Since arriving back to Southeast Asia from the United States, the Holy Spirit has been speaking to us about His waters in this Biblical month of Iyar when He is pouring out His healing waters. Indonesia is going through a process of the renovation and cleansing of its foundation as a nation in the same Biblical month that King Solomon built the foundations of the First Temple (1 Kings 6:1). He has pinpointed three specific processes of His waters.

  1. Pool of Bethesda: Waters of Healing (John 5:1-15)

  2. Pool of Shiloam: Waters to receive His vision and to be sent (John 9:6-7)

  3. Gihon Spring: Waters of anointing to be equipped to fulfill God’s calling and purpose in our lives. (1 Kings 1:32-34)

Are you confident that you have undergone all of these processes in Him? When we arrived to Indonesia, we understood that these steps are not just for us individually, but also for our nations. It was during this time that the Spirit of the Lord reminded Emmanuel of a dream from years past, understanding now that it was a dream specifically about Indonesia.

Elephant Dream

In the dream there were many elephants with golden jewelry all over them as well as many different types of extravagant garments. On their backs were a lot of naked people doing all manner of perverted acts, then some very disturbing music started to play, and the elephants were extremely agitated when they heard it. They began to break into a run straight to a nearby lake, and as they ran, the people fell off their backs, and when they entered the water all of the garments and jewelry fell off, and they were cleaned completely.

The elephants represent Indonesia as a nation, an animal that is generally slow moving, but shakes the earth as it steps on the ground. When the elephant decides to charge, nothing can get in its way or slow it down. When Indonesia comes into the fullness of its calling, the nation will be like a charging elephant, carrying the Gospel of Peace in the power of Adonai to the Middle East and back to Jerusalem. The different garments and jewelry represent other nations, religions and ideologies taking advantage of Indonesia, and the perverted acts of the naked people atop the elephants represent the iniquity of the past, sin and idolatry. All of these things have hindered Indonesia from fulfilling its destiny in Elohim. Now is the time when Indonesia is going through a process of being cleaned, and when the people of Indonesia are rush to the living waters of Yeshua.

The Lord is calling Indonesia into His healing waters of Bethesda in this season to wash away the iniquity of the past and cleanse the sin and idolatry of the present to be a pure and presentable bride before Him, to take off the old rags and put on new garments of purity and righteousness. Just as Yeshua healed the lame man (John 5:1-15) who could not walk at the pool of Bethesda, so too is He healing Indonesia that has been awaiting the time when Abba would be glorified in its healing, take up its sick bed, and walk. The angel of the Lord is stirring the waters. Are there still things in your life that need healing, forgiveness and restoration? Run to the waters and let Yeshua wash you clean! As the Remnant of Yeshua raises up, men and women of God are also being called to wash in the Pool of Shiloam (John 9:6-7), both as individuals and as a nation to receive the vision, calling and purpose of God for themselves as well as His heavenly blueprint for the country. The Great Physician is taking the scales from the eyes of Indonesia just as Yeshua did for the bind man. Just as the name Shiloam means “sent”, so too are God’s chosen being sent with clear vision and identity in Him. Lastly, we must go to the waters of Gihon like King Solomon (1 Kings 1:32-34), to be anointed by God to carry out the assignments He has given us, and to bring our nations before him to carry out its destiny. As we are anointed for the tasks we have been set apart for, we will walk in the grace and favor of the Most High, wielding the keys of the Kingdom, the Key of David (Isaiah 22:22) that opens doors no one can shut and closes doors no one can open.

Now is the time of preparation for the revealing of the sons of God. “For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God” (Romas 8:19). Are we manifesting as the sons of God that creation has been longing for? What does that look like? Are we willing to go through the processes of healing, receiving the vision and being anointed? Are our hearts surrendered to Yeshua, or still holding on to something from the past? Indonesia is undergoing this process, and its unique and special calling amongst the nations is being revealed. What is the destiny of the Almighty written in the books of heaven for your nation? What has been written in heaven regarding your purpose in Yeshua? If you do not know, now is the time to ask, seek and knock, and if you are sure, now is the time to enter and re-enter into the processes of the waters.

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