct opposition to.

Iran Sanctions: Failed Snapback

The U.N. has failed to re-instate sanctions against Iran and its nuclear program against the calls of the United States to do so. This will greatly strengthen Iran’s ability to trade freely and inevitably go towards the funding of terrorist operations through the Iranian military and its proxies like Hezbollah and Hamas. What’s more, with the recent 400 billion dollar trade and security deal with China it ads more fuel to the fire. Pray for the nations of the world, your nation, to make a clear decision to re-instate sanctions on Iran and its nuclear program as not doing so is a direct threat to Israel.

Turkey Invites Hezbollah

President Erdogan of Turkey recently hosted two high ranking wanted Hezbollah leaders in a high profile meeting giving them red carpet treatment. This shows just how close Turkey is with Iran, and reinforces its hatred of Israel once again. President Erdogan has delivered many anti-Israel remarks in the previous months. Clear alliances are emerging in the Middle East. Pray for all of the plans being made by the enemies of Israel in the darkness to come to the light, and for Israel’s leaders to make wise decisions about who they ally themselves with.

Israel/UAE Peace deal: A very clear sign of the Times

So could the peace deal with the UAE be the beginning of the end times Middle East peace deal mentioned in Daniel 9? That would be a no, in fact it is far more likely that this is a clear sign we are getting much much closer to Ezekiel 38-39 when a huge army will attack Israel, and Adonai will bring about a supernatural victory. That might sound absurd and even counter-intuitive at first glance seeing as a peace deal was just signed, but look more closely. All of the names of the nations who will attack Israel are listed in Ezekiel 38:3-5, each of which currently with their modern day names, really hate Israel. Most importantly however, are the countries not mentioned as attacking Israel during this time, most notably, Saudi Arabia and the smaller Arab countries, known in the Bible as Arabia. That rules out any of the previous wars against Israel matching the war described in Ezekiel 38-39 because the countries of the Arabian Peninsula were very involved and participated heavily in those previous wars. A clear line is being drawn in the Middle East between Arab nations who support Iran and those who see Iran as a direct threat to them, i.e. the UAE and the majority of the Arabian Peninsula. Pray for more strategic alliances with Israel in the Middle East that will be a force against those who wish for the destruction of Israel.

When will the Daniel 9 Peace Deal happen?

If this is not the beginning of peace in the Middle East how will it happen? Imagine a war so devastating that it would take Israel 7 months to bury all of the enemy’s dead, and 7 years to burn and destroy the weapons of the invading army (Ezekiel 39:9-12). Perhaps that would be what it takes to bring all parties to the table to bring about the peace deal spoken of in Daniel 9. Perhaps that is how all of the land of Israel will be restored. In either case, for the peace deal to happen, the third Temple will already have to be built in Jerusalem by the time of the deal. Perhaps it being built is what could initiate Ezekiel 38. Perhaps.

El llamado

As you can see, it is more important than ever to be praying for the restoration of Israel, the salvation of Israel, y the peace of Jerusalem. With a more clear understanding of the Biblical times and seasons we are living in, we must be vigilant in our prayer time, as well as strategic, which is the reason for this prayer alert. Please join the global body of Messiah in declaring Mateo 6:10 over Israel, and praying for Israel’s leaders and their advisors for Godly wisdom, revelation, and understanding. We pray for each of our nations to align with Israel according to the Word of God (Psalm 122:6) and the heart of the Father as sheep nations (Matthew 35:31-46). Adonai bless you and keep you and let the incense arise!

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