As we were worshipping in the City of David, we experienced the sweet presence of the Bride Groom, and there was a specific moment when Deborah Krahn felt from the Holy Spirit to intercede for Israel based on the current situation facing the nation and the middle east regarding Syria.  After she shard with us some details of what is currently happening, we all entered in agreement and unity in worship warfare where we welcomed the Lion of Judah to Israel to stand His ground in defense of the nation.  As He started to roar, and as He lives in us, we all began to roar as well, a corporate roar, a new song that went like a storm in the Spirit to the borders of Israel, forcing the advancing enemy to retreat, and making the border like an impenetrable barrier from the earth to the heavens.  As we continued maintaining the level of intensity, the Lord gave us a vision, where the gates of heaven were opened and an army of eagles came flying through the gate.  They descended upon Israel in formation, and as they came within the border of the country they formed a giant dome over the nation.  The Lord was saying that the eagles represent His hand protecting Israel, and that divine protection was needed because the natural means were ineffective.

It is important to understand what is happening in Israel and the middle east to have more understanding about how best to pray for the peace and protection of the nation.  Firstly, it is important to know geographically speaking, that Syria shares a northeastern border with Israel.  The plans of an offensive into one of the last rebel strongholds in Syria, namely Idlib Province, is on the northeastern border of Israel.   When the Assad regime retakes the Idlib province with the help of the Russian, Turkish and Iranian militaries, it is possible that the Syrian army will rush to retake the Golan heights that was taken by Israel during the six day war in 1967.  If this happens, Israel will be put into direct conflict with Syria and their allies, forcing Israel to act with extreme force.  Idlib is also home to nearly all of the misplaced persons that have been forced from their homes during the Syrian civil war that has lasted for seven years now, because it was designated as a safe zone these past two years.  This offensive will cause very high civilian casualties based on the past offensives during the war, displacing the already displaced.  Now is the time to pray for the divine protection of Israel as enemies like Iran are using these offensives as a means to gain strategic control over key places.  Just this month, Iran moved ballistic missiles into Iraq with the support of its allies there, just south of Syria.  These things should not frighten us or worry us, but we mention them simply as a tool to pray with understanding.  Knowing these things, and praying from the victory that we already have through Christ, we stand united as the global remnant, praying in one accord for the divine protection of the hand of God for Israel, and the body of Christ that will be in the crosshairs of this current offensive taking place in Syria.  We pray for the leadership of Israel and all nations involved to make the right decisions in the right moments.  Lastly, We declare that any possible negative repercussions of this offensive for the future peace of Israel are null and void by the blood of Yeshua. (Psalm 122:6) (Ephesians 6:18) (1 Timothy 2:1-2) (1 Peter 1:18-19).

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