All of the recent talk and action of peace in the Middle East is very exciting and promising, but lest we be blind it is important to know the real factors behind these unprecedented treaties being signed between Israel, the UAE, and other arab nations…

The peace that we see unfolding is actually a very crucial reaction to the real situation arising in the region, a situation that we as Believers should be watching closely and praying into as it directly effects the wellbeing of Israel. Recently, President Erdogan of Turkey rolled out the red carpet, literally, for a large Hamas delegation including a wanted terrorist. It is now coming out that Turkey has even gone so far as to give Hamas cell members citizenship, as well as allowing them to plan attacks on Israel from Turkey. Turkey has also openly sided with Iran even though it is a part of NATO, and says things like the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque is a precursor to the liberation of the Al Aqsa Mosque located on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Hamas also visited with leaders of Hezbollah in Lebanon in the same tour of the region, as well as earlier in the year being part of the funeral of the late Iranian general Soleimani and thanking Iran publicly for the tens of millions of dollars and military equipment they provide Hamas yearly. One big happy anti-Israel family is getting much much closer together. Iran openly supports armed terrorist groups, proudly displaying each of their flags in news briefs including, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthis in Yemen, the Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq, Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas in Syria, Liwa Fatemiyoun in Afghanistan, and Hamas in Gaza.

This has led to great tension and proxy wars with the likes of Saudi Arabia and the major Arabian Peninsula countries, hence their increased willingness to normalize relations and work more closely with Israel. Now, with the signing of the peace treaties between Israel, UAE, and Bahrain, and the threats voiced afterwards from all of the anti-Israel countries and groups previously mentioned, it could not be more clear the situation is not as peaceful as it may seem. The powers that be are choosing clear sides, and Israel as the most powerful military force in the region backed by the United States are good friends to have when/if large military confrontation happens. It is clear that this push for peace in the Middle East is in fact only one side of the coin, and we as prayer warriors and watchmen on the walls must continue to be vigilant of the threats facing Israel, praying for the peace of Jerusalem and salvation of Israel. We must also never forget to pray also for the salvation of the nations who are against Israel, for their leaders and citizens, as well as for the countries who are planning to ally themselves with Israel to normalize relations as soon as possible. We pray for our enemies and bless them, knowing full well that Adonai says vengeance is His, and that is not for us to get in the way of or try to take the place of. Adonai bless you and keep you kingdom family!

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