While landing in Singapore, the Holy Spirit told us we were entering through the Golden Gate of Asia, and saw in the Spirit the colossal gate. During our last times in Singapore we understood from the Holy Spirit that Singapore was a major gate, and we had always felt the importance of standing guard at the gate with the intercessors (Gate Keepers) of the nation, but this time around it was very clear from Adonai that it was time to enter through the gate. So, when we walked through the natural gate, through immigration, we entered worshiping the King of glory.

We felt led by the Spirit of Hashem to choose the Westin Singapore Hotel, and we were given a room on the 40th floor. In Hebrew the number 4 literally translates to door or gate, and 40 represents a huge gate. When we opened the windows of the room, we were facing directly at the port of Singapore, a major gate both in the natural and the Spirit, full of container ships, oil tankers, and cruise ships parked in their hundreds just offshore of the island nation. While praying from there, the Holy Spirit told us that Singapore was going to become, in less than ten years, the mostly heavily trafficked port in Asia, and one of the world’s most important international business hubs. Adonai was saying that right now Singapore is in a cocoon, but very soon it will hatch, and where once it was a marvel only to the region, soon all of the world will see and recognize the beauty of Singapore, and God’s hand upon her.

On our last day, we were invited to go to the top balcony of a very strategic building facing the Marina Bay, overlooking the national stadium, the supreme court and many other key places in Singapore that represent the seven mountains of society. Before arriving with our good friend who had invited us, we prayed together to discern how Elohim wanted us to pray when we arrived, and one of the things that stood out when we prayed, was the heavy influence of the Free Masons in the literal building and creation of Singapore. So, from the high balcony we prayed for the restoration of the foundation of the nation by the blood of Yeshua, He who is the true Cornerstone. We stood certain of our identity as sons of God speaking as co-heirs with Yeshua seated at the right hand of the Father (Romans 8:17), and declared the alignment of Singapore to the perfect blueprint of the Almighty and the heart of the Father. It was a major step in disconnecting the Free Mason heritage from the nation, and to restore the foundation to one of justice and righteousness, just like the foundations of the throne of God (Psalm 89:14). As we continued to pray, we kept seeing the same gate in the Spirit we had seen when we entered, and we welcomed Yeshua, the Lion of the tribe of Judah to come in and reign, to lead the army of Singapore as a generation of lions and lionesses of the Kingdom of God (Proverbs 28:1). We concluded by worshiping the Great I AM, welcoming Him to Singapore and lifting His Name above every other name. We left there with absolute peace in our hearts, 100% certain that the Lord strong and mighty had fought the battle on our behalf and won the victory for Singapore (Exodus 14:14). Enter Singapore into the golden gate of your destiny! Enter generation of the Lion of the tribe of Judah! The blood of Yeshua has washed you to the very foundation of the nation. Singapore has been bought and paid for by the blood of King Jesus (Acts 20:28). Now is the time to be transformed, transfigured into what the Author of Salvation has written for this great nation. Shake off the yoke of religiosity, and be free! Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom (2 Corinthians 3:17)! You are free Singapore! Now walk, pray, worship, and dance in that freedom as one Body of Christ all the way back to Jerusalem. Your birthright as sons and daughters of the Most High is freedom, so go and be free in Him, for Him, by Him and through Him.

Join us in praying for the redemption of God’s perfect plan for Singapore, to declare that Yeshua reigns here, and that all plans and schemes of the fallen kingdom of darkness, no matter how meticulously and secretively laid are destroyed by the blood of Yeshua in His name. Pray that all that has been done in the darkness will be laid bare by the light of Adonai, and that those used by the enemy to deceive, and those who have been deceived will be saved, redeemed, and transformed to build anew atop the true cornerstone, Jesus Christ. Pray that this generation will not bow to the supposedly liberal progressive values that much of the world has fallen into, but rather stays true to the conservative and Biblical values of those who have labored to make Singapore great.  Singapore will serve the God of Israel and be used mightily for the glory of the Most High.

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