In the dream we were in the White House in one of the rooms meeting with Donald Trump.  He didn’t have a lot of time so we shook hands and started to talk to him firstly about the return of the wealth loss from China via the millennial treasures in Taiwan. To understand more about the millennial treasures go to to read more. After sharing that, he told us that he had felt that it was time to put our foot down against China so that they would stop stealing our money.  He said at the beginning it was very hard, but that it is working.  After that we continued to speak about the Gold mines in the west, and how the reactivation of the Gold mines was the sign of the unity between the west and the east of the US working together.

He also talked about the reopening of the coal mines in west Virginia, Alabama, and Texas, then we responded saying that that was absolutely from the Lord.    Then we told him, “We want you to know that God is bringing to America seven years of fat cows like the dream of pharaoh in Genesis 41:1-2, and this includes that in 2020 you will be re-elected as president. After the seven years hard times will come to the nation”.  Then we began to speak about Africa saying that the Holy Spirit was saying that once again the USA was going to be a platform to send missionaries to Africa.  Then we were talking about Obama and Hillary Clinton we knew that they were already in prison.  Then Lion asked him if he knew that moving the embassy to Jerusalem was going to give him approval in the eyes of God and begin activating so many things in the U.S., and he replied saying Yes, he knew it would happen.  We ended by praying for him and prophesying over his family, and when we finished he said that he liked us and that we were real, and that he wanted to help us.  He said that he knew we would release a book very soon, and that he would release it in one of his speeches because it will be a blessing to so many young people.  We thanked him and departed.

So we wanted to encourage you who are reading this to pray for the president of the United States so he continues to do God’s will and align the nation to the God of Israel (1 John 15:14).


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