Three months from now on April 9th, the Israeli people will go to the ballots to decide who will lead the nation. The political landscape is basically a free for all at this point, with little to no sign of which parties are allied to who, and a huge array of potential candidates for Prime Minister, making the run up to the election fluid and uncertain, and a litany of possible outcomes. In this supercharged atmosphere of ever-changing military and political battle lines we must continue praying for the peace of Jerusalem and taking a stand now for the re-election of Netanyahu. Israel has enemies on every side, and with the war in Syria coming to a close in the coming months, what happens next is shrouded in uncertainty. The Lord doesn’t give us signs and warnings to be idle, but rather to be activated in prayer, declaring the victory of the Lord and the protection of His people. As we were praying for Israel and the upcoming elections, we discerned that If Netanyahu is re-elected, there will continue to be a period of grace, a time for salvations to abound in the land of God’s chosen and an acceleration of the people being baptized by the Holy Spirit, the sick being healed and demons being cast out in the name of Yeshua. Not only is Netanyanhu a friend of the Believers in the land, he is also Strong Aliyah Movement proponent and supports the building of new settlements. We know that the return of Jesus will not come until the return of the jews from the other nations (Ezekiel 39:28). He is also a strong leader that has been governing with an iron hand not releasing any of Israel’s land as leaders have done in the past. Right now ties are closer than ever to others nations, especially the United States who Netanyahu has strong relations within and there are no other strong leaders to take his place. Join with the Remnant of the nations, standing in the gap for Israel, for the hand of Almighty God to come against her enemies, and for one more period of grace with Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister. Stand with Israel during this crucial time as another chapter closes and a new season for Israel and the nations begins.

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