Mountain of Forgiveness and Declaration

Our first destination was Mt. Matantimali in Palu, Indonesia, a place best known as the site of the 2018, 7.5 magnitude earthquake and Tsunami that killed more than 4,000 people. As we prayed and asked the Holy Spirit what His calling and Destiny is for Palu, He began to highlight many things in both the natural and the spirit. The words Matantimali, which is the name of the mountain, and Palu when translated into english both mean hammer or gavel, like that of a judge. The City itself is situated at the neck or mouth of the Island of Sulawesi, the central Island of Indonesia. As we continued to pray, the Holy Spirit confirmed that these things were not mere coincidence, but indicative of the nature of the destiny of the place. It is a place where not only the judgement of God can be seen first hand in the death and destruction meted out by the earthquake and tsunami one year prior, but also a place to declare the Word of God to the nation. It is a Mevaseret Zion, or a place from which to declare the Word of Adonai as it is being declared in heaven. At the base of Matantimali we worshipped Adonai and took communion, and as we worshipped and blew the shofars we saw in the Spirit the angels gathered and the arrows of God upon the mountain. Elohai had gone before and prepared the way.

We stopped when we reached the halfway point of the mountain at the head of a trail known to be the epicenter of witchcraft where many covenants with the fallen kingdom of darkness had been made. It was here that we were led by Elohim to do an act of repentance on behalf of Indonesia specifically for shunning and rejecting Israel. After a time of true repentance before Abba Father all of us together as the body of Yeshua shook hands covered in anointing oil, representing the healing of the bond between the two nations. After this, we all proclaim in the name of Yeshua that Indonesia and Israel are friends and brothers. Then, Lion was given a short song by the Holy Spirit for the occasion that went, “The branch grafted in, Israel and Indonesia, in the Son we are one.” As this took place one sister had an open vision of a white snake around us, and as the act came to a close, the snake was bound. The enemy had corrupted Mantantimali which brought about destruction, knowing it is of strategic importance to the country, but Abba’s plans for Matantimali are for restoration and reconciliation. As we continued the drive up the mountain we declared Joel 2 and blew the shofars out the windows as we went.

When we reached the top of the mountain overlooking the beleaguered city of Palu situated on the bay, each one of us began to repent, even ourselves, as Indonesians and citizens of Palu for past sins, transgressions and iniquities just as Daniel did for Israel (Daniel 9). Tears flowed as the Holy Spirit gave each one of us separate issues to ask forgiveness for including, Idolatry, abortion, self promoting worshippers, and adultery. We felt a weight lifted and began to worship the King of glory and prayed for the healing rain of God (the blood of the lamb) to heal Palu and the people of Indonesia. Before the worship had begun the Holy Spirit showed a vision of an eagle landing on the top of the Sukkah (tent) we were in, then He showed Palu as a lampstand with no candle. The Spirit of God was saying: “I have my eyes on Palu and Indonesia, and I will bring back my light. After the time of repentance and worship we declared Isaiah 60:1 that says, “Arise [from spiritual depression to a new life], shine [be radiant with the glory and brilliance of the Lord]; for your light has come, And the glory and brilliance of the Lord has risen upon you.” At this time Lion saw the eagle in another vision, but this time the eagle was shining with a silver light and strewn across its wings and tail feathers were seven lights that represented the seven Spirits of Yahweh and the seven lamp stands of God mentioned in revelation 4:5, and 5:6 before the throne of God. This was to say that Palu will be restored in full by the blood of the lamb, but also as confirmation that the calling of Mantantimali and Palu is to be the platform from which the things being declared from the throne of God go forth.

From the top of the mountain we drove down into the city of Palu where thousands had died last year, many of whom were swallowed up by liquified soil along with more than 2,000 households. We drove to the seaside where the concrete skeletons of a few buildings remained, and Emmanuel declared Genesis 1:2 and prophesied that Palu will no longer be a place known for catastrophe, but rather a place where the glory of God and light of God is present. With one last blast of the shofar over the waters we left.

Important Note 

It is essential to understand that we are only a small part of the global body of Messiah and felt led by the Holy Spirit to go to these places in this time and season specifically. For the Believers in Palu, in Indonesia and the world, it is important to continue to pray for the redemptive purpose of God to be fulfilled here as the fallen kingdom of darkness is constantly trying to sabotage and destroy the plans of God. As such, just as with our own lives, it is important to pray everyday and further our relationship with Yeshua lest we backslide and fall away. The same goes with Palu and any other person or place that God puts on your heart to pray for. If you feel led to continue praying for Palu or even go there to pray, please be obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit as those of us who went to Palu in this particular season are only a small piece of a much larger puzzle. God bless you and keep you!

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