We arrived to Jerusalem, Zion, the prophetic clock of God, as the sun was just peaking over the horizon.  It had been exactly one year since the last time we set foot in the Holy City.  After so long being absent from His city, we were thrilled to walk the streets once more.  In the cool morning breeze the Holy Spirit began to guide us through Jerusalem.  We began our walk with the Lord in Zion Square (Kikar Zion), the center of the new city of Jerusalem, and continued down Haneviim Street (Street of the Prophets), where some government buildings, hospitals and churches are located.  From there we made it to King Salomon Street, continue in King David Street, and went to the top floor of the Beit Shmuel Building.  From the top floor we were overlooking Jaffa Gate and the western side of the Old City.  From here the Spirit of the Lord led us to worship Him in Spirit and Truth and to pray for His city and its inhabitants.  It was just the two of us with a majestic rooftop view of the city, and we took full advantage of the opportunity to pour out our hearts to Him, and to give Him all glory , honor and praise.  The presence of Elohim filled the rooftop and the heavens rained down.  We were led to sing Hatikvah (Israel’s National Anthem), giving thanks to Yeshua for allowing us to be back in Zion after such an unbelievably outstanding year with Him in the nations of the world.  After some time, we enter the Old City through jaffa Gate and continued to the City of David, the original site of the ancient Jerusalem, the Palace of King David, the Gihon Spring and the Pool of Siloam.  It is the spot where the first place of 24/7 worship was implemented around the ark of the covenant in the Tabernacle of David.  It is the ancient well and heartbeat of the city to this day.  From here we danced like David danced, welcoming the King of Glory to come back soon.  From there we made our way back to Zion square where we had begun earlier that morning.  It was the perfect way to start the day on our first day back in the city of the Eternal.

The next day we had the great privilege to meet with our Korean Kingdom family for another day of prophetic mapping and fellowship.  We started our day in the City of David where we had ended the day before.  We walked down the ramparts of the ancient ruins of the Palace of David to a very special place where there are four olive trees that have been aged at over 3,000 years old. We call this the place of “The Millennial Olive Trees of David”.  The trees themselves are located just outside of the ruins of the true ancient walls of ancient Jerusalem.  The roots of these trees are rooted in the Gihon spring that flows from the City of David, where Jesus will one day be enthroned.  These trees have been living since the time that David took Jerusalem from the Jebusites, and if they could speak, they would have quite the tale to tell.  To this day their branches are still full of fresh olives. From there we were led by the Lord to pray that our roots be fed by only the pure waters flowing from the thrown of the Almighty (Psalm 1:3), and that the blood of the Lamb cleanse any dirty water that has contaminated and stunted our growth.  We moved on from there to the floor of the Kidron Valley below otherwise known as the valley of Jehosephat.  This is the same valley that Melchizedek and Abraham would have met, and the same valley that King David would have used to escape from His son Absalom, continuing up and over the Mount of Olives to safety (2 Samuel 15:23). It is also into this valley that the river flowing from the east of the Temple of God will flow (Ezekiel 47), and the place of the valley of dry bones Ezekiel spoke of in Ezekiel 37.

From the place believed to be the meeting place between Abraham and Melchizedech we all proclaimed in the Unity of the Body of Christ that Korea would be a sheep nation, ceasing from its backsliding and coming back into God’s perfect will.  As we reached the end of the Kidron Valley we proclaimed aloud Ezekiel 47:1-12, and that the dry and desolate valley that it is currently will be lush, green, and full of life.  Going up from the valley, following the path that David would have taken, we began the ascent of the Mount of Olives via the path of the Kohanim (Holy Priests) alongside the thousands of graves that dot the mountainside singing and declaring as we went,  “We call out to dry bones come alive!”  Just before we reached the peak, Abba gave us open doors to the tombs of the prophets, a place that is often closed to visitors and difficult to enter.  The tombs of the prophets Malachi, Zechariah and Haggai along with their followers were buried there.  There are fifty tombs in all in a network of caves that was chiseled out of the rock.  From the spot of the grave of Zechariah, we declared Zechariah 14:4, and from the tomb of Malachi we were led by the Holy Spirit to declare Malachi 4:5-6, receiving the mantle of Elijah and praying that we would be part of the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Lord from these mighty men of God.  Overjoyed with this wonderful surprise  from Hashem, we headed to the top of the Mount of Olives to the German House of Prayer that overlooks the Old City.  This house of prayer was established over forty years ago, and has been a place of intercession and worship for Israel and the nations ever since.  We worshipped from the top of the mountain where one day Jesus will descend and put His feet upon His return.  For over an hour we were rocked by the the Presence of the Father, worshipping as though we were washing the feet of Jesus.  Everyone in the room received a prophetic word, many confirmations were had, and the Great I Am received all the glory.  Such unthinkable grace and unimaginable love fell in that house and filled us to overflow.  That we could share such a precious and special moment with our Kingdom family from Korea was such a joy to our hearts, and to be in such unity in the Spirit of the Lord  left a permanent smile on our faces.  Oh how He loves us!  We left from Mount of Olives certain that we had done what we had been sent to do through Him, for Him and by Him.

Everyday is an adventure with the King of Glory, and when we live it with Him, we go to sleep with no regrets, worries or fears.  Our lives are transformed and made new each day as we choose to walk with Him in victory on the path that He leads us down as our Good Shepherd.  We must wake up and make the choice to be in line with God’s plan for our lives, just as we can choose whether or not we take a shower that day, so to do we choose each day to seek first the Kingdom and His righteousness.

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