The time has come that all of these E-Materials are available to you for free for you viewing pleasure! As you read about the Biblical Months, Feasts, times and seasons we are currently living in we pray you will be inspired, motivated, and activated in your calling and purpose. We pray the Holy Spirit speaks to you as we delve into Biblical mysteries and prophecies that bring Scripture alive. Enjoy! There is much more coming soon!.


Adar is officially the 12th and last month of the Biblical year! It is a month full of great promise, of joy and thanksgiving, of remembering the past and seeing clearly what will come to pass.


Shevat is the month to enter through a Porta da Água, receive refreshing and renewal for the preparation to enter into Abba’s promises for this month.


Tevet has officially arrived kingdom family and we are entering into the gates of a new Biblical Month! As we enter into Tevet (Dec. 16th to Jan. 14th), it is essential that we have an understanding…


Kislev is a month of stark contrasts and a time when we have the great privilege to choose if we will walk in joy and hope, or fear and doubt.   How are you reacting to your circumstances and situations now?…


O 7º mês do Calendário Bíblico é o mês mais profético do ano. O mês de Tishri significa "início".


Elul is perhaps the most important month of the year, not because it has an important Biblical feast, but because it doesn’t. This is the time when we are preparing for no less than the return of Yeshua…

Av, o mês do Pai

The month of the Father is now. Since Nissan, the first month of the Biblical calendar, Yeshua has been doing His work in the heavenly places silently…

The Powerful Encounter with the Holy Spirit

During the night I woke up feeling a heavy darkness of fear and death surrounding me…