During 2 nights on the 24th and 25th of November, while staying in Monterrey, California we had a series of three dreams about California, all of which had a direct correlation with each other.


In Emmanuel’s dream, he was being led by the Holy Spirit through a section of the Red Wood Forest in Northern California and came to the mouth of a large cave.  As he approached the cave he had an uneasy feeling, but was asking the Lord if he wanted him to enter, then suddenly he was in the Spirit hovering above the mouth of the cave.  At that moment, Minerva, walked out of the cave with two large wolves on leashes, looking around to see if anyone was there.   She was not wearing any of her armor except for her helmet, when normally she is in full battle attire.  Emmanuel was literally holding his breathe in the dream so that she would not know he was there.  Emmanuel felt from the Holy Spirit that the reason she was not wearing the rest of her armor was that she was in her home base planning her strategy for the months and year to come for California, and felt relatively comfortable there.  She retreated back into her cave without noticing Emmanuel was present, and the dream ended.  This is the same Minerva that is on the seal of California, and is also known in Roman and Greek mythology as the goddess of strategic warfare, and the sponsor of arts, trade and strategy.  We know however, that the current seal of California is not indicative of the redemptive purpose of the State fo California, as the Lion of Judah, Yeshua, is the redeemer of this land.

This dream comes at a very crucial time of the year in the month of Kislev.  One of the attributes in the natural during this month is that it is the first month leading up to the winter months, and also has the longest nights and shortest days.  Biblically speaking, this is the time for the warring season to come to an end, because it becomes much more difficult to fight during the winter, and the season to develop strategy for the next year begins.  If you believe that the fallen kingdom of darkness has no strategy and is not organized, you are fooling yourself.  In this crucial time, we as the body of Christ must be aware and preparing for the coming months, so that we are not caught off guard, but rather advancing and victorious. “ Strategic planning is the key to warfare; to win, you need a lot of good counsel” (Proverbs 24:6-16).


Lion was in a lush green valley in California where he met with a giant man over eight feet tall.   The man was very muscular and Lion identified him as an aged warrior, clean shaven and bald headed.  He was without his armor however,  and wore instead, tattered clothes and an old worn leather belt.  His attitude very disheartened, down trodden and hopeless, as if noting mattered any longer.  The giant man began to explain to Lion that he had been a steward over the land of California for many years, and had fought long and hard to see it become what God destined it to be.  He spoke of how he felt unappreciated by those around him, and that he felt very alone.  The man told Lion that he was leaving the land, because after such a long and hard fight he had seen so little progress, and no one even seemed to care that he was fighting so hard, and they themselves seemed not to be fighting at all.  He began relaying to Lion all of the things he had learned after so many years, telling him the lay of the land, and all of the priceless wisdom and knowledge specific to California after so many years.  It was as if the head watchmen was leaving his post unattended, leaving the walls unmanned and the gates unprotected. The master gardener was leaving his position, and the land was suffering greatly because of it.  After giving Lion this information, he ran east across the mountains and into the desert.

The great height of the man represented his high rank in the body of Christ and the army of God.  The Holy Spirit was very clear to Lion that his hopeless attitude represented the thoughts of many of the people who have been interceding for California both in the public arena and behind the scenes for so many years.  The Lord was saying that they are leaving and thinking about leaving California, because even though they have sown in tears, years and countless hours of prayer each day, they feel as if there is little or nothing to show for it.  On top of that, it may seem that people  just don’t care about the sacrifices these mighty men and women of God have made, the call has been lonely, and the it seems like it is only getting worse in California anyways.  If you are one of those people, or know someone that fits the bill, this message is for you.  “My promise yet remains” says the Lord mighty in battles,” and California will be filled with My glory”!  How do you think Israel felt after fleeing Egypt across the sea and through the desert only to find that the obstacles that awaited them in the promised land were seemingly unassailable?   It might seem that things in California are only getting worse after so many long hard years of fighting the good fight, but now is the time to continue being the Joshuas and Calebs who lead the new generation into the land of milk and honey.  Young people!, take the hands of your elders, thank them, lift them up and learn from them so that we may better fight alongside one another as one body and one generation that will see the fulfillment of God’s promise for California!   To the intercessors, you may be unseen and unrecognized, but just like most military special forces, it is not for recognition that you fight, not parades or medals, but to be both the tip of the spear and the rear guard, the most vulnerable, the most exposed.  You are recognized and honored by the Almighty who holds you in high esteem. Oh bride of Christ with lanterns burning bright well into the night, the King is coming, don’t leave too soon.


