Meet Our Team

Our team has a beautiful history together spanning many years. Our team is diverse and we’ve created a culture that believes we’re all empowered son’s and daughters of Adonai.

Prophet, Worshiper & Coach

Emmanuel Kilem

I am a simple young man who at crucial moments in my life, made the following decisions:

I decided to be who I was designed to be by my heavenly Father.
I decided to manifest my legacy and leave a mark.
I decided to face life by being strong and courageous.
I decided to accept the challenge of living with passion.
I decided to change and transform my present to have an extraordinary future.
I decided to be an agent of change and transformation.

These decisions were transitional, since they took me from one place to another, from one space to another and from one dimension to another. So, I set out from the place with no future to the place of purpose.

Now, this trajectory has not been easy. There have been seasons of successes and failures, of deadly confrontations with my inner self (giant of the giants) and of conquering uninhabitable deserts. However, in all of these processes the chief element of my success was the key of David, which is to worship the Father in spirit and truth 24/7, and His response was to manifest His love and mercy in my life. This is why I serve Him with all my heart.

Prophet, Intercessor & Coach

Lion Cooke

I was once a walking dead man, fully deceived and an object of wrath. Now I have been saved by grace through faith and am now alive in Yeshua Ha'Mashiach (Jesus Christ).

My identity is in Yeshua who lives in me and me in Him. I am a son of the Most High God, Co-heir to the Kingdom of Heaven. I am a warrior in the Army of the Great I Am. I sharpen my Sword ( The Word of God) daily and put on the full armor of God so that He will be glorified. My battle cry is the love of the Father.

I have learned the hard way that my yoke is exceedingly tiresome and my burden is heavy, but His is easy and light. My spiritual senses have been opened, and I know that the fight is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, and against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. I have been given access to the armories of heaven in order to defeat the enemies of Adonai. I am all in.

I am a student of the Word of God through the understanding and revelation of the Holy Spirit. By praying in the Spirit and worshipping in Spirit and in Truth, the Light of Yeshua shines and the darkness is confounded. I have a passion for helping people understand God's heart for them, as well as their identity in Yeshua in them and them in Him. It is a perfect love that never fails and never gives up.

Worshiper, Creative & Coach

Pamela Palacios

During my childhood and adolescence I was the last to be chosen, the last to ask, the last... Just as when Samuel went to anoint the new King of Israel and passed by all the brothers of David without being accosted for, many times I was like him. But the Father does not see how men look, He sees the heart and found in me a true worshiper.

When the Father chose me and revealed who I was, it was the beginning of various processes of refinement in my life, in which He had to transform my mind and heart. During those difficult times God taught me that my most powerful weapon is worship.

I feel privileged to serve the Great I Am and my desire is to do what He has appointed for my life, impacting the lives of those around me.

Pet Ministry

Leo & Lea

We are brothers and were born 2 days after the decree of the state of alarm of the Spanish Government, for such a time we are here. Our names in Spanish have the root of Lion on them, even thought we seem like a dog we are lions.

Everyone has special skills. Leo is a spiritual radar, He barks when I sees spiritual suspicious people. Lea give love and support to the creative team. We worship our creator being helpers to our owners, VdD7 and others pets.

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Partner with us at VdD7 through our different assignments and ministries to spread the Light of Yeshua to the ends of the earth and back to Jerusalem and to be a voice of freedom in a world that is telling us to keep quiet and bow to the systems of the world.
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