To be re-directed by Yeshua is sometimes very frustrating, because no matter how hard we may try to do what we thought was the right plan initially, Abba, in His mercy, thankfully forces us onto the right track and keeps us in His right timing.   “In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight” (Proverbs 3:6).  This type of re-direction from the Lord happened to us in Miami, Florida, where we were led by the Holy Spirit to fly south to Costa Rica, a nation that Adonai had been showing and telling us many details about for such a time as this.  As soon as the Holy Spirit confirmed it was our next destination, we immediately hopped on the next flight out.  While we were asking the Spirit of the Lord what our mission was there, He started to speak to us, reminding us that Costa Rica is a very strategic place both geographically and in the Spirit, at the very center of the Americas, and although the Lord has begun aligning Central America, beginning with Guatemala moving its embassy to Jerusalem, the Lord wants Costa Rica and the rest of Central America to be in alignment as well. We had two days once arriving to Costa Rica to do as the Holy Spirit led, and what a miraculous whirlwind of divine appointments, activation, fellowship, and family it was.

The name of Costa Rica, literally means “Rich Coast”, a name penned by Christopher Columbus upon his arrival to Uvita island just off of the coast of the nation in 1502.  It eventually became known as such due to the surprising sight of everyone on the island wearing very beautiful gold and jade jewellery.  Of course, Columbus and his men took their jewelry as proof of the certain riches of the region for their return to Spain.  Cocos Island off the pacific Coast of Costa Rica, is also home to what is estimated to be one of the most valuable hidden treasures on earth, at an estimated value of $16,500,000,000.00, 16 billion 500 million dollars.  In 2016 two park rangers of Cocos Island found a portion of the treasure trove worth over 200 million dollars.  Costa Rica has a great calling as a nation for the nations of the world.  In 1884, Costa Rica was home to one of three cities in the world at that time, and the only country in the Americas, to have electric street lights.  It has been said countless times over that Costa Rica is a cradle of prophets, something we can attest to after these two days.  This tiny country is meant to be a light to the nations of the world that will send out Kingdom warriors, prophets of God, to all corners of the earth.

Emmanuel was born in Costa Rica, and lived there until he was a teenager before moving to Jerusalem.  His mother and most of his family and some friends still live there, so when we were not praying for the nation, we were enjoying the company, quality time, prayer, and delicious home cooking of his mother, and dear friend Anita.  It had been a year and a half since Emmanuel had been back to Costa Rica, and he was sorely missed.  We didn’t inform any of his family or friends that we would be in Costa Rica for a couple of days, seeing as we didn’t know we would be there just a few days prior, but we had a feeling that as we were entering into the cradle of the prophets that someone would be tipped off by the Holy Spirit of our arrival.  Our suspicions were confirmed when we called Anita, a truly dedicated and gifted woman after the heart of Yeshua, and when answered our call began to tell Emmanuel that the Holy Spirit had informed her of our arrival, and that we should hurry over as soon as possible to eat a home cooked meal.  Emmanuel had grown used to this apparently, but the shock on Lion’s face was evident.  When we arrived to the house we were greeted by a full house of 20 people, friends, family and neighbors of Anita, with big smiles, big hugs and a hot plate of delicious food.  While we were there we had an amazing time talking with Anita and her daughter Leidy.  We prayed with Anita before leaving, and the Spirit of the Lord spoke very clearly through us to her, confirming some things and bringing about an activation of taking back territory for the King of Glory.  Leidy, a 15 year old in high school, is a flaming torch in the army of Christ, full of the Holy Spirit, with a yearning for more of Jesus, the likes of which we have rarely seen in such a young lady.  As we spoke with her, Holy Spirit confirmed to us that she would be the spark that ignites revival in her high school!  As we walked out the door to leave, we ended up staying for another two hours as everyone there urged us to tell them what we had been up to these past months.  What ensued was an impromptu question answer, testimony sharing, teaching, and worship session full of the Spirt of God, where we had a chance to speak to the youth and adults in the same setting.  We had such a blast, and really hated having so little time to spend with such extraordinary people.

We left Anita’s house late at night and made our way an hour and half to Emmanuel’s childhood home in Esparza, the City of the Holy Spirt, which is the actual full title of the city.  Esparza in Spanish is the word for Sparta.  It is the second oldest city in Costa Rica, and just by its name we can see that it has a mighty calling in the nation, a place of Holy Spirit filled Kingdom warriors.  When we arrived, we met his Mom, Lizzy, his brother, Moondy and his two children Shery and Andres.  It had been a year and half since Emmanuel had seen his mom, and she was ecstatic that her son finally made it home for a short time.  Lizzy is a prayer warrior, a watchmen on the walls who has a heart of gold refined by the fire of the Holy Spirit. It turns out that two nights previously she had had a dream that we were in Costa Rica, so when Emmanuel called her to tell her that we were in Costa Rica, she wasn’t surprised.  Amazing.  We stayed up for hours into the night eating more unbelievably tasty food, drinking coffee, and speaking at length about a long list of topics.   We spent the whole next day with Lizzy, and had the opportunity to spend quality time in prayer and enjoying one another’s company.  Before going to dinner that day, we visited Emmanuel’s three nieces, Katherine, Caroline and Merelyn, all very strong independent ladies in their late teens.  Initially we just planned on stopping in for a minute to say hi, but the Holy Spirit had other plans.  After about thirty minutes of chatting, Lion asked if we could pray for them, and they gladly accepted.  One by one the Lord began to speak to them, and when we were finished praying there was a clear change in the atmosphere, a switch in the Spirit, an activation of God’s purpose and calling on their lives.  We left shortly thereafter, not expecting to see them again before leaving, but Elohim still had more to give them.

