While we were worshipping before leaving Jerusalem, Emmanuel was taken in the Spirit to the City of David from the Pool of Siloam, walking on the ancient road that leads up to the Givati parking lot excavations (also a part of the City of David), and finally to an area just before the walls of the current Temple Mount where the first temple would have been built.  We were carrying the water of the Gihon Spring that flows from the City of David into the Pool of Siloam up to the place that was once the threshing floor that King David bought for 50 Shekels of silver (2 Samuel 24:18-24).   As we were walking this ancient path in the physical, a spring was bubbling forth from the path in the Spirit like the water that flows underneath the City of David through Hezekia’s Tunnel to Mount Moriah.  We did the same action three times, and on the third time, a spring began to pop up at Mont Moriah.  Then in the Spirit, the waters were being released from the east gate of Jerusalem to the Kidron Valley.   The Spirit of the Lord said that as we were doing this, He was breaking the strongholds of division between the east and west coast of the USA and the east (Asia) and west (USA).  The Holy Spirit also said that He was giving to His army new boots in the Spirit to open a road from west to east in the United States.  As we continued going deeper in worship, there was the sound of a river releasing the voice of the Father like a roar.  As the torrents of waters flowed from the eastern gate down Mount Zion into the valley, it was uncovering ancient stones in the valley, and the Lord was saying, “I’m connecting the waters of Mount Zion to Mount Moriah”.  “And behold, the glory and brilliance of the God of Israel was coming from the way of the east; and His voice was like the sound of many waters, and the earth shone with His glory” (Ezekiel 43:2).  The time of the fulfillment of God’s purpose for Israel, Asia and USA is coming quickly to fruition, and when that time comes to a close, “So [as the result of the Messiah’s intervention] they shall [reverently] fear the name of the Lord from the west, and His glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him and put him to flight [for He will come like a rushing stream which the breath of the Lord drives]. Isaiah 59:19.  In the Spirit from the east, Asia, the Lord is sending a wave in the Spirit to come against and defeat the plans of the enemy that wish to come against the Sovereign move of God. The fallen kingdom of darkness is attempting to bring about a false reality that will bind the nation, but Abba is intervening at this crucial time to shatter the illusion that there is any but Himself who will be glorified.

This is happening right now, and it is time for the US great army to wake up, pray, worship and fast, because the time is here. There is a special calling for the army of intercessors of California to be alert, aware and in the fight for God’s redemptive purpose for the state and the United States of America.