A new mineral, harder than diamond, and far more rare has been discovered on Mount Carmel. The closest thing like it was found in a meteorite in 1969, but nothing like it was thought to have occurred naturally on the earth until now. The timing of the discovery of this new and now extremely rare stone on Mount Carmel of all places is extremely prophetic as it is also the place where God consumed Elijah’s offering with fire from heaven in the presence of all of Israel (1 Kings 18:37-39). The Malachi 4:5-6 generation is being raised up in the nations as we speak, and this discovery is just another reminder the times we are living in. It was on Mount Carmel that Elijah gave Israel the choice of to serve the Lord or not. Now perhaps the most precious and rare stone on earth, Carmeltazite just so happens to have been found exclusively on the same ground that the prophets of Baal were slaughtered in the Kishon Valley (1 Kings 18:40) , and where the Kishon river washed away the dead multitudes of the Canaanite army defeated by the Deborah and Barak (Judges 5:21).

This gemstone is made up of many precious stones including Titanium, Aluminum and Zirconium all of which are essential metals in our every day lives. The discovery comes at a time when God is calling His Remnant around the world to come together as His Bride, His Body, each person and nation a unique part of the whole working together with the Holy Spirit as our teacher, our glue. Just like the Carmeltazite that is made up of many essential minerals to create this most rare gemstone, we have reached a point as the Bride of Mesiah that demands we come together as an indestructible whole. The extreme pressures and temperatures it took for this gemstone to be a possibility and the incredible “circumstance” that it has only been found on Mount Carmel is a small example of nature emulating the perfect plan of God. This news is just a drop in the bucket of all that has been coming to fruition in Israel as of late. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled at a rapid pace, and understanding the signs and the times leads us to a very clear conclusion. We as the Bride of Yeshua must be ready to stand our ground when the day of evil comes, victorious through the blood of the Lamb, guided by the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit, rooted in the heart of the Father. We are the warrior bride of Yeshua created specifically for this moment to usher in a new era, paving the way and welcoming the return of the King of Glory. Are you prepared?

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