We returned and picked them up after dinner along with their brother Kendall, and Emmanuel’s younger brother Elian.  We made for the beach in packed car that night where we enjoyed good food and good company with sound of crashing waves in the background.  After dropping off Elian, we felt from the Spirit that there was still more activation to be done in the lives of Emmanuel’s three nieces and nephew. So, for the next two hours, we spoke to them as the Spirit of the Lord led and saw even more transformation in them, culminating at the moment that Katherine went out of her comfort zone and prayed for healing in Emmanuel’s back that had been in pain these past two months.  He was instantly healed and has no pain to this day.  When they all witnessed God’s perfect love and mercy in that moment, there was the most precious moment of the love of the Father in the room.  Glory to God!  They understood in that moment what so many tend to forget when it comes to the gifts of the Holy Spirit, that it is a gift from Him, to give Him Glory, not ourselves.  “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith, and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God, not by works, so that no one can boast.  For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesian 2:8-9).

To better understand what the Holy Spirit has been showing us is coming in the natural and the Spirit to Costa Rica, we must first give some background information.   In July, 2009 Emmanuel was fasting for 21 days for the raising of the walls of Esparza, and the activation and raising up of the new prophetic generation that would fast, pray and worship the God of Israel in Esparza.  In that same month the Mayor of Esparza gave Emmanuel the key of the city, a token of authority physically and in the Spirit.  We are seeing the beginning of the fulfillment of this prayer for such time as this. An unusual generation is rising up in Costa Rica that will bring the fire of the Holy Spirit in such a way that only the Father will be glorified as it would be impossible otherwise.  The fallen Kingdom of darkness is as always trying to foil the plans of the Great I Am, however futile their efforts.  We saw a glimpse of this as we were praying for the recent Costa Rica elections.  While we prayed, the Holy Spirit showed us the principality of the nation who had the body of a man and the head of a pig.   He was leading an army of many people who also had pig heads.  They were wearing armor that was like dirty leather, tight to the upper body but in strips of leather hanging from the waist down like a dress.  We understood that the mission of this army was to infiltrate the government, implementing laws contrary to the statutes of heaven, changing them to states of the world.  Now this government sits in power, but Holy Spirit led us to understand that this happened for a purpose.  Now it is time for the youth to take back the nation as Esthers and Daniels who raise up in times of need.  This generation will not go out from the Churches, because right now the Church is largely dormant in Costa Rica, and in times of prosperity.  To be clear, there are many just and humble men and women of God in the churches in Costa Rica, but largely this is the case, just as in the church of Ephesus (Revelation 2:4).   The revival will come from no-traditional places like high schools, college campuses, houses, etc. with young people like Anita’s daughter Leidy and Emmanuel’s nieces.  We believe that the feet of the new young generation that serve the Holy One of Israel will be the roots that will cause the nation to bloom.  Just like the national tree of Costa Rica, the Guanacaste tree, many will find shade under the giant canopy of its low lying branches. Environmental scientists refer to Costa Rica as the lungs of Central America as it has 5% of the biodiversity of the world, and it shall be the same in the Spirit as the breath of God goes forth from Costa Rica to the nations.

In the time between everything described above, we found the time to pray from the Escazu Mountains, where we prayed for the Great Metropolitan area in the Central Valley, and had a divine encounter with a waiter there who re-dedicated his life to Christ.  We were also led by the Holy Spirit to pray for Esparza, The City of the Holy Spirit and from Jaco Beach.  The King of Kings is aligning the nations all over the globe at an incredibly accelerated pace.  It is therefor of the utmost importance that we unify and mobilize in both prayer and actions, taking back the mountains of society, boldly declaring His Kingdom come, walking in the Power of the Holy Spirit, in the authority of the Blood of the Lamb, planted firmly in the Word of God.  Now is not the time to be timid or afraid, but rather to be like Joshuas and Calebs, Esthers and Deborahs, like Pauls and Barnabas’, Davids and Daniels, shaking off every obstacle with their eyes set firmly in a fixed gaze at the eyes of the Lord.  “The Lord will give you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, but your Teacher will no longer hide Himself, with your own eyes you will see Him. And whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear this command behind you: “This is the way. Walk in it” (Isaiah 30:21).  Be filled to overflow with the Victory that we have in Christ, and let the Victory encompass you on all sides, a beacon of hope and love that cannot lie and cannot die.  “Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you” (Proverbs 4:25).

As you read this, we encourage you to keep praying for your family, because prayers are like prophetic seeds they may lie dormant for months or years, but will sprout and grow in the right time.  Also, pray for your home city and for the people in power so that transformation will come.  Your prayers are powerful and changes things both in the Spirit and the physical.  Try it, we dare you:)

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