The very next night Emmanuel had another dream in the Red Wood forest, and was once again being led by the Holy Spirit to a cave.  Emmanuel identified that this was not the same cave however, but realized it was the back entrance to the same cave system that he had seen Minerva and her wolves exit from the night before.  This time Emmanuel entered the cave, and as he walked, he saw that the stones lining the walls were large and black.  Intermittently, there were illustrations of the head of Medusa and the head of a goat along the same walls.  Finally, Emmanuel entered into a large dimly lit central chamber with light emanating from the wooden chandeliers  hanging from the ceiling.  In the center of the room was an ancient wooden table, and sitting around the table was Minerva, still with only the helmet portion of her armor, and twelve other black cloaked and hooded figures.  The hooded figures varied greatly in size and shape, and Emmanuel knew without seeing their faces that some were demons and others were human.  They were all speaking in a language that Emmanuel did not understand, and all had their attention turned toward different maps of California sitting on the table.  On the maps, were many different pictures of people in the Body of Christ, as well as some churches.  Emmanuel did not recognize any of the people or churches, but it was clear that they were targeting these specific people and places within the ranks of the army of God in California.  After witnessing this, Emmanuel was taken in the Spirit to a part of the cave that was filled with water that was was being administered to by evil spirits who were cursing the water as it went out from the caves down the mountain.  After this the dream ended.

In this dream, it is clear that the fallen kingdom of darkness is both a human and demonic alliance, and they are being strategic as to where, what and who they target.  This should be no surprise to us, but as we so often disregard the fact that we are real warriors fighting with real weapons against a real enemy in a real war, it might come as a bit of a shock.  How do we protect against these imminent attacks and what should be the strategy moving forward?  Firstly, it is our highest privilege and honor to be in direct communication with the Commander and Chief, the King of Kings, who has given us the gift of Life everlasting (1 John 5:11) and the Holy Spirit (Titus 3:6), and it is that relationship that must first and foremost be nurtured above all else.  Secondly, we must strengthen and build one another up by the Word of God in both fellowship and prayer (Ephesians 6:18, Proverbs 27:17).  This means not only our friends, but also leadership and people in authority, as often time leadership positions are lonely places where people give so much to others, but may receive little or none in return.  After we have established a solid relationship with our Savior, our Strong Tower, and sharpen one another, the foundations of a healthy, defensible and cohesive unit begin to take shape.  The enemy is expecting to come up against a disorganized and unprepared army, but now is the time to seize the opportunity, catch them off guard and fight back with the Strategy of the One who knows all things, and teaches our hands to war and our fingers for battle (Psalm 144:1).  Though the giants seem fierce and the walls high, the numbers too great and the odds stacked against us, we are the sons of light, children of God and the bride of Christ (Deuteronomy 20:1-4). The God of Israel, the creator fo the heavens and the earth goes with us and before us, He will not leave us of forsake us, and from victory we march toward victory.  It is time that we be true worshippers in Spirit and in Truth, and like the archer who’s declarations and decrees are like arrows from the bow of Yeshua.  California, let the Light within us confound the darkness, roar loudly with authority, and give a victory shout, destroying the fear of the enemy and instilling in them the debilitating fear of Elohim.  Let it be said of the Remnant in California that, “Together they are like warriors in battle trampling their enemy into the mud of the streets. They fight because the Lord is with them, and they put the enemy horsemen to shame” (Zechariah 10:5).